Latest News - USA - Deadly Coronavirus claimed 70 thousand lives, nearly 1.3 million positive cases

Deadly Coronavirus claimed 70 thousand lives, nearly 1.3 million positive cases

The Game of Coronavirus

Deadly Coronavirus: COVID 19 disease has killed 70,446 people worldwide so far and 1,291,474 positive cases have been reported. The highest number of deaths occurred in Italy, Spain, America, France, and Britain.

The other five countries where more than 3 thousand deaths have occurred include China and Iran. While more than 1000 death cases have been reported in Belgium, the Netherlands, and Germany.

Deadly Coronavirus claimed 70 thousand lives, with nearly 1.3 million positive cases

Deadly Coronavirus
Deadly Coronavirus

Corona, originating from China, has severely battered Italy, Spain and the United States and has needed medical supplies from other countries. These are the countries where examples of top-class medical facilities were given and people from other countries used to reach there.

In the US, positive cases have gone above 3 lakhs and it has hardly taken 10-12 days to increase cases above 25 thousand to 3 lakhs. But the US has not taken any drastic measures so far. 9,598 people have died, which is the biggest tragedy in America’s 100-year history.

15,950 people have died in Italy and 13,055 in Spain. Lockdown is declared in both these countries but the number of dead is not decreasing.

Out of 70 thousand people, 50 thousand people have died in Europe where France, Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands are badly affected after Italy and Spain. The situation in Britain is also not right. More than 4 thousand people have died between lockdowns there.

The number of positive cases in Europe has risen to 676,462. Almost the whole of Europe is facing closure due to which the economy has collapsed but the loss of life has not stopped.

It is a matter of relief among the sad news that out of about 13 lakh cases, 2,71,882 people have recovered from Corona. Looking at the current situation, there are currently 9,43,966 active cases in the world while 3,42,328 have been closed.

Of these, 70,446 people have died. Whereas in 9,43,966 cases, 8,97,961 people are not in critical condition while 46,005 are serious.

Deadly Coronavirus claimed 70 thousand lives, with nearly 1.3 million positive cases

Deadly Coronavirus
Deadly Coronavirus

In India and Pakistan, the number of coronavirus patients increased due to the Tablighi group. Despite being the second-most densely populated country in the world, there were very few cases of corona in India, but the number of infected people across the country suddenly increased due to Islamic preacher Tablighi Jamaat Markaz.

So far, more than 4 thousand positives have surfaced and 109 people have died. At the same time, in Pakistan, the infection has been confirmed in 3,520 people and 52 people have died.

US: 1480 people killed in 24 hours, the most deaths in the world in one day The Coronavirus killed 1,480 people on Friday in the US and is the highest figure of death in any country within a day. The day before, 1,169 people died in the US. Although America is known as a superpower all over the world, but Super Power America is also looking helpless in front of COVID-19.

Is this the result of Donald Trump’s failure? According to John Hopkins University Tracker, 1,480 people died between 8.30 pm Thursday night and 8.30 pm Friday night.

So far the death toll across the US has crossed the 7 thousand mark. The highest number of deaths occurred in New York where more than 3 thousand COVID-19 patients have been confirmed dead.

Why is trumps also responsible for spreading the infection?

The virus originated in China, which has no connection with the US borders. It is understandable to spread the infection to countries close to China such as South Korea, Japan, and Iran.

Deadly Coronavirus claimed 70 thousand lives, with nearly 1.3 million positive cases

Deadly Coronavirus
Deadly Coronavirus

The spread of infection in Italy, France, and Spain also does not surprise that much, but reaching the US and increasing it quadrupled day and night shows the failure of trump. Alam is that in all cases, America, which is number 1, has also made the record of the most deaths in a day.

America has reached the top several days ago as the country with the most infected people. Currently, about three lakh people in the US have been infected with the coronavirus. The rate of deaths in America is increasing, it is feared that America may also become the country with the most deaths in the coming days.

Nurses started performing in New York

On the other hand, medical staff has come on display due to a lack of better quality medical supplies. In New York and the state of California, nurses and other health staff continue to display placards and banners.

They demand that the government should provide them with better equipment because if they lose their lives in the absence of it then it will be difficult to save the people.

The situation deteriorated, and Trump increased the responsibility of the army
Things are getting worse in America. 276,500 people are affected by Corona across the country. Now the responsibility of the army has been increased to bring the situation under control.

It is worth mentioning that until now the army was engaged only in the construction of medical hospitals and medical supplies. President Donald Trump said on Friday that no one is better prepared to fight this war-like situation.

Deadly Coronavirus claimed 70 thousand lives, with nearly 1.3 million positive cases

Deadly Coronavirus
Deadly Coronavirus

He said, ‘We are going to increase the responsibility of the army as part of our effort to fight the coronavirus. Because there is no better way to fight this war-like situation. We are in a warlike situation. An invisible enemy is standing in front. ‘

New York crosses the 9/11 death toll

America’s New York City, which has suffered the terror of 9/11 and is now facing the biggest humanitarian disaster after 19 years. In this city alone, the number of people infected with the coronavirus is more than in many countries and even it has overtaken China, the center of the corona.

The figures of death that are coming out are even more frightening. The death toll here has exceeded the number of people killed in the September 11, 2001, terrorist attack. The terrorist attack killed 2,996 people, most of them in New York City.

The mayor of New York is not happy with Trump’s preparations and has asked for 1000 nurses, 150 doctors, and 130 respiratory therapists. New York City still needs 3000 ventilators and has sought to deploy Army medical personnel in the city. He said, ‘They are not deployed for action. The President has to order.

Endorsement of President Jair Bolsonaro by Donald Trump.

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