Free Government Jitterbug Phone For Seniors

Free Government Jitterbug Phone For Seniors

Are you looking for a free Government Jitterbug phone for seniors? If yes, you have stumbled upon the right webpage.

Jitterbug phones are manufactured by Lively, known for making medical technology devices for seniors. Their phones are often easy to use and boast large, clear displays and tactile buttons.

Jitterbug phones also come with a built-in amplifier that makes it easier to hear, making them great phones for seniors with hearing disabilities.

Thankfully, Jitterbug’s phones are available for seniors through the government’s Lifeline assistance program, so they do not have to pay for a new device.

This article covers information about the same, eligibility criteria, the application process, and more.

So, without any further ado, let’s get started.

Does the Government Provide Free Jitterbug Phones For Seniors?

Does the Government Provide Free Jitterbug Phones For Seniors

If you’re a senior citizen, you may be eligible for a free Jitterbug phone from the government.  To get your free Jitterbug phone, contact your local government office and ask about the available program.

They will mainly discuss the Lifeline Assistance program. You may be asked to provide proof of your age and address to prove your eligibility for the program.

How to Qualify Free Government Jitterbug Phone For Seniors

As discussed, you can get a Jitterbug phone through the Lifeline program, and to qualify for Lifeline, You must meet eligibility criteria set by the federal government.

There are 2 methods through which you can qualify and become eligible for the Lifeline program.

Program Participation Eligibility

To qualify on a program participation basis, you must participate in any of the programs mentioned below.

  • Medicaid – Medicaid is a U.S. government health insurance program for low-income individuals and families. You can also apply for a free phone for seniors on Medicaid.
  • Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) – The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) is a federally-funded program that assists low-income households in purchasing food.
  • Veterans Pension or Survivors Benefits – If you are a veteran or the spouse or dependent of a veteran, you may be eligible for Veterans Pension or Survivors Benefits. Those who receive these benefits will be directly eligible for the Lifeline program.
  • Federal Public Housing Assistance (FPHA) –  The Federal Public Housing Assistance is a government-funded program that provides financial assistance to low- and moderate-income families struggling to pay their rent.
  • National School Free Lunch Program (NSLP) – The National School Free Lunch Program (NSLP) provides free lunches to eligible children to ensure they have access to a nutritious meal during the school day.
  • Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) – The program is administered by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and is funded by the federal government.

Income Eligibility

If you do not participate in the above programs, you may still qualify for Lifeline if your household income is at or below 135% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines.

Documents to apply for Lifeline to Get a Jitterbug Phone for Seniors

Documents to apply for Lifeline to Get a Jitterbug Phone for Seniors

If you are a senior citizen interested in getting a Jitterbug phone, you should be eligible for the Lifeline program.

The Lifeline program is a government benefit program that provides discounts on monthly telephone service for eligible low-income customers.

To apply for the Lifeline program, you will need to submit the following documentation –

  • A copy of your most recent tax return, Social Security statement, or other proof of income.
  • Document proving your participation in a government assistance program; it includes benefits of the statement, approval letter, etc.
  • A copy of your most recent utility bill.
  • Proof of U.S. citizenship or legal residency.
  • A copy of a document proving ur identity, such as a passport, U.S. driving license, etc

Once you have gathered the required documentation, you can submit it to the Lifeline program for review.

Jitterbug Affordable Cell Phone Plans For Seniors

Jitterbug Affordable Cell Phone Plans For Seniors


Lively offers several Jitterbug affordable cell phone plans for seniors. Whether you need a simple phone for basic calls and text messaging or a more feature-rich phone for browsing the web and staying connected on social media, Jitterbug has plans to fit your needs.

Jitterbug basic cell phone plans start at $19.99 monthly and include unlimited talk and text. However, if you purchase a Jitterbug smartphone and need data, you must add a $5 monthly plan with it.

Currently, there are 3 plans available with Jitterbug phone at lively.

