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Best Ripped Girls In Anime - The Hottest and the Baddest

Best Ripped Girls In Anime

Best Ripped Girls In Anime of all time: Getting six-pack abs and a V-shaped back is everyone's dream. And there are so many girls in anime living that dream. Usually, anime girls are bound with the stereotype of being petite and cute, but these girls have broken down everyone's stereotype. These girls, even though not being like the girls you usually fantasize about, can knock off your senses in a moment. They can make you mad for them head to heels. We made a list of 10 best-ripped girls in anime that are still reigning over the hearts of many people.

10. Maki Oze - Fire Force

Maki Oze is a goddess, period. She is the definition of a perfect woman. She is not buffed but properly ripped. And the animation is so well done that makes her look even more stunning. And her being self-conscious of this amazing body just makes it so much cooler. You can watch the whole series just because of her, and that is a fact. Just look at her fight against Shinra and Arthur and you will know that you can't mess with her.

9. Mikage Sharaku – Durarara!!

She might have gotten very less screentime but it was enough to show us how fit she really is. Those shredded abs were enough to make even a regular gym-goer jealous, let alone us. She is not just a show either, she can take your head off and you won't even know it. The tomboyish attitude fits her personality well. Durarara was a great show and Mikage made it even better.

mikage sharaku

8. Yuko Oshima — 'Keijo!!!!!!!!'

What else do you expect from a Keijo player? She might be the perfect waifu material in disguise. She is athletic, cute, clumsy, ripped, kind of funny, what else do you need? And Keijo's anime body diversity is second to none. So if you needed a reason to watch Keijo, Yuko is the one.

7. Android 18 - Dragon Ball Z

I never thought I would find a robot attractive. But then Android 18 came down and changed that. That is why the lack of character development for Android 18 is so damn frustrating. Because she deserves a lot more. It's like the creator created her and then forget bout her, GIVE HER SOMETHING MEANINGFUL TO DO!!! But it doesn't change the fact of how hot and ripped Android 18 is. She even has good fashion sense in the Dragon Ball universe, now that is saying something.

6. Yukina - Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress

I absolutely love Yukina. If this was a list of my favorite girls she would have been on top. Her toned back and those short red hair just blend so perfectly with each other. It was a bit disappointing that we all couldn't see her flexing those muscles more often. I mean, she looked so good even fighting all those zombies. What more do you need from her?

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5. Tsubame Kamoi – UzaMaid

We are in dangerous territory now. Selecting the top 5 was a really hard task. Tsubame is a maid, so if she won't clean my house properly I won't even argue with her. But the thing is she is the best maid ever, period. An ex-militant turned maid who can drop you anytime just like she used to drop all bodies back in the army. She is completely ripped from top to bottom and that cute face doesn't make things any easier.

4. Mikasa - Attack On Titan

Saving the world from Titans is hard. But so hard that you will get abs so good that even Dwayne The Rock Johnson will be jealous of you. She might be hated for various reasons but you can't deny the fact that she is one hell of a girl. Those cuttings, abs just as sharp as the blades she use to cut down titans and that beautiful face on top of it. That is heaven, my friends.

3. Matrona - Seven Deadly Sins

Matrona is the Hippolyta of  Seven Deadly Sins. She is the goddess of Britannia who can take down even the strongest of giants with her bare hands. Matrona looks like that she has just come out of the gym and is ready to flex for the camera. And she is a giant, those abs might be as big as me. That is some hardcore bodybuilding.

2. Michelle K. Davis - 'Terra Formars'

If Matrona just came out of the gym, Michelle ever leaves the gym. That is right in some sense. She is training in most of her scenes. She is perfectly buff and perfectly ripped. Her abs are things of beauty. Every character in Terra Formars is ripped and muscled but Michelle is miles ahead of them.

1. Sophia Velmer – Jormungand

There are only a few girls I am afraid of. Sophia is one of them. Not only she would embarrass me if I try to flex in front of her, but she would also beat the shit out of me too. She is a former officer for god's sake, who knows how many forms of martial arts she knows. She is in the middle of a world where almost everyone is a mercenary. But, if you are looking for ripped girls, it doesn't get anymore ripped than Sophia.

So here is our list of the 10 best-ripped girls in anime. Know of any other girl that we might have missed(Of course we have)? Let us know in the comment section down below.


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