Latest News - USA - Coronavirus Update: More than 100 countries asked help from South Korea to examine Corona

Coronavirus Update: More than 100 countries asked help from South Korea to examine Corona

Coronavirus World Map(COVID19)

Coronavirus Update: More than a hundred countries in the world have sought help from South Korea in the investigation of the Coronavirus. This information was given by the South Korean Foreign Ministry spokesman on Wednesday.

The spokesman said that the result of a large-scale investigation campaign in his country was quite good. With this, we not only identified the infected but also controlled the speed of the spread of the infection. Whereas once we had the highest number of cases after China.

Effective control over the disease has created an excellent image worldwide
The spokesman said that seeing our success and experience, other countries are asking us for help. So far, 121 countries have requested assistance from us.

Coronavirus Update: More than 100 countries asked help from South Korea to examine Corona

Coronavirus Update
Coronavirus Update

This number is continuously increasing. We cannot name them because of diplomatic sensitivity. We have created a task force that will decide how to help.

Orders for testing kits have been received from countries like the USA and Italy.

The spokesperson may not have mentioned the names of the countries seeking help, but the nations whose orders have been received by Korean companies making the test kits include countries like the US and Italy.

US President Donald Trump last week announced a concession in US regulations to related firms, demanding supply of test kits and other equipment from the Korean president.

Testing kit-making firms tripled production South Korean biotech firms manufacturing test kits have increased production to meet demand from around the world. Some top companies have even tripled their production.

South Korea is currently analyzing test samples sent by Finland’s healthcare firm Mehilainen. The firm will send test samples of 18,000 infected to Korea in the next two weeks. This information was given jointly by the firm and the representative of the Korean Health Administration.

South Korea analyzes test samples of Finland patients

Many large Finnish companies are clients of this firm. The firm says that Koreans are better aware of the matter.

We are sending these samples from chartered flights there. In return, security equipment will be brought for the personnel engaged in rescue operations from this aircraft.

Coronavirus Update: More than 100 countries asked help from South Korea to examine Corona

Coronavirus Update
Coronavirus Update

It is noteworthy that Finland’s health foundation has been severely hampered by the outbreak of the Coronavirus. There are so many people coming for examination and treatment daily that they are finding it difficult to handle appropriately.

As far as South Korea is concerned, let me tell you that 9661 people here are still infected with this virus. There have been 78 new cases here in the last 24 hours. But according to the speed at which cases were reported here, South Korea has overcome this to a great extent by presenting its very understanding here.

South Korea prevented Corona by working on the Triple T formula.

Because of the increasing cases here, the government worked on the Triple T formula. This included first identifying the patient, then examining it, and then treating it.

In English, it will be called Trace-Test-Treat. Let me also tell you here that its first case came to light here on 20 January. A woman was found infected with the virus after investigation.

This woman had returned from Wuhan shortly before. After this, cases of Coronavirus increased rapidly here. The reason behind this was Shinkongji Church.

The people involved in the church prayer were traced.

In fact, the woman who had returned from Wuhan attended the prayer meeting of this church. After this, most of the people involved here were caught in it.

As soon as the matter came to light and the patient’s location was traced, the administration first got a list of all the two lakh members of this church.

After this, all these were examined irrespective of whether the person went to church that day or not. During this time, everyone was quarantined. Those who were found infected after this investigation was adequately treated.

To control matters here, the government and administration got Quarantine strictly followed. New rules were made for this in the country, and the amount of fine was increased from two lakhs to seven lakhs on breaking these rules.

As a punishment, a sentence of one year was also provided in the new rule. The Triple T formula helped the government to stop the growth of the number of patients with this virus in South Korea. This formula was later tried in the city of Italy, and there too, this formula proved to be very useful.

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