Business - BYPRODUCT VENTURES: When a start-up company broke through the walls built by the Global Pandemic. 

BYPRODUCT VENTURES: When a start-up company broke through the walls built by the Global Pandemic. 

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The COVID-19 Pandemic has made brought the entire world to stand still. Little did we know about the sudden shift to what we call “new normal” today?

None of us saw the dreadful pandemic building massive walls and confining all of us to our rooms.

While trying to survive the tragic era, the world has also witnessed a series of events.

The series of events comprise both tragedy and compassion. That’s bringing us to someone who coped up with all the tragic barriers and emerged with compassion and courage by paving a new road for the young people.

Here’s the story of an ordinary young man who worked his way to stand taller than the blocking walls built by the pandemic.

Shidharth Ganguly, 21, has begun chasing his dreams. He is the CEO and founder of ByProduct Ventures, a start-up company that opened by giving internship opportunities for many college students since February 2020.

Shidharth’s start-up plan is not a sudden zeal, but it is indeed something that he’s been planning to start for a long time.

With determination and compassion that acted like his vehicles, he rode through various channels to seek his dreams while he gathered people with similar goals to turn dreams into reality.

Born in Delhi, the young leader was always fascinated by business concepts. When Siddharth was in grade sixth, he supposed to have bought compact discs (CDs) at a wholesale price, and he sold them at a retail price. That’s when he tasted the business concepts. Ideas running through his head ever since then, but obstacles ran towards him at the same speed.

The first hurdle was when he tried to explain his business ideas to his parents, who were not convinced. They tried to explain that businesses were only for the wealthy people and that ordinary lives should solely revolve around basic concepts like studying, getting a job, marrying, and the end.

His family was afraid of the financial risks of investing in any businesses; hence, Shidharth started saving up his pocket money, which was only 500 rupees. The saving did not stop just there; he saved up even more by taking public transport. He got into an internship with Delhi Government and self-taught freelancing. But he couldn’t prevent obstacles; the pace increased at this point. He had to quit interning as he fought with anxiety and panic attacks, which, obviously, were his worst enemies.

Nothing, absolutely nothing could hold him back when he stuck his eyes on his goals.

Siddharth secured a commerce degree from Delhi University. While learning skills and learning how to weaponize the skills to shoot his goal, the hard work and determination helped him discover a new hopeful way.

Shidharth has built Byproduct Ventures with his bare hands. It’s just like his child. He did everything that helped it grow, with one step at a time, Shidharth knew where he was going.

What is always important is that one should have a vision, a goal, a purpose in life. Your strength will take you forward.

One day, the idea struck him when he was scrolling through Amazon to find merchandise that had motivational quotes etched to them, but to his surprise, they weren’t many. More importantly, there wasn’t something that he was searching for. You might think what a basic quote could do, but, in reality, the simplest quoted words would make huge impacts on people. Motivation is necessary to survive. He also noticed how the prices were so high for some basic printed merchandise. That’s when he thought that there could be people like him who need a little boost of motivation through merchandise. He did not leave the thought but pondered on what he could do about it.

Byproduct Ventures is born with that thought process. It is to create thoughtful products. Shidharth’s idea is to give positive vibes to people and tell them to keep moving forward.

“When you are backed against the wall, break the goddamn thing down” that’s the first thing you see on the Byproduct Venture’s Website.

Shidharth watched these walls fall; even if the walls tend to confine him, he is ready to break them down.

His company is working with the same spirit he generates. Motivating them and getting motivation from them is what keeps him going forward every day.

The company developed various pre-eminent services, and they are exceptionally well and distinct from each other.

The remarkable services are; The Bengali Kitchen, Letstyle, Pursuit Labels, and various specialized services like Web Development, SEO, Product Selling, Blogging, Content Writing, Social Media Management, and creating YouTubers Merchandises.

The Bengali Kitchen has emerged to give people authentic Bengali dishes. The main aim behind this is to bring you the best quality Bengali food right on to your dining tables. The chefs will never fail to deliver the Bengali essence through the delicious taste. Cooked with close attention to hygiene and health; the flavour will let you travel to Bengal while in Ghaziabad.

We are now talking about Letstyle, which is a news blog. Letstyle is your ultimate destination for fashion and entertainment news. The site will be your best companion that will help you stay updated with the latest trends.

Pursuit Label is a one-stop destination for all your mobile accessories and fashionable apparel. It launched freshly in November 2020. It’s an attempt to create merchandise that will hold a thoughtful meaning to it. And this particular service is close to Shidharth’s heart since he could, at last, fulfil his dream of giving the world a little motivational boost through these goods.

Like a painted canvas you planned to be painted well, the viewers will not be aware of the base colours painted repeatedly to bring out the actual shade.

Shidharth is working and waiting to be able to put up a big picture sometime soon. He started working and growing his dreams. Shiddarth made it possible only because of the efforts and his close monitoring. Under his disciplined yet informal guidance, his team is persistently motivated to give their best.

It is just a story of an ordinary boy from Delhi, but what makes him extraordinary is the fact that he kept moving forward, reaching over the walls. He proved that no matter what, you can win if you don’t give up.

Byproduct Ventures has been tested over time, and it stayed strong duly because of perseverance, courage, loyalty, and commitment.

We wish Shidharth’s story could boost young minds. All you need is to remind yourself is where you want to stand and move forward. With a strong mind and an ability to get up even after failing, you will become stronger to break every block that’s on the way to your dream.

Don’t hesitate to dream big because you can get there.

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