Latest News - USA - Glenn Youngkin Family, Parents, Wife, Daughter & Son

Glenn Youngkin Family, Parents, Wife, Daughter & Son

Glenn Youngkin Family, Parents, Wife, Daughter & Son

In this article, we will discuss Glenn Youngkin’s family, Parents, Wife, Daughter & Son. On December 9, 1966, Glenn Allen Youngkin was born in Richmond, Virginia. As a result of winning the 2020 Virginia Gubernatorial Election, he commenced his political career after becoming the governor-elect of Virginia after winning against former Governor Terry McAuliffe.

Glenn Youngkin Family, Parents, Wife, Daughter & Son

Previously, he served as President and CEO of The Carlyle Group. It is mainly expected that on January 15, 2022, Glenn Youngkin, as the 74th Governor of the state, will be sworn in.

Glenn Youngkin’s Parents

Carroll Wayne and Ellis (née Quinn) are Glenn Youngkin’s parents. In addition to working in Accounting and Finance, Glenn’s father was also a professional basketball player at Duke University. Since his father never had a permanent job, they kept moving from one place to another because he never had a permanent job.

As a result, Glenn realized that moving from one location to another would not help him advance, so he started everything from scratch since nothing was given to him. As a child, he considered his mother to be his hero and looked up to her. Glenn also has a sister who goes by the name Dottie Cuba.

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Glenn Youngkin’s Wife

His wife Suzanne Younkin and his children live in Great Falls, Virginia with the former CEO and his wife. Despite being married for 27 years, Glenn and Suzanne still maintain a very pleasant relationship. In support of her husband, Suzanne was found to be requesting that everyone vote during the Virginia Governor’s election for her husband, Glenn.

Also Suzanne has taken good care of all four children, and Glenn is extremely proud of her. Glenn and Suzanne together have three sons named Grant Youngkin, John Youngkin, and Thomas Youngkin. They also have a daughter named Anna Youngkin. All the children of Glenn also support their father in his work.

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Glenn Youngkin’s Daughter

Anna Youngkin is his daughter. Currently studying for her Bachelor of Science in Neuroscience degree at Duke University, Anna works as an Undergraduate Research Assistant in the Bilbo Lab. She has been in college since 2018 and will graduate in 2022 with a degree in Neuroscience.

Youngkin’s daughter appears to be between 15 and 25 years old in the family photo. However, she cannot be found on any of the social media sites.

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Glenn Youngkin’s Son

Glenn Youngkin has 3 Son named Grant Youngkin, John Youngkin, and Thomas Youngkin. Except for the family photo, there is no information about Glenn Youngkin’s sons.

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