Glenn Greenwald’s Net Worth – How much is he worth?

Glenn Greenwald Net Worth - How much is he worth

Glenn Greenwald ( Glenn Edward Greenwald) was born on March 6, 1967. Glenn is an American Journalist, author, and lawyer. He co-founded The Intercept and was an editor there, but he resigned two years back in October 2020. Afterward, he started publishing on Substack.

Glenn Greenwald

Greenwald founded a law firm focusing on First Amendment lawsuits in 1996. In October 2005, he started blogging on national security issues when he was becoming more and more concerned with what he viewed to be an attack on civil liberties by the George W. Bush Administration in the consequences of the September 11 attacks. He became a vocal critic of the Iraq war and also upheld a critical position in American foreign policy.

Glenn Greenwald

Greenwald began contributing to Salon and The Guardian in 2007 and 2012, respectively. When he was at The Guardian in June 2013, he started publishing a series of reports documenting formerly unknown information about American and British global surveillance programs based on classified documents provided by Edward Snowden. His work bestowed to The Guardian won the Pulitzer Prize in the year 2014. Along with this, he won the 2013 George Polk Award along with three other journalists, including Laura Poitras.

Glenn Greenwald Net Worth 

According to many sources, his net worth has been estimated at around $1.5 Million. Gleen Greenwald is listed as one of the richest and most successful journalists. His main source of income is his profession as a columnist, author, and writer.

Glenn Greenwald Early life and Education 

Helen Greenwald was born in New York City. His parents’ names are Arlene and Daniel Greenwald. During his childhood, his family moved to Lauderdale Lakes, Florida, and also parted ways when he was just six years old. His parents are Jewish, and in his childhood, his grandparents tried to introduce him to Judaism, but he didn’t follow and grew up without following any particular religion; he also didn’t have a bar mitzvah. He also said that “moral precepts aren’t informed in any way by religious doctrine.” Nova Middle School and Nova High School in Davie, Florida were his Alma Mater. He attended these schools, respectively.

Glenn Greenwald Career

When Gleen was in high school and was only 17 years old, his grandfather encouraged him to participate in elections. Being inspired by his grandfather, he ran for an at-large seat on the council in the election of 1985. But he couldn’t succeed, coming in fourth place in the race with only 7% in that election. Greenwald again tried and stood for the election in the year 1991 and ran again for the at-large seat on the council at the early age of 23, securing third place but again lost the election with just less than half the vote of the total votes of his other two competitors.

Gleen Greenwald career

After two continuous losses during his campaign for the city council, he stopped and focused on his studies. He received a degree in B.A. in philosophy from the University of George Washington in 1990 and a degree in J.D. from New York University School of Law in 1994. From 1994 to 1995, Greenwald practiced law in the litigation department at Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen, and Katz. In the year 1996, he himself co-founded his own lawsuit firm named Greenwald Christoph & Holland; afterward, the name changed to Greenwald Christoph PC. In his lawsuit firm, he would litigate cases concerning problems of U.S. constitutional law and civil rights.

Gleen's career

Most of the time, he worked for the public good and his cases included representing white supremacist Matthew Hale in Illinois and the neo-nazi National Alliance. Greenwald told Rolling Stone magazine in 2013 about his work in First Amendment speech cases that “to me, it’s a heroic attribute to be so committed to a principle that you apply it not when it’s easy … not when it supports your position, not when it protects people you like, but when it defends and protects people that you hate”. 

Later, according to Greenwald, “I decided voluntarily to wind down my practice in 2005 because I could, and because, after ten years, I was bored with litigating full-time and wanted to do other things which I thought were more engaging and could make more of an impact, including political writing.”

The Guardian

It was reported in an announcement made in July 2012 that Greenwald was joining the American wing of Britain’s Guardian newspaper; the main motive of his behind enlisting in this was to contribute to a weekly column and daily blog. Greenwald wrote in Salon that the move provided him “the opportunity to reach a new audience, to further internationalize my readership, and to be re-invigorated by a different environment” as reasons for the move.

GleenGreenwald reported on the top secret United States Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court order requiring Verizon to provide the National Security Agency with telephone metadata for all calls between the U.S. and abroad, as well as all domestic calls, on June 5, 2013.

On October 15, 2013, Greenwald declared that he was leaving the newspaper to get a “once-in-a-career dream journalistic opportunity that no journalist could possibly decline” on October 15, 2013, and this piece of news was confirmed by The Guardian.

Glenn Greenwald’s Personal Life

Glenn Greenwald is married to his boyfriend, David Miranda. They tied the knot in the year 2005. He left his law practice in 2005 at the age of 37 when he was in New York and went to Rio de Jenario, Brazil and where he met his love, David Miranda. David was an orphan who lived in a slum. In a very short time, the couple decided to live their whole life together and got married. At the present time, Miranda serves as a congressman with the left-wing PSOL party.

david_mirandaNow, the couple lives in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. In the year 2018, the couple adopted two sons legally. Greenwald and his partner Miranda did an announcement in 2017 that they had successfully gained legal custody of two brothers, who are from Maceió, a city in Northeastern Brazil. Greenwald and Miranda have 24 rescue dogs, and the couple made an announcement to build a shelter home for stray pets in the year 2017, which would be guarded by homeless people. Next year in 2018, Greenwald shared videos on Twitter showing the shelter operation.

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Glenn Famous Works

Greenwald wrote his first book named ‘How Would a Patriot Act?’. The book depicted how to save American values From President Run Amok and was published by Working Assets in 2006. The book was listed in the New York Times bestseller and was ranked No. 1 on It was so famous at that time that it got the best ranking before its publication because of high demands and orders based on attention from ‘U.T.’ readers and other bloggers. It was ranked at #293 in its first week after its release.

famous books

He published another famous book titled A Tragic Legacy; in this book, he examined the presidency of George W. Bush. It was published in hardback by Crown on June 26, 2007. On April 8, 2008, it was reprinted in a paperback edition by Three Rivers Press. The book was also listed in the New York Times bestseller. Random House published  Great American Hypocrites: Toppling the Big Myths of Republican Politics in April 2008. In October 2011, Metropolitan Books released the book named With Liberty and Justice for Some: How the Law Is Used to Destroy Equality and Protect the Powerful. 

booksIn May 2014, No Place to Hide: Edward Snowden, the NSA, and the U.S. Surveillance State, were released by the same. The latter book held the position in the list of The New York Times Best Seller for six weeks, and The Christian Science Monitor named it one of the Ten Best Non-Fiction Books of 2014.

 The latter work spent six weeks on The New York Times Best Seller list and was named one of the Ten Best Non-Fiction Books of 2014 by The Christian Science Monitor.

no place to hideGlen Greenwald wrote another famous book titled Securing Democracy: My Fight for Press Freedom and Justice in Brazil as a follow-up to No Place to Hide. It was published on April 6, 2021, by Haymarket books. The book depicted leaked telephone calls, audio, and text messages related to Operation Car Wash and the retaliation he received from the Bolsonaro government in the year 2019.

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