Namecheap Black Friday Deals and Cyber Monday Deals

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Whether you're searching for a cheap way to host your personal website or need to start out a white label hosting company, Namecheap has a plan for you, they are doing a Namecheap Black Friday Deals Sales in which you can buy hosting, domains, SSL at discounted rate.

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Namecheap Black Friday Deals and Cyber Monday Deals

Let's inspect all the hosting plans they have on supply.


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#1. Namecheap Shared Hosting

When it involves shared hosting, where a variety of web sites share one server, Namecheap has lots to decide on from.

They offer three plans, beginning at $15.44 per year or $2.88 a month.


The most reasonable option offers 20 GB of space, unmetered bandwidth, access to Namecheap's website builder, and selection of the USA or UK datacenter. (Note: You'll pay $1 additional for a UK datacenter.)

Stellar Plus

Touted as their most well-liked choice, this plan offers unmetered SSD-accelerated disk space and unlimited websites.

Stellar Business

Advertised as a prime plan for e-commerce sites, this plan offers 50 GB of pure SSD space. Namecheap servers also are PCI compliant. Thus you don't need to worry about it.

#2. Namecheap WordPress Hosting Plans

You can get smart|an honest|a decent} plan of how good a host is based on their WordPress offerings. In this space, Namecheap does virtually pretty well.

They offer three hosting plans for WordPress, beginning at under $4 a month. I really like the manner in which they breakdown plans based on website traffic. For the less tech-savvy, this offers an easy-to-understand point of reference.

#3. Namecheap Reseller Hosting Plans

Looking to host dozens of internet sites or maybe begin your own hosting company? Namecheap offers three reseller packages, beginning at $16.99 a month. Plans vary based on the number of reseller accounts and space.

All reseller plans include:

  • Reseller control panel
  • Security features
  • WHMCS billing platform
  • SSL reseller program
  • White label marketing tools
  • Dell PowerEdge with 24 core Xeon CPUs
  • 32 GB+ RAM and RAID 10 hard drives
  • Unmetered bandwidth
  • 14-day money-back guarantee.

#4. Namecheap VPS Hosting Plans

The next plan from shared hosting is a VPS. This sits right in the middle of shared and dedicated hosting, providing reasonable plans with lots of control over the server.

You continue to share the server with a couple of other websites typically. However, the amount of websites on the server is commonly restricted to boost performance.

Namecheap offers self-managed and managed plans; thus, you'll be able to decide whether or not or not, you'd prefer to run the server yourself. VPS additionally provides full root access (similar to a dedicated server, yet none of the four plans are going to break the bank).

With the VPS hosting you get:

  • At least 15 GB of RAID protected disk space
  • At least one CPU
  • At least 512 MB of RAM
  • At least 100 GB of RAM
  • 20 GB of managed backup storage for some of the plans
  • Root level access
  • Free dedicated IPs
  • A selection of 1/3/6/12 month contracts
  • 14-day money-back guarantee
  • CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu or Fedora support (selected versions)

A VPS helps out considerably once your web site starts to draw in additional visitors. Several firms have employees on call who will manage the server; however, if you'd rather focus on your day-to-day operations, Namecheap has managed choices too.

#5. Namecheap Dedicated Hosting Plans

Choose Dedicated Hosting if you would like additional security or prefer to have your own physical server. They provide three different dedicated hosting plans, beginning at $78.88 per month.

Each plan varies based on the CPU, RAM, disk drive spec, and bandwidth. Their base plan offers:

  • CPU: 4 Cores x 3.4 GHz
  • RAM: 8 GB, 16 GB
  • Hard Drive: 500 GB SATA3, 1 TB SATA3, 2x 1 TB SATA3, 240 GB SSD
  • Bandwidth: 10 TB/mo
  • IP: 1 IPv4.

Reasons To Grab Namecheap Black Friday Deals

SSD storage, free domain privacy and more

Most people solely know that Namecheap offers reasonable hosting plans, however unaware of the actual fact that it additionally provides SSD storage that makes your website load very quick in comparison to the sites that are hosted on old HDD (hard disk drives).

Namecheap provides you domain privacy and WhoisGuard protection for free of charge to protect your personal info from being mined and used for alternative purposes like fraud or uninvited marketing emails, spam protection, and so on.

Apart from the above options, Namecheap provides you a 100% uptime guarantee, and if for any reason, your website is down because of hosting problems and they fail to satisfy their 100% uptime SLA, Namecheap problems account credits that you'll be able to use to pay your hosting bills.

How cool is that? So why not use their Black Friday Cyber weekday deal for 2019 and acquire a huge discount?

Cheapest hosting on the planet

Did you know that Namecheap offers to host as cheap as what a site name costs? Yes, the domain from any registrar costs you a minimum of $10 annually. Namecheap hosting for one year also costs you around $10 a year. That's such a low cost, isn't it?

And you get plenty of things where you'll be able to install up to three domains, 20GB in space, fifty databases, and fifty email accounts with the essential hosting plan (which costs you $10 a year).

Access to easy to use cPanel and latest Dell server technology

Namecheap shared hosting offers you access to simple to use cPanel (control panel) that makes it easy for you to transfer files, create and manage databases, emails, etc. in a nutshell, their cPanel is used for quickly putting in WordPress and manage your sites from one place.

Namecheap additionally uses the latest dell server technology to supply you 100% uptime.

Their shared infrastructure is developed using an M1000 blade. Each part is absolutely redundant from power supply to network card to the high-speed SAN, delivering unparalleled uptime, performance, and reliability. Thus you get 100% uptime along with your hosting plans every month.

It's additionally giving FREE SSL certificates to safeguard your website. So, all in all, Namecheap is a nice hosting choice if you're searching for superb options.

Free site migration

Do you need to shift your web site from your existing hosting to Namecheap hosting servers? Don't know how to do it right while not messing up with your files? Don't worry; you're in safe hands.

When you're selecting Namecheap to host your existing website, you'll get access to their free website migration tool where your site will transfer to their servers with the assistance of their consultants at free of cost.

Money-Back Guarantee

The 14-day money-back guarantee isn't as long as alternative competitors', however it ought to still be enough time to check out Namecheap and see how it works for your company. For all Stellar and Business plans, Namecheap offers an extended money-back guarantee period of thirty days.

Overall, the main advantage of going with Namecheap is the evaluation. You can't beat it with even the foremost discounted hosting supplier out there. Namecheap does a good job of maintaining a stable and easy infrastructure too.

Dedicated Servers

A dedicated server is usually just for extremely high traffic sites. It offers full management over your server. Because of this management, you've got full reign over the customization of the server. You'll be able to even opt for certain options, like hardware and operating systems.

Final Words

‚ÄčNamecheap Black Friday deals is one of the best host for your next big Website, grab this ‚ÄčNamecheap Black Friday Deals / Cyber Mondays offers to get them at discounted rates, in this post we have also shared ‚ÄčNamecheap host Codes for Black Friday, you can also use them to avail a huge discount.

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