Latest News - Politics - Bhartiya Janata Party(BJP) claims 15-20 Congress MLAs in touch, Kamal Nath government in trouble

Bhartiya Janata Party(BJP) claims 15-20 Congress MLAs in touch, Kamal Nath government in trouble

Bhartiya Janata Party(BJP)

Bhartiya Janata Party(BJP) Kamal Nath’s government of Madhya Pradesh, formed a year and a half ago, is in crisis. Although the Congress claimed that the Madhya Pradesh government is no longer in danger, its MLAs have returned, but the BJP claims that 15 to 20 MLAs of the Congress are in touch with them.

Senior Congress leader Digvijay Singh has said that the MP government has no problem. At the same time, BJP leader and former minister Narottam Mishra says that the Congress MLAs are unable to get the work done, so there is anxiety among them.

Bhartiya Janata Party(BJP) claims 15-20 Congress MLAs in touch, Kamal Nath government in trouble

Bhartiya Janata Party(BJP)
Bhartiya Janata Party(BJP)

Now the political struggle will increase. The political battle of Madhya Pradesh, starting from Bhopal to Delhi on Tuesday night, is expected to increase in the next one or two days. Bhartiya Janata Party(BJP) says that the real game will start now.

The epicenter of the political earthquake that shook the chair of the Kamal Nath government on Tuesday night was in Delhi and Haryana. The drama of the pull of legislators between the BJP and Congress went on overnight.

On Wednesday, amid the developments related to horse-trading, four rebel MLAs were brought from Delhi to Bhopal by individual aircraft, and these four are still reported missing.

These MLAs have returned to Bhopal. Modal Singh Kanshana (Congress) Rajesh Shukla (SP), Sanjeev Singh Kushwaha (BSP), and Rambai (BSP).

These four were taken out of the state airport in a very secret manner by a particular aircraft and were taken directly to the Chief Minister’s residence, where there was a long meeting with the Chief Minister.

These MLAs are missing.

The four missing MLAs are said to be Bisahulal
Singh (Congress), Hardeep Singh Dung (Congress), Raghuraj Singh Kansana (Congress), and Surendra Singh Shera (Independent).

Shivraj meets Tomar and Nadda.

Even on Wednesday, the center of Bhartiya Janata Party(BJP) politics is shifting in Delhi. Former Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan reached the bungalow of Union Minister Narendra Singh Tomar in the morning, and there was an hour-long discussion between the two.

On leaving from here, Chauhan met BJP National President JP Nadda on the whole political matter. Made him aware of all the political developments Politics of Rajya Sabha election It is also being said about the political turmoil of MP that instead of overthrowing the government, it could also be for the third seat of Rajya Sabha.

Bhartiya Janata Party(BJP)
Bhartiya Janata Party(BJP)

Elections are to be held for three Rajya Sabha seats in Madhya Pradesh. Currently, Digvijay Singh (Congress), Satyanarayan Jatiya, and Prabhat Jha (both BJP) are Rajya Sabha members from these three seats.

Digvijay Singh lost the Lok Sabha elections, so he wants to go to the Rajya Sabha again. There is also a discussion in the political corridors that Digvijay Singh has woven all the fabric to secure the Rajya Sabha seat.

At the same time, after losing the election from Guna Lok Sabha seat, speculation is being made to make Congress party Jyotiraditya Scindia a Rajya Sabha candidate.

The BJP is not in a position to win the third seat in terms of the strength of the vote, hence BJP is confident of cross-voting. At the same time, Congress has warned its MLAs to take action.

The BJP, along with the mafia, is constantly trying unsuccessfully to destabilize the Congress government in the state. The Congress government has an absolute majority.

Every time BJP has had to face it. This time too, the dreams of the BJP will prove to be Mungerilal’s dreams. -Kamal Nath, Chief Minister, MP There is no longer any threat to the Congress government in Madhya Pradesh.

The Congress will also win the third seat of the Rajya Sabha elections. -Digvijay Singh, Senior Congress leader Congress MLAs are also angry. There are many groups among themselves, who are engaged in settling each other.

They know their fight among themselves, and the BJP has nothing to do. Shivraj Singh Chauhan, former Chief Minister The BJP has nothing to do with the political developments in MP.

Digvijay Singh is blackmailing Kamal Nath. Congress should hold its own house and legislators. Stones were thrown at Shivraj’s convoy; black flags were also shown to the former CM Shivraj Singh Chauhan,

BJP state president VD Sharma, and leader of opposition Gopal Bhargava, arrived in Malwa, Madhya Pradesh for some time on Wednesday to get reports of horse-trading. At the same time, Congressmen showed black flags.

Shivraj accused Congress of throwing stones at the program. Significantly, there are 230 seats in the Madhya Pradesh Assembly, out of which two are currently vacant.

Thus, at present, there are 228 MLAs in the state, out of which 114 are MLAs of Congress, 107 BJP, four Independents, two Bahujan Samaj Party, and one Samajwadi Party. The Congress government has the support of these four independent MLAs as well as BSP and SP.

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