Plan Name Monthly
Talk Text Data Additional Features
Basic $19.99 Unlimited Unlimited NA Access to Lively’s caring team, Lively Rides
Preferred $39.99 Unlimited Unlimited Add $5 to $30 Unlimited Talk and Text, Ask Lively, Lively Rides, Urgent Response
Premium $49.99 Unlimited Unlimited Add $5 to $30 Unlimited Talk and Text, Ask Lively, Lively Rides, Urgent Response, Lively Link, 24/7 access to nurses, doctors, and Care Advocates.

Choose the right plan for you, and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’re always connected.

8 Best Free Jitterbug Cell Phone Providers for Seniors

8 Best Free Jitterbug Cell Phone Providers for Seniors

There are a lot of different cell phone providers out there, and it can be tough to find the right one, especially if you’re a senior citizen.

Luckily, we’ve done the research for you and compiled a list of the 8 best free Jitterbug cell phone providers for seniors –


Jitterbug offers a variety of no-contract cell phones specifically designed for seniors. It costs 19.9$ per month.


GreatCall is another provider of no-contract cell phones for seniors. Their plans start at $14.99 per month, and they offer a variety of health and safety features, like an emergency response button.

Verizon Wireless

Verizon Wireless offers the best flip phones for seniors, including a Jitterbug flip 2. Their monthly plans start at $30 and include free international calling and other features.

If you qualify, you may also have a chance to a Jitterbug flip or a smartphone through Verizon Wireless free government phone program to access the amazing network of Verizon for free.


AT&T is a Lifeline program service provider that offers free government AT&T phones to their senior customers. The list of their free phones also includes a Jitterbug phone.

You’ll need proof of age (a driver’s license, state ID, or passport will do), and you’ll be all set.


Sprint Mobile offers a free cell phone service for seniors through the Jitterbug brand. Jitterbug cell phones are designed with seniors in mind. Sprint’s free cell phone service for seniors includes 250 minutes monthly, with no commitment or credit check required.


T-Mobile is among the most popular cell phone providers in the United States. It offers free Jitterbug cell phones to seniors as a part of T-Mobile’s free government phone program.

The company offers a variety of T-Mobile flip phones for seniors and services that appeal to many people. One of its most popular services is the Jitterbug cell phone service.

U.S. Cellular

U.S. Cellular Phone is one of the leading providers of free Jitterbug cell phones for seniors. The company offers various plans and services tailored to meet seniors’ needs, including large buttons and text, an easy-to-use menu, and 24/7 customer support.

Seniors can also choose from various health and safety features, such as emergency call buttons and GPS tracking.

Cricket Wireless

It is one of the leading providers of free Cricket Wireless phones, including Jitterbug cell phones for seniors. It offers a variety of Jitterbug cell phone plans, including unlimited talk and text, 500 minutes of talk time, no contracts or monthly fees, free shipping, and more.

Is Jitterbug a Phone Provider or Manufacturer?

Jitterbug is neither a phone provider nor a manufacturer. It is a phone model manufactured by Lively. Lively is a manufacturing company that manufactures seniors-friendly devices such as Jitterbug Flip and smartphones.

Their Jitterbug phones also have cellular plans, which work on the Verizon network.

How To Apply For Free Government Jitterbug Phone For Seniors

How To Apply For Free Government Jitterbug Phone For Seniors

There are 2 ways through which you can apply for free government Jitterbug phones for seniors.

  1. Online
  2. Mail

Let’s discuss both of them in the following sections.

Online Application

Here are the steps to apply online.

  • To apply for a free government Jitterbug phone for Seniors, Visit “” and click Apply now.

  • Now, choose your state and click “Get Started.”

  • Fill out the form by providing details such as Name, D.O.B, SSN, Address, etc.
  • Upload copies of your eligibility and identity documents.
  • Submit and wait for the approval.
  • Once approved, find a Lifeline or ACP service provider offering Jitterbug phone in your area and enroll in their services.

Mail Application

We understand it’s hard for old people to complete an application form, which is why the Lifeline program also has a Mail-in application procedure. However, mail applications require more time to get approval.

  • If you want to apply via mail, download and take a printout of the Lifeline application form available at “”
  • Fill out the application form carefully or find someone to help you fill out the application form.
  • Attach copies of your eligibility and identity documents.
  • Review the application once again.
  • Send the application to USAC, Lifeline Support Center, P.O. Box 9100, Wilkes-Barre, PA 18773

Which Jitterbug Phone can you get for Free from a Lifeline Provider?

