India - Coronavirus spreads due to Jamaat: 141 new cases reported in Delhi

Coronavirus spreads due to Jamaat: 141 new cases reported in Delhi

Coronavirus spreads due to Jamaat

Coronavirus spreads due to Jamaat: The number of corona-infected patients in Delhi is steadily increasing. Citing the Delhi government, news agency ANI said that the number of Corona-infected patients in Delhi has risen to 293. Of these patients, 182 corona-positive patients were included in Nizamuddin Markaz.

According to the information received, 141 new cases were reported in Delhi on Thursday. 129 people involved in Nizamuddin Tablighi Markaz are the new cases. So far, 182 people who have been evacuated from Markaz are Corona infected.

Four people have died from Corona so far.

According to the Delhi government, four people suffering from Corona have died in the capital so far. Of these, two of the deceased had joined Tablighi Markaz, located in Nizamuddin.

Coronavirus spreads due to Jamaat: 141 new cases reported in Delhi

Coronavirus spreads due to Jamaat
Coronavirus spreads due to Jamaat

Earlier, 32 new cases were reported in Delhi on Wednesday amid a growing outbreak of the Coronavirus. Of the 32 newly infected Delhi patients, 29 patients had come to Tablighi Markaz, located in Nizamuddin, while the other two have returned from abroad, and the cause of infection in one was not known.

Case filed against 17, including 14 foreigners.
Despite the lockdown, a case has been registered at the Police Station against 17, including 14 foreigners who are staying in the mosque.

It was reported to the police on Wednesday. A lawsuit has been registered against all for spreading diseases and violating government orders. Those found in the mosque have been sent to the Quarantine Center.

Police found eight people in the Gola Masjid, seven including the Imam are from Indonesia. Similarly, nine people were found in another mosque. Seven are from Indonesia, while two are local. Police have found out in the investigation that the gathering was stopped in both mosques since 22 March.

A drone is being used in Nizamuddin.
Because of the risk of corona infection, Nizamuddin’s Tablighi Markaz and the surrounding area are continually being sanitized. On Thursday also, SDMC sanitized Nizamuddin and the surrounding area with drones and fire engines.

Coronavirus spreads due to Jamaat
Coronavirus spreads due to Jamaat

The authority Scattered one percent sodium hypochlorite in and around the mosque building. All the floors of Markaj have also been sanitized. A team of 40 employees has sprayed the area with narrow streets and pumps. Four tractors have been installed for this.

Increased security in the entire area
Security has been tightened around the Nizamuddin area. Police and paramilitary forces have been deployed here by putting barricades at the entry point of every street.

So that neither of these colonies can come in nor go out. Not only this, but the police are also monitoring the surrounding areas with drone cameras.

The possibility of Corona reaching the third phase deepens, ICMR will release new guidelines tomorrow
In some areas in India, the chance of Corona reaching community transmission ie, step three, has increased.

In particular, the government is considering adopting a new strategy for prevention after the Tablighi Jamaat population has spread to many areas of the country and new corona patients are exposed.

Coronavirus spreads due to Jamaat: 141 new cases reported in Delhi

Coronavirus spreads due to Jamaat
Coronavirus spreads due to Jamaat

Under this, a large number of corona tests can be started for people in hotspots with a large number of corona patients. For this, ICMR will release new guidelines on Friday.

As part of the new strategy, people will be approached from house to house in areas prone to government community transmission. In these areas, people with corona symptoms can be examined as well as samples of ordinary people on a large scale.

So that it can be found out how much has coronavirus spread there, the senior official said that in view of the new situation, the guidelines of the coronavirus test are being changed.

According to the ICMR guidelines, until now, only the emergence of corona symptoms was allowed to examine the patients, but now it can be relaxed. The ICMR is working on preparing a new guideline, which will tell which people can be tested. ICMR doctor Raman Gangakhedkar said that new guidelines would be issued on Friday.

Some areas of the country became Corona’s hotspots
Describing the strategy as successful so far in preventing the spread of the Coronavirus, a senior Health Ministry official said that a week after the lockdown, some areas of the country have emerged as corona hotspots.

Coronavirus spreads due to Jamaat
Coronavirus spreads due to Jamaat

Among them, a large number of coronaviruses infected have been found positive in many places of the country like Mumbai and some areas of Delhi and hundreds of people have been kept in isolation there.

Since these people living with Corona were roaming in these areas openly for a long time, there is an increased possibility of Corona spreading in a large population here.

The problem is that even in such areas, it may take several days for the people to get symptoms of the disease despite being affected by the Coronavirus, till then, the possibility of the virus spreading to many others cannot be ruled out.

Although the possibility of going out of the said area is less due to the lockdown, but it can reach many people while carrying everyday necessities.

Lockdown implemented in India even before community transmission reaches phase
This phase of inadvertently reaching the corona virus to the people is called the phase of community transmission.

Coronavirus spreads due to Jamaat
Coronavirus spreads due to Jamaat

After this, the virus takes the form of an epidemic; it has destroyed many countries of the world, including Italy, Spain, and America. After which these countries had to enforce the lockdown under compulsion.

The senior official said that it is suitable for India that the lockdown was implemented here even before the community transmission reached the phase. That is why it will be helpful to keep it confined to the hotspots of the coronavirus. But the apprehension has increased.


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