Entertainment - Anime - Black Clover Episode 136 Release Date, Preview, And Recap, (Where To Watch)

Black Clover Episode 136 Release Date, Preview, And Recap, (Where To Watch)

Black Clover Episode 136

Black Clover Episode 136 Release Date, Preview And Spoilers: Black Clover is one of the most famous shonen anime of recent times. Its popularity is rising rapidly and the thing is, it might only be started, as there is no end in sight. At the start, Black Clover faced many criticisms for its story and weak animation. But after the arc where Wizard King was introduced, the whole fandom changed their mind, the arc blew their mind away and Black Clover became one of the most-watched anime throughout the world.

Black Clover Episode 136

But the pace of the anime was too much as compared to its manga counterpart. Every fan was worried that the anime will air some filler episodes to slow down the pace and keep the distance from the manga and that is exactly what is happening right now.

Even though the fillers are somewhat entertaining, it really kills the momentum the anime was on. But now the anime is back on track with manga and the most-awaited arc is about to start in few episodes, So, let’s look at what happened in the last episode and what will happen in the future.

Black Clover Episode 135 Recap

Episode 135 was a comedy relief episode. Finral wants to marry Finesse and wants to resist his habit of womanizing. He invites Asta and Rebecca to another date and Noella and Secret take a job as waitresses to keep an eye on them. Finesse and Langris are also keeping an eye on them from a different table. Sekke with his friends is also on a date with Rebecca’s friends. He is lying about his involvement in the elves attack and Magic Knight possession.

In another room, Yami, Magna, and Gordon from Black Bulls are on a group date with Charlotte, Sol, and Puli of Blue Roses. Members of Blue Roses are helping Charlotte to impress Yami, but Yami is completely oblivious of the fact. When Yami was serving a plate for Charlotte and when their hands touched, Charlotte freaks out and jumps out of the window and starts running. Finral catches Charlotte and they returned.

Afterward, the Black Bulls and Blue Roses sit down together for dinner. Yami and Charlotte then share a toast to their next six months of training.

Black Clover Episode 136 Release Date

Black Clover Episode 138 will release on 28th, July 2020.  A tweet by the official Black Clover page indicated that a new episode will be released every Tuesday.

Black Clover Episode 136 Spoilers and Predictions

A 15-second preview of the upcoming episode was released and it showed that the anime is gonna pick up the pace. The anime is going into action mode once again and a new challenge for Asta is awaiting. A new character name Kahono will be introduced with her partner. And the trailer showed Noelle telling Yami that she is not going to give up as of yet and she will try her best and the next arc might revolve around her.



Black Clover Episode 136 Where To Watch

You can watch the latest episode of Black Clover on Crunchyroll as soon as they are released and if you want to watch English dub of the episode Funimation air the show right after its official release. We request you to use only these two platforms as it will support the creators of the anime.

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