Effects of Coronavirus worldwide: One billion people worldwide imprisoned in homes, more than 11 thousand died

Coronavirus outbreak
Coronavirus outbreak

Effects of Coronavirus worldwide: Curfew-like situations have turned Coronavirus almost all over the world. Many countries have prevented the arrival of foreign citizens by taking strict steps like lockdown to stop the epidemic. The boundaries are sealed. Flights have been banned.

Due to this, roads in many countries became deserted, and markets were closed. About one billion people are imprisoned in their homes. This dangerous virus, which has spread in 185 countries of the world, has killed more than 11 thousand people so far. More than two lakh 75 thousand have been infected.

Effects of Coronavirus worldwide: One billion people worldwide imprisoned in homes, more than 11 thousand died

Effects of Coronavirus worldwide
Effects of Coronavirus worldwide

This global epidemic has affected lives all over the world. The movement of large populations has been restricted. Schools and businesses were shut down, and millions of people were forced to work from their homes while the livelihood of many has been lost.

According to an estimate, more than 90 million people in about 35 countries are unable to move out of their homes. Italy, with a population of six million, the worst affected by Corona, has the highest number of deaths. In Italy, 627 people died in a single day yesterday.

In Britain too, everything was shut down from Saturday to control the Coronavirus. The government has asked for the closure of all public places including pubs, bars, cafes, nightclubs, gyms, cinema and restaurants. Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that all areas that unite people should be closed.

Effects of Coronavirus worldwide
Effects of Coronavirus worldwide

Several strict restrictions have been put in place to prevent the CoronavirusCoronavirus in France. There has also been a provision for fine on the violation. More than four thousand people have been fined for violation of restrictions.

Death toll in Iran crosses one and a half thousand.
In Iran, the death toll from the Coronavirus has crossed one and a half thousand. The Health Ministry said that 123 more victims died in the country. The death toll has risen to 1,556. Nine hundred sixty-six people have been found infected.

TV star Colton Underwood also infected
American reality TV star Colton Underwood has also been found infected with the Coronavirus. His test has come positive—the former actor of ‘The Bachelor’ shared information about his illness through an Instagram page.

Conditions in other countries

  • Latin American countries Cuba and Bolivia close their borders
  • Curfew for three days in Jordan, shops closed and people ordered to stay in homes
  • Columbia announces lockdown, isolation will be mandatory

Most affected countries

Country – Death – Infected

  • Italy – 4,032 – 47,021
  • China – 3255 – 81,008
  • Iran – 1,556 – 20,610
  • Spain – 1,093 – 21,510
  • France – 450 – 12,612
  • America – 261 – 19498
  • Britain – 177 – 3983
  • Netherlands – 106 – 2994
  • South Korea – 94 – 8652
  • Germany – 65 – 19,073

Failure warning for exit from homes in Europe

Effects of Coronavirus worldwide
Effects of Coronavirus worldwide

After Italy, many other countries in Europe are also struggling with the corona outbreak. Many other European countries, including Italy, France, Spain and Britain, have lockdown status.

People have been instructed to stay in homes. Fines have also been warned for violating this. The province of Bavaria in Germany has been locked down. Movements and business activities have been discontinued in seven states, including New York and California, USA. About 100 million people are said to be affected by this.

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