Brand post - Х Best MBA Programs in the US

Х Best MBA Programs in the US

The United States leads the world for the best MBA programs in the world. The MBA program is considered the most prestigious and opens doors for graduates in any international company. It is designed primarily for heads of companies and top managers who plan to reach the top in business management. Usually, at least two letters of recommendation are required and many business schools have special requirements for the form of their writing. Requirements for admission to all business schools:

  • The first requirement for MBA applicants is to complete higher education. Typically, the duration of study must be at least four years, so graduates of a three-year undergraduate program may require an additional year of study, for example, a master’s degree. Some business schools consider a prior education in the direction of “business” a compulsory requirement, while others are ready to accept students with any first education; 
  • Professional experience is the second most common requirement for those wishing to get a business education. Usually, an experience of 1 to three years is required, which must be described in detail in the attached resume; 
  • Applicants will also need TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) and GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) certificates. The latter is not only an important criterion for admission to a business school but also one of the requirements for obtaining a student visa; 
  • The package of documents must also be accompanied by recommendations from teachers or, for example, the manager of the applicant in his first place of work. (the WriteMyEssayOnline service can quickly handle this item). Usually, at least two letters of recommendation are required and many business schools have special requirements for the form of their writing.


Among students of all nationalities, MBA programs are especially popular today, because they open the doors to the world of international business for graduates.

US Business Schools in the TOP-10:

  1. Stanford Graduate School of Business
  2. University of Pennsylvania: Wharton
  3. Harvard Business School
  4. University of Chicago: Booth
  5. Columbia Business School
  6. MIT: Sloan
  7. University of California at Berkeley: Haas
  8. Northwestern University: Kellogg
  9. Yale School of Management
  10. Dartmouth College: Tuck

Among them are the oldest business schools in the world – The Wharton School and Booth School of Business, which opened in 1881 and 1898, respectively. Many top-ranked business schools are affiliated with Ivy League universities. These are the University of Pennsylvania: Wharton, Harvard Business School, Columbia Business School, Cornell University: Johnson and Yale School of Management.

Most of the features of US business education are being successfully adopted in other countries due to the high efficiency of the programs. For example, the practical orientation of education is a hallmark of all MBA programs. Many business school teachers not only lecture there but also have their own companies or hold leadership positions in them. Learning from experts is an important advantage in shaping the personality of a future business leader.

A flexible curriculum makes getting a business education in the United States truly convenient for the applicant. You can study full-time on campus for a whole year, or you can spend only one semester on it, and master the rest of the material remotely without interrupting work. Students choose which MBA option is most convenient for them.

For those who have already decided in which direction they want to develop further, there are various specializations. You can not only study the basic concepts of management but also delve into the development of knowledge and necessary skills in your field. The knowledge gained is supported by an internship in one of the partner companies or the need to draw up a business plan for your startup.

The presence of business incubators, which create conditions for the development of student projects, is an important feature of business education in the United States. Create your own business right during training with the support of experts and the possible help of classmates? In most MBA programs, this is quite possible, moreover, many student startups grow into successful and dynamic companies.

Many famous people have graduated from MBA programs. For example, it is worth remembering the former US President George W. Bush, who graduated from Harvard Business School in 1975. As well as Donald Trump, as well as his daughter Ivanka Trump. Both received MBA degrees from the Wharton School of Business. Donald Trump received his degree in 1968.

Business education in the USA is an education in the homeland of this direction. It was here that the first business schools appeared at the end of the 19th century. Today an MBA in this country is a ticket to a successful future – graduates are in demand not only in any industry but in any country in the world. The MBA program itself is a US invention and fully meets the needs of the American economy. However, the line in the resume “US MBA experience” is a global standard of quality that any professional can understand.

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