Entertainment - Celebrities - Andrew Wommack Wife – Jamie, Bio, Age, & Career

Andrew Wommack Wife – Jamie, Bio, Age, & Career

Andrew Wommack Wife - Jamie, Bio, Age, & Career

Jamie Wommack is the wife of Andrew Wommack and she has been a part of Andrew Wommack Ministries since its inception in 1978. For many years she worked as a general manager until the ministry grew so large that they needed to have some outside assistance. Jamie and Andrew tied the knot for over forty years and they have two sons and a beautiful granddaughter. She was mostly a housewife but later she started working with her husband.

Andrew Wommack Wife Jamie Personal life

Andrew Wommack And Wife Jamie Wommack
Andrew Wommack And Wife Jamie Wommack

Jamie Wommack was born on 11th August 2022. She has two children named Joshua Wommack and Jonathan petter Wommack. Her husband’s name is Andrew Wommack. They have their own ministry named, Andrew Wommack Ministries

Faith and Controversies

In a 2019 interview, She and her husband said that in March 2001, his son was resurrected after being dead for five hours. It was a shocking and questionable thing Wommacks said. But good for them as they started regaining their trust in the almighty. They became more religious after this incident when Peter came back to life after being dead for 5 hours. For some people, it’s still hard to believe. And their journey has started and the world has witnessed how much love and trust they put in God. They opened their own ministry and called it ‘Andrew Wommack Ministries’.

Andrew Wommack’s Net Worth

Wommack Net Worth As of September 2020, Andrew is estimated at a net worth of about $15 million. He is an American Televangelist and from there he gets his main source of income.

Books are written by Andrew Wommack Include:

  • Don’t Limit God
  • Discover the Keys to Staying Full of God
  • A Better Way to Pray
  • A Sure Foundation
  • A Year of Devotions
  • Charis Bible College Devotional
  • Christian Philosophy
  • Discipling Through Galatians
  • Effortless Change
  • Every Day with Jesus Devotional
  • Excellence-La Excelencia
  • Financial Stewardship
  • Flowing in the Supernatural
  • God Wants You Well
  • Grace: The Power of the Gospel
  • Hardness of Heart
  • There are many more well-written books by Andrew Wommack

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Social Media Post

Jammie Wommack, his wife is also active in ministering as she preaches and teaches with her husband Andrew Wommack in church, radio, and Television channels. Teaching the topic “Doubt” the Pastor wrote on social media:

“This leper believed Jesus could heal him but doubted His willingness to heal him. Jesus showed him His willingness to heal, and since He is no respecter of persons, He established a precedent for us. This leper did not know God’s will concerning healing, but that is not the case with us. The Word of God is the will of God, and it reveals that it is always God’s will to heal.”

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