The Lifeline Provider rarely reveals the exact model of the free phone, so it’s hard to say which free Jitterbug phone you will receive. Currently, 3 models of Jitterbug are available, and you may have a chance to anyone.

  1. Jitterbug Smart4
  2. Jitterbug Smart3
  3. Jitterbug Flip2

As per our suggestion, senior should get a Jitterbug Flip 2, as it among the list of best flip phones for seniors and have very easy user interface so it can be operated easily by senior citizens.

Comparison Table of Jitterbug Free Phones for Seniors

Here is a table.

Feature Jitterbug Smart4 Jitterbug Smart3 Jitterbug Flip2
Form factor Smartphone Smartphone Flip phone
Operating system Android Android Proprietary
Display 5″ touchscreen 4″ touchscreen 2.8″ non-touchscreen
Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 429 Qualcomm Snapdragon 429 MediaTek MT6276A
Storage 16GB 16GB 4GB
Camera 5MP rear, 2MP front 5MP rear, 2MP front 0.3MP rear
Battery 1800mAh 1900mAh 1000mAh
SIM Single SIM Single SIM Single SIM
Dimensions 5.7″ x 2.8″ x 0.3″ 5.4″ x 2.7″ x 0.3″ 3.9″ x 2.1″ x 0.6″
Weight 5.4 ounces 5.2 ounces 3.1 ounces
Additional features Jitterbug Urgent Response, Jitterbug GPS, Lively Rides Jitterbug Urgent Response, Jitterbug GPS, Lively Rides, GreatCall Link Jitterbug Urgent Response, Jitterbug GPS

How To Get A Jitterbug Phone For Seniors Free Without The Lifeline Program?

How To Get A Jitterbug Phone For Seniors Free Without The Lifeline Program

If you don’t qualify for the Lifeline program, you can get a free Jitterbug phone for Seniors in several ways.

  • You can check the official website of Lively, as they sometimes offer Jitterbug phones at a 50% discount.
  • Check service providers such as T-Mobile or Verizon; they offer these phones, especially for seniors, as part of their promotional deals and offers.
  •  You can also check an online or offline retail store to see if they offer a discount on Jitterbug phones.
  • Lastly, you can check some NGOs as they offer medical devices to eligible customers. For example, you can apply for a free phone for seniors through AARP.


Does the Jitterbug provide any other services?

Yes, in addition to phone services, Jitterbug provides several other services. These include health and safety services and discounts on various products and services.

Which Jitterbug phone is Hearing Aid Compatible?

The Jitterbug lineup has a few options if you’re looking for a hearing aid-compatible phone. The Jitterbug Smart2 and the Jitterbug Flip are compatible with hearing aids, so you can pick the one that best suits your needs.

Can I use a Jitterbug Phone with any other carrier?

As per our knowledege Jitterbug phones were designed to work with Great call network. Some of them also support Verizon network.

Does AARP recommend a Jitterbug Phone for Seniors?

AARP does not officially recommend any particular brand or model of phone for seniors. However, they do offer a few general tips for seniors when choosing a cell phone.

They recommend choosing a phone with a large screen and simple menus, as well as a phone with big buttons that is easy to grip. They also suggest avoiding phones with features that are unnecessary or complicated.

Can I get a free Jitterbug Phone if I’m on Social Security?

Yes, you can get a free Jitterbug phone if you’re on Social Security.

Can I use Skype on a Jitterbug Phone?

The answer is yes. You can use Skype on a Jitterbug phone. Most Jitterbug phones are compatible with Skype and can make and receive calls without problems.

Can I use WhatsApp on my Jitterbug Phone?

Yes, you can use WhatsApp on your Jitterbug phone.

Do Jitterbug phones use a SIM card?

Yes, the Jitterbug phone uses a SIM card. You will need to insert this card into your phone before you can use your phone.

Is Jitterbug Android or Apple?

Jitterbug smartphones run on Android 10 or higher.

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