ADA Carbon Solutions Announces New Hire of Vice President of Sales and Key Executive Promotions


Former Global Vice President of Business Development at Nalco Mobotec Brings Over 20 Years of Power Industry Experience to ADA Carbon Solutions’ Expanding Business

ADA-CS_logoLITTLETON, CO, April 22, 2013 –/WORLD-WIRE/– ADA Carbon Solutions, LLC, an industry-leading manufacturer of powdered activated carbon, is pleased to announce one new hire and two executive promotions within the company.

Thomas E. Coyne joins ADA Carbon Solutions as the Vice President of Sales. Most recently, Mr. Coyne served as the Global Vice President of Business Development at Nalco Mobotec, providing multi‐pollutant emissions compliance solutions to industrial and utility customers in North American and Europe.

According to Mr. Brian Leen, President and Chief Executive Officer of ADA Carbon Solutions, “Tom’s career includes over 20 years in the power generation market space. He brings a diverse background of sales, operations, project management and engineering, focused on regulatory compliance. We look forward to Mr. Coyne’s leadership and insights to complement our expanding business.”

Sheila Glesmann, formerly the Senior Vice President of Development and Product Management, has assumed the role of Senior Vice President, Environmental and External Affairs. In this critical position, Ms. Glesmann will continue to lead company‐wide efforts in environmental compliance and stewardship. In addition, she has the lead role in regulatory and industry group involvement, both domestic and international.

According to Mr. Leen, “Sheila’s extensive experience with emission controls and demonstrated track record for success have earned her this broader responsibility. Her expertise and focus ensure that ADA Carbon Solutions will continue to set an industry example for environmental leadership.”

In addition, Dr. Joe Wong, formerly Vice President of Technology, has assumed the role of Chief Technology Officer. In this new position, Dr. Wong will continue to build an industry‐leading research and development team focused on advancing the fundamental understanding of emission capture mechanisms, developing of state‐of‐the‐art activated carbon products, and commercializing reliable and effective emission compliance solutions.

According to Mr. Leen, “Joe brings deep knowledge of activated carbon and emission systems as well as scientific rigor to the process of innovation. Through his leadership, ADA Carbon Solutions has become recognized as the industry leader in activated carbon technology for mercury capture.”

About ADA Carbon Solutions
ADA Carbon Solutions, LLC is a leading manufacturer of powdered activated carbon products that are optimized for mercury removal and flue gas applications. Its flagship plant in Red River, Louisiana is the largest, most automated and environmentally friendly manufacturing facility in North America. ADA Carbon Solutions aims to leverage its industry leading expertise in emission control and the reliability afforded by its assets to deliver superior emission control solutions.

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