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Diamond and Silk Net Worth 2024, Career, Bio, Wiki

Diamond and Silk are also known as Hardaway and Richardson. Both are popular personalities that belong to America. The main source of income of Diamond and Silk is from social media, online streaming, video blogging, and also, they hosting for Fox Nation. Rather than these businesses, they also give our opinion as political analysts.

And everyone knows Diamond and Silk’s relationship with Donald Trump, they always support Mr. Trump in any condition. So one more huge income source of Diamond and Silk is come from marketing various Trump Merchandise, which they usually promote on their website. So according to the report till January 2022, Hardaway and Richardson made up a total net worth of $3 – $6.5 million.

Facts About Diamond and Silk

One more interesting fact about Diamond and Silk is they charge 150$ for taking a personal picture with both of them. Or you can also plan a meal with them. Diamond and Silk get overnight popularity after they start supporting Mr. President Donald Trump.

Action taken against FB and Diamond & Silk incident
Action was taken against FB and the Diamond & Silk incident

But they also face many allegations after that like Facebook down the account reachability of their posts and video content. And because they have African-American citizenship and support Mr. Trump. So people didn’t accept them easily and see him as a racist. But Diamond and Silk prove it wrong and said that Trump is not a racist, but he is a realist.

About Diamond and Silk

Original Name  Ineithia Lynnette Hardaway (“Diamond”)

Herneitha Rochelle Hardaway (“Silk”)

Brand Name Diamond and Silk
Nationality American
Years of activeness 2015-present
Genres: Around the world
Net Worth in 2023: $3 – $6.5 Million still counting
Last Updated: April 2023
Facebook 1.5 million followers
Twitter 650,000 followers
Youtube Channel 140,000 subscribers

Diamond and Silk Net Worth 2023

As you know Diamond and Silk are popular celebrities in America. So their Net Worth shows amazing data will millions of $$$. And this amount of their salary and earnings, they got by a lot of hard work from the start of their journey. They start their political career with the Democratic party.

But they catch media attention in the 2016 campaign when they start supporting Mr. Donald Trump. Also, the incident with Facebook of taking down the Diamond and Silk account in 2018 gives them too many highlights on social media.

And everyone knows fame comes with a lot of money. Diamond and Silk archives a genuine fan following on social platforms according to their Facebook page they have 1.5 million followers by 20022 And that’s the main reason for their popularity and making that much money.

They activate in politics as well, and we all know there are too many sources of earning in politics. Like they sponsor many products from Mr. Trump’s Merchandise on their website.

So as per analysis till April 2022, they had made $5 Million US dollars. They are popular enough so they didn’t depend on one source. There are many ways of making money in Diamond and Silk life, online as well as offline. which we discussed below.

Diamond and Silk’s total Net Worth & Money Making Strategies

Diamond and Silk are social media influencers and they make amazing content that goes easily viral in a few minutes. And according to the result, they have made $5 Million US dollars in their whole career from 2012-2022. But social media platforms are not only a way of making money in their entire journey.

They have a good knowledge of marketing & politics. So they use them and make a handsome amount of money every year. So in this section, we will see Diamond and Silk’s top Money Making Strategies.

  • They worked with the Fox News platform, and currently, they working with the Newsmax TV show titled Diamond and Silk Crystal Clear.
  • Diamond and Silk were written a very popular book among youth Uprising: Who the Hell Said You Can’t Ditch and Switch? — The Awakening of Diamond and Silk, published in 2020. The book is all about their personal life, political overview, and brutality against black people In the US. The book sold many copies within a certain time period. That proves the popularity & talent of these two sisters Diamond and Silk.
  • They do video blogging and are very popular social media personalities this is also the main source of their income.
  • Also active in politics with the Republican party (2015–present) and supports Mr. Donald Trump.
  • Diamond and Silk are also popular television stars and hosted many shows with Fox News.
  • They also promote many popular brands by using their websites and social media accounts.
  • You can see Diamond and Silk live at $50 a ticket and take a photograph or go with dinner at the rate of $150 as of 2022.

Diamond and Silk Career

Diamond and Silk were born in Ineithia Lynette Hardaway and Herneitha Rochelle Hardaway. People knew them by their middle names. Hardaway and Richardson have three other siblings. But the pair of these two sisters stand out among all the family members. And archives a lot of success in their life. The father of Diamond and Silk Freeman Hardaway and mother Betty Willis Hardaway, are famous televangelists and Father is a pastor in North Carolina.

The political career of Diamond and Silk started with the Democratic party in 2012. And the first video of these sisters is about police brutality, which received 17,000 views, you can search it by the title “Black Lives Matter“. They are totally against color discrimination and one more video about black woman Sandra Bland got viral and received 32,000 views. After that, they start posting political videos which are in favor of Mr. Trump and their channel started growing up.

They do many political rallies and appear on many television shows. Were they taking their points and giving an opinion in support of Mr. Trump? They create attraction by appearing in trump rallies like in Biloxi, or one in Raleigh, North California.

Incident Between Facebook and Diamond & Silk
Incident Between Facebook and Diamond & Silk

In the 2016 and 2018 campaigns, they claim that Facebook had down their page and send them a message that their page was “unsafe to the community”. And the page was censored. But in the investigation expert found there is not any evidence of the Diamond and Silk claim. So the case has gone compromised.

What Happened To Diamond And Silk On Fox News?

It was announced in 2019 that Diamond and Silk had been fired by the Fox News channel. It was because they spread false information about Covi 19, which led to their firing from that famous channel. As of 2018, the duo has been a part of Fox Nation. In addition, they offered them the opportunity to do live streams and discuss different social issues. Although it was unfortunate, their whole career on that channel ended due to one mistake.

What Happened To Diamond And Silk Twitter Account?

A few years back, the duo Diamond And Silk got kicked out of the Twitter platform for spreading false information about the Coronavirus. While educating the public about COVID-19, they said staying indoors can make us sick. The Diamond And Silk Twitter account was temporarily banned but is now back online.

Diamond And Silk Podcast

Their videos, book, and their interactions with ex-president Donald Trump are all you know about this mind-blowing duo. I’m happy to inform you that the Diamond And Silk podcast is now live! That’s right, you heard it right. They will be providing us with real news from real America in their podcast. The entire website contains no spin content.

Their daily podcast features politicians answering candid questions from fans of the show. Lynnette and Richardson are highly qualified hosts.

Diamond and Silk Husband

There is no information about Silk’s husband in Diamond and Silk’s story.

Diamond and Silk Children

Ineitha Lynnette Hardaway and Diamond and Silk Hardaway’s deceased children are not known.

Diamond and Silk Parents

A daughter of Freeman Hardaway and Betty Willis Hardaway, Ineitha Lynnette Hardaway is known as Diamond and Silk.

Diamond and Silk Siblings

Herneitha Rochelle Hardaway Richardson is one of Diamond and Silk’s four siblings.

FAQ About Diamond And Silk

How Many Followers Do Diamond And Silk Have On Their Twitter Accounts?

There are more than 650,000 followers of Diamond And Silk’s Twitter account.

Are Lynnette And Richarson Twins?

The twins aren’t the same. There is an elder among them.

What Does Diamond And Silk Mean?

It is Elizabeth (Lynnette) and Richardson (Richardson) who play the diamonds.

Do Diamond And Silk Have Their YouTube Channel?

Yes, Diamond And Silk have a YouTube channel as well.

What’s Diamond And Silk YouTube Channel Name?

Despite the name change, Diamond And Silk’s YouTube channel is still Diamond And Silk.

what is diamond and silk net worth

The net worth of Diamond and Silk when she died in 2023 was approximately $10 million.


If you’re popular enough then making money is not a big task for you. But people forget the struggle that Diamond and Silk faced at the start of their careers. Like they are black beauties so faced much discrimination. That’s why they start a movement against this type of behavior against the black guys out there.

But now they are in a good position and good relationship with Mr. Trump. So they making huge money with their video content and their followers also increase day by day. Or they have many other sources also of earning money which I mentioned above. So this is all about the Diamond and Silk Net Worth which is around 3$ – 5$ million US dollars. Thank you for reading this informative article about Diamond and Silk.

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