Corona-virus Pakistan: Imran said, trembling COVID-19 can’t close the cities, the situation will be worse

Corona-virus Pakistan
Corona-virus Pakistan

Corona-virus Pakistan:The number of coronavirus patients is steadily increasing in Pakistan. Here in Sindh province, most patients affected by Corona are being found, their number is increasing day by day, even after this, Prime Minister Imran Khan says that they cannot close their large scale cities like western countries.

Earlier, he said that the closure of the towns was considered, but officials expressed fears that this would make the country’s condition worse. They say that if we close the cities, then people will probably survive the coronavirus infection, but after that, people will start dying of hunger.

Corona-virus Pakistan: Imran said, trembling COVID-19 can’t close the cities, the situation will be worse.

At present, a total of 304 cases of Corona have been reported in Pakistan so far. It has reported 211 cases in Sindh, 2 in Islamabad, 23 in Bluechistan, 33 in Punjab, and 19 in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Two people have also died of this infection. The situation of the economy in Pakistan is already going bad, and if the markets are closed, and people are forced to stay at home, then the consequences will be more fatal.

Imran Khan has said that his country cannot shut down cities on a large scale like western countries to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

The United States and many other countries closed restaurants and other commercial establishments to prevent the spread of this infectious disease. There are many large populated cities in Pakistan like Karachi .

A few days ago, Imran also gave a message to the nation. In his information provided on television, he had stated that the circumstances in our country are not like America or Europe, a large population of our nation is breathing in Muflissi.

He said that if we closed the cities, we would save our citizens already living in severe conditions from the coronavirus, but they would be killed by starvation. However, Pakistan has closed cricket stadiums, schools, colleges, and universities.

But they are not taking steps to close the markets. Nor are the people asking the country to stay at their homes to prevent the spread of the virus.

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