WASHDROPS® Gains Massive Attention at Two Top Automotive Industry Events and Hits the Airwaves with a Top Automotive Broadcast Journalist


SOLON, OH, December 13, 2011 –/WORLD-WIRE/– Washdrops® the new hose-less, biodegradable car wash and shine solution from  automotive aftermarket leader, Cequent Consumer Products,  was exposed to millions of people in several radio broadcast shows starting in November at two of the largest automotive industry events: The SEMA/AAPEX SHOW and the LA Auto Show.    As part of a new product awareness campaign, Washdrops teamed up with one of the top national award winning automotive radio show hosts in the country, Bob Long, to promote Washdrops on several talk radio programs that air on the Automotive Radio Network (in which Long is CEO) as well as a host other shows including: Motor News Weekly, AutoWorld Radio, Cars and Guitars Radio, and The Long Drive.

Brand Director, Marie T. Booyens, says the exposure is significant for Washdrops. “At the LA Auto Show, car manufacturers unveiled their latest, most innovative models for the coming year,” Booyens said. “For 2012, emphasis was on performance, economy (via lower gas mileage), smart, green technology and safety. This was the perfect fit for Washdrops. Additionally, the endorsement of Bob Long gives Washdrops the instant credibility that this amazing formula deserves.”

Bob Long, a national automotive radio host for 20 years, is constantly on the lookout for cool new innovate products to share with his listeners. He was fascinated by the concept of a no-hose, no-rinse method of washing a vehicle with an incredible after shine after wiping dry.

“I learned about Washdrops in the fall of 2011 and became an instant believer, “Long said.  “After trying out Washdrops myself and learning more about the product, I believe it is one of the most innovate products out there today.  It is easy to use (even in cold weather) saving time, water and money.  I am big fan of Washdrops!”

The management team from Cequent was interviewed by Bob at both auto industry events which attracts hundreds of thousands of industry influencers from around the world.  The program featuring Washdrops aired on Motor News Weekly to 1.7 million weekly listeners and is distributed by Talk Radio Network and www.theautomotiveradionetwork.com. It was also on AutoWorld with 900,000 weekly listeners. Additional promotions and commercials are running  on both stations to keep increasing awareness for Washdrops.

Made in the USA, Washdrops is convenient, economical and easy to use! For an average size car, just add one ounce (3 capfuls) of WASHDROPS® to one gallon of water. Now you can wash a vehicle anywhere in minutes without running up water bills or driving to an expensive car wash. WASHDROPS® really is the smart car-wash solution.” Plus WASHDROPS® is  biodegradable, non-foaming , solvent-free, and  the bucket can be dumped on a lawn or bed of flowers when done.

WASHDROPS® is available in 16-ounce (16 washes), 32-ounce (32 washes) or one-gallon
(up to 128 washes) sizes and is available on Amazon.com. Click here.

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