Latest News - USA - Coronavirus live update: No need to panic, COVID19 is nothing but a business

Coronavirus live update: No need to panic, COVID19 is nothing but a business

Coronavirus live update

Coronavirus live update: As we all know, Coronavirus has entered India, and numerous news has been confirmed regarding the continuous spreading of COVID-19.

The WHO has declared Coronavirus as one of the deadliest viruses to date and published several measures of precautions and various information related to the spreading of Coronavirus.

The WHO has also declared that this virus cannot survive in high temperatures; the spreading of the Corona is conditioned upon the heat.

Whenever we talk about Coronavirus in India, one needs to keep 1 thing in mind India is one of the hottest places in the world.

The temperature approaches here till 51°C, do you still think that the existence of the Coronavirus is possible in such a hot climate?

I am not saying that Coronavirus is a parable, and I am additionally not saying to stop exercising the precautions. One admires his life, and he has every right to protect himself from the crisis, but the concern is…

Don’t you think India is a country where many people, kids, and ladies die due to cancer, malnutrition, or heart attack? Don’t you think these are the major disadvantage of a nation?

Coronavirus live update: No need to panic, this virus is nothing but a business

Coronavirus live update
Coronavirus live update

Coronavirus live update: When we talk about cancer in India, approximately 1300 people die every single day due to infection. In my previous article, I talked about cancer and also spoke about the danger that this country is about to face.

India is a land of diversity, and with an exceptionally high population, there comes a lot of responsibility for the government. When I talk about significant problems in India than how one can avoid speaking of tuberculosis, yes, tuberculosis is still taking the lives of the people.

The death of people has increased to 9.6 percent as it was 6.6percent before. I dont think the Coronavirus has taken that many lives in its path.

Coronavirus live update: Coronavirus is nothing but a family of viruses that causes respiratory problems, fever, cough, headache. With these primary symptoms, which one may observe at an ordinary cold, how can it be possible that in a country which has the majority of vegetarians, this virus can take lives?

No need to panic India, Coronavirus cannot do anything to the residents of India and do not need to worry because this virus has already appeared before and have done nothing.

India should focus on the predicament, which is never resolved before I bet the Coronavirus won’t take lives as much as cancer takes.

The government has released many precautions regarding Coronavirus. One needs to take care of and avoid some extra curriculum activities until the virus is gone.

Coronavirus live update: No need to panic, this virus is nothing but a business

Coronavirus live update
Coronavirus live update

Coronavirus live update: Coronavirus has taken many lives. I think more than 3000 death’s have been registered till date, this is a genuine threat, but one can easily avoid this with some basic precautions.

Don’t you think Coronavirus has become a kind of business? Nothing personal, but once the vaccine has been found, what do you think how much would be the cost of the vaccine?

I hope you are getting it right what I am trying to say; Coronavirus is also interesting because the pharma company will sell these vaccines in thousands of dollars and believe me this vaccine would not be easy to buy for ordinary peoples.

Coronavirus live update

Coronavirus live update
Coronavirus live update

Thousands of retailers have become a millionaire just by marketing masks.
One should avoid eating junk food because this will affect your immune system, and if your immune system is damaged, then the Coronavirus can be a real threat.

No one is asking you to buy branded mask one can avoid this just by keeping a napkin or handkerchief on his or her nose.

Never mind, this article was all about communicating with all the Indian fellows to say that they do not need to worry as this virus won’t do any exposure to our motherland.

Let’s take a look at the effects of Coronavirus in the world.

Coronavirus live update
Coronavirus live update

Coronavirus, which has caused more than 3100 deaths worldwide, is destroying the world market. Corona has also severely affected the tourism industry around the world.

Religious and tourist places, once humming with tourists, have been silent for the last few days. People have lost their space by traveling to countries like China, Italy.

Angkor Wat temple in Cambodia is famous worldwide as the largest Hindu temple of Lord Vishnu. It is said that about 20 lakh tourists arrive here every year.

Almost every day there is a mob of tourists, but these days there is a kind of silence. Tourists appearing here have disappeared.

Saudi Arabia’s Mecca is considered a sacred place for Muslims around the world. The holy place Kaaba located here is packed not only during the Hajj but also throughout the years.

But due to Corona, it was closed to the Zionists in the past. This was done for the sake of sanitizing. At the moment, it has started, but still, very few people are reaching for Umrah.

Japan, which is called the country of the rising sun, is recorded in the travel journal of tourists fond of traveling around the world.

Millions of people reach the capital city like Tokyo every year, but these days many tourist destinations here do not have a number of tourists. People are also avoiding traveling to Japan because of the fear of spreading Coronavirus.

Thailand is among the best tourist destinations for visitors. Thailand’s capital Bangkok is famous for its nightlife and market. Shopping here in Bangkok is considered extremely cheap.

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