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How does corona virus spread

How does corona virus spread

How does Coronavirus spread? One of the deadliest viruses, which is responsible for almost 3000 deaths and has destroyed more than 70 countries, Coronavirus is undoubtedly the most dangerous virus of all time. 

The WHO and many scientists are busy finding a way to overcome this virus and save a lot of life ahead.

In this article, we are going to cover the facts about the spreading of the Coronavirus.

How does corona virus spread
How does corona virus spread

Many reports say that the virus spreads due to Touching infected surfaces, sneezing, and also because of sex. Coronavirus is a delicate but highly contagious virus and has killed many people over the world.

This dangerous virus is spreading from person to person around the world. After infecting 70 countries, this virus has no intention of stopping.

How does coronavirus spread

As this virus is new, it would take a lot of time to understand this and to create a vaccine so that the infected should get cured.

Many of you would know the symptoms of the Coronavirus, the symptoms may not look deadly, but the effect is surely a miserable one.

Symptoms of Coronavirus

  • Sneezing
  • Pain in throat
  • Cough
  • Fever
  • Asthma
  • Fatigue
How does corona virus spread
How does corona virus spread

There is no cure found yet for this virus, but one should know the reason why this virus is spreading.

Coronavirus is a virus that is spreading from person to person.

The time a person sneezes, he releases droplets from his mouth, and due to these droplets, one could easily get affected by the Coronavirus.

As the droplets settle down in the month and get inhaled by the nose, the chance of getting infected becomes high.

If you are suffering from a cold or fever, then avoid traveling to different countries.

If your country is not affected by Coronavirus, then stay in your respective country.

If you visit another country, you meet a lot of people, and there would be a heavy chance that he or she may have Coronavirus inside the body.

This virus also spreads because of touching contaminated places.

The moment you touch the Inappropriate area and after that, you touch your mouth, nose, or eyes, then you may get infected with the Coronavirus.

Washing your hands, again and again, may save you from getting infected, and if not, then you get infected by Coronavirus.