Latest News - USA - “China Puts Biden in the White House” Says Lindell in his Documentary

“China Puts Biden in the White House” Says Lindell in his Documentary

China Puts Biden in the White House

Absolute Interference is a theory and documentaryby My pillow founder and CEO, Mike Lindell based on Election fraud and how the current political situation is placed and running.  For the same he Started a website to spread awareness – Frankspeech but there were continuous attack of the website on its launch day, Mike Lindell went live for straight 48 hours and discussed various issues with various guests on the panel. Mike Lindell is the CEO of the mypillow and an social activist. Mike is active on social media he reveals various scams and propaganda on the internet or on his personal streaming website Lindelltv. Mike in Absolute Interference explains the connection between the Chinese and Joe Biden becoming president.

China And Joe Biden Connections

According to Mike Lindell : China hacked the election system but someone on our side let them in by putting them on-line. And the cover up was prepared by the “safest election in history” talking points and the DOJ standing down. The Supreme Court standing down. Mike Give various insights with a man in the video who is seen blurry. The blurry man in the video explains various stats from the election which is visible clearly and thus makes it clear that there may have been several issues in the election. Mike Lindell Also explains various other proofs with solid proofs that can be taken seriously.

Info – Where to watch Absolute Interference 

Absolute Interference – China Election Hack Proof ( Video )

In the below video you can see the full proof about how China Puts Biden in the White House.


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