News - Cause of America – New platform by Mike Lindell?

Cause of America – New platform by Mike Lindell?

Election fraud conspiracy theorist Mike Lindell is now the ‘angel investor‘ for a new group called Cause of America which states ‘election integrity as its primary metier.’ 

Lindell, CEO of MyPillow and popularly known as the MyPillow guy, had been one of the most passionate voices in the smear campaign against Joe Biden post his presidential victory in 2020.

He hosted a 96-hour ‘Thanks-a-ton” live stream event last week, which was essentially an after-show after his lawsuit against ‘fraudulent elections was filed. The lawsuit has also been discussed and posted on Lindell’s Frank Speech website.

What is the “Cause of America?”

Cause of America calls itself “an independent, non-partisan, nonprofit organization focused on election integrity.”

The Cause of America website mostly features discredited claims about the 2020 election. It presents articles only from right-wing news propagators like One America News Network and Fox News host Tucker Carlson. Retired Air Force colonel and president of the group Shawn Smith divulged that Lindell was funding this grassroots organization while on the War Room: Pandemic podcast by former President Trump advisor Steve Bannon.

Cause of America is a new nonprofit that’s started,” Smith said on the podcast. “Mike Lindell is an angel investor. And the purpose of Cause of America is to enable the grassroots organizations across the country who are doing election integrity. Cause of America is standing up as an organization to enable grassroots and help coordinate the election integrity activity of citizens across the country. We’re going to handle all of them, everything we’ve got, and then bring in best practices.”

According to a Colorado Newsline, Smith warned last week that there would be violence if the “tyrannical regime” of President Joe Biden “stays in power.”

Lindell hailed Smith as a “hero.” “By the way, Shawn’s going to be president of everything we’re going to tell you about, the Cause of America,” Lindell said. “I get to be, as the chairman of the board. I’ve gotten to know Shawn, and he’s one of the most amazing guys I’ve ever met, and he’s going to be on a lot here over the next couple of days.”

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    • i am, i see naysayers in a different light than Mike Lindell does, you are no more legit than anyone else! you “chuck whatever” do not have millions of people who agree with your so broad world view, most of can easily see with our eyes that this 2020 election was a sham the level of an 8th graders understanding of “something is wrong here”, trolls like you are pathetic and as easy to see through as an 8th grader 🙂

      • 2/3 of the country would disagree with you. All of the court systems would disagree with you. Trump, was in fact the only one trying to steal an election.

    • No Ronald, trump and lindell are traitors to the United States. They might be patriots or even a founding fathers of some new country that could emerge from his treason and that of lindell and the rest of trump’s supporters, but as for this country, TRAITORS all of you

  • Does anyone have to guess who Teresa Simmons voted for? She is WOKE – which means blind to anything she doesn’t want to hear.

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