India - BJP’s foundation day: Prime Minister Narendra Modi said a long war will be fought against Corona

BJP’s foundation day: Prime Minister Narendra Modi said a long war will be fought against Corona

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BJP’s foundation day: This fight against the coronavirus is long-lasting, 130 crore people of the country are united with the will to win in this war.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi reiterated this while delivering the address on the foundation day of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on Monday. With this, Modi also asked BJP workers to take 5 resolutions that would help to defeat Corona.

The country is ready for a long battle

Prime Minister Narendra Modi described the ongoing battle with Corona as a long war. He said that the country has to be ready for a long battle. There is neither tiredness nor defeat in this. Despite a long battle, we have to win, we have to win. Resolution is a victory against Corona, victory in battle.

BJP’s foundation day: Prime Minister Narendra Modi said a long war will be fought against Corona

BJP's foundation day
BJP’s foundation day

Modi said that WHO has also praised India’s steps. He said that his efforts to deal with Corona have set a different example. He said that the country understood the seriousness of the corona call in time.

Time began a widespread war. India attained big decisions one after the other. Modi said that in this, the Center is moving ahead with all the governments.

Modi said, ‘Today, the speed at which India worked has been praised by the World Health Organization along with India. The SAARC meeting, the G20 conference, was held to ensure all countries fought unitedly with Corona. India played an important role in all these events.

5 requests were made to BJP workers

  • The poor have to give ration as much as possible.
  • Create and give face covers for 5 others as well as you.
  • To thank those engaged in the service of the country. This included doctors-nurses, cleaning workers, policemen, bank-post office workers, and other government employees.
  • Arogya Setu App is to be downloaded on the phone of more and more people. Every worker was asked to download it in at least 40 phones.
  • Modi said that during the war, people have been giving donations to help the country. It should also be considered as a war against humanity and donate as much as possible to the PM Care fund.

Referring to documents
Addressing BJP workers, Modi said that the scriptures also inspire them to fight such a battle. It has been said that our thoughts, resolutions, our hearts should be united. And this solidarity will help India.

He further referred to the Janata curfew, the lockdown meeting with the people of India. In this way, Modi said, people are helping to save others as well as themselves. Modi said that such a large country with a population of 130 crores is following the lockdown properly.

Coronavirus battle: This week is going to increase heartbeat in India

The current week is going to be very important for the fast-spreading coronavirus in India. In the second week of April ie the current week, it will be decided whether the coronavirus infection is stable in the country or not. According to data from government officials, the Coronavirus in India is currently in a state of rapid spread due to the Tablighi group of Delhi.

Things can improve after May 9

According to the estimates of a top government data analyst laboratory of the Government of India, the final stage of coronavirus in India should start from May 9.

BJP's foundation day
BJP’s foundation day

Explain that the laboratory has also shared this estimate with a powerful government panel to ensure the availability of essential medical equipment across the country. The panel also issues the necessary guidelines to the agencies involved in controlling the epidemic.

Estimates about such infection removed
Demonstrate that the laboratory has made this estimate on susceptible-infected-cured (SIR) models. However, it is not yet known to what extent the infection was spread by the Tablighi Jamaat.

This estimate is concluded after domestic data and studies of the most infected countries, including China. These projections are also shared with agencies engaged in strategizing to prevent the spread of the epidemic.

BJP’s foundation day: Prime Minister Narendra Modi said: Tablighi Jamaat has increased the rate of infection

BJP's foundation day
BJP’s foundation day

In India, when the corona infection was moving towards a standstill, then the case of Tablighi Jamaat of Delhi increased it rapidly in many parts of the country.

According to government officials, the coronavirus case has not gone out of control in the country and it is more likely to end after 21 days of lockdown.

Data analysis will help to eliminate lockdown
According to the officials, the inference drawn from the data analysis will help us to plan toward easing the lockdown situation. However, people still need to follow the rules of social distancing strictly.

Estimates are being revised after the Tabligi episode
A detailed analysis of the spread of coronavirus is being done for the most affected states. According to this data analysis, the effect of the coronavirus in Delhi was expected to decrease from 8 April but these estimates are being revised due to the Tablighi Jamaat case.

Rate of infection may slow in affected states
In Maharashtra, one of the worst affected states, if the rate of adherence to infection and social distancing remains the same, then it can get encouraging results in the coming days.

BJP's foundation day
BJP’s foundation day

In other big states like Tamil Nadu, Rajasthan and Karnataka, the rate of infection may stabilize by the end of this month.

Increase in temperature will have an effect on the rate of infection
Based on the analysis of global data and information shared with several committees. An increase in the temperature condition may help slow the spread of the virus.

However, sources cautioned that the accuracy of the representation may change significantly as there are a large number of suspected cases that have not yet been confirmed.

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