India - Amidst Corona crisis, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will soon share a video message

Amidst Corona crisis, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will soon share a video message

Lockdown 4.0 In India

Amidst Corona crisis: Prime Minister Narendra Modi will talk to the countrymen tomorrow at 9 am. This will be the video message of PM Modi. Earlier, PM Modi spoke to the countrymen on the evening of 24 March and announced a 21-day lockdown across the country.

As you know, due to the Corona crisis, there is a lockdown in the whole country, and due to negligence in many places, the cases of Corona are increasing continuously.

Amidst Corona crisis, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will soon share a video message

Amidst Corona crisis
Amidst Corona crisis

So far, 1,965 cases of coronavirus (COVID-19) have been confirmed in India. 151 people have been cured of Corona nationwide. In 24 hours, the number of new corona patients has increased to 328, and 50 people have died so far.

Corona can be controlled in India In India, two months after the first victim of Corona, the number of infected people is approaching 2,000. India, which crossed one thousand corona victims in the last week, has joined 20 countries of the world.

The situation in India can still be controlled concerning the number of infected people and the rate of infection. The government is also calling it a controlled community transition.

PM Modi spoke to the Chief Ministers of the states. Amid the ongoing lockdown in the country, PM Modi is continuously monitoring the current situation in the country through video conferencing. Today, PM Modi spoke to the Chief Ministers of the states through video conferencing about the coronavirus threat amid lockdown.

The Prime Minister told the Chief Ministers that separate and specialized hospitals are needed for coronavirus patients. Home Minister Amit Shah, Defense Minister Rajnath Singh, and other prominent people were present in this meeting along with PM Modi.

960 foreigners blacklisted from the Ministry of Home Affairs, Tablighi Jamaat The Central Government has taken significant action against 960 foreigners belonging to Tablighi Jamaat. All the above foreigners have been blacklisted. This action has been made on them for breaking the provisions of Foreign Law 1946 (Foreigners Act 1946) and the Disaster Management Act 2005 (Disaster Management Act 2005).

Amidst Corona crisis, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will soon share a video message

Amidst Corona crisis
Amidst Corona crisis

In a statement issued by the Union Home Ministry, 960 foreigners have been blacklisted due to their involvement in tabloid activities on tourist visas. Indian visas for all of them have also been canceled.

Not only this but the Union Home Ministry has also been instructed to take necessary legal action against these 960 foreigners who have disregarded the law of India by the Delhi Police and the Directors General of Police of other related states.

With the cancellation of visas, the doors of the country have been closed forever for them due to their being blacklisted.

Earlier, Home Ministry Joint Secretary Punya Salila Srivastava said that the government has identified 9000 Tablighi Jamaat activists and their contacts and placed them in quarantine. Of these 9000 people, 1306 are foreigners, while the rest are Indians.

It is worth noting that till now, the coronavirus infection has been confirmed in 400 tabloids. Not only this, but their number is also expected to increase further. A senior official of the Union Ministry of Home Affairs said that by coming to India on a tourism visa, these people have violated the visa rules by indulging in Tablighi activities, and due to this, their existing visa has been canceled.

Along with this, these people have also violated the instructions not to unite in large numbers during the crisis of Corona. After this action, they will not be able to enter India in the future.

The senior official said that with the cancellation and blacklisting of visas, legal scrutiny can also be tightened on them as the Central Government has directed the Directors General of Police of all the states, including Delhi Police, against the provisions of foreign law and disaster management law against them is directed to take action.

Amidst Corona crisis
Amidst Corona crisis

They can now be arrested for breaking these laws. Let us know that the number of corona patients has increased to 1965, with 328 new cases in the country. Out of these, the number of tabling patients alone is 400.

In his daily press conference, Joint Secretary of Health Ministry Luv Aggarwal said that many other tabligies are being tested. These investigations may increase the number of tabloids affected by Corona.

Amidst Corona crisis

Amidst Corona crisis

Amidst Corona crisis

According to the Health Ministry, so far, 173 people in Tamil Nadu, 11 in Rajasthan, nine in Andaman and Nicobar, 47 in Delhi, two in Puducherry, 22 in Jammu and Kashmir, 33 in Telangana, 67 in Andhra Pradesh, and 16 in Assam were found coronated.

Have been related to the Tablighi Jamaat. So far, 50 people have died due to this epidemic in the country.


PM Modi’s appeal to the countrymen on Coronavirus, Asked to give 9 minutes at 9pm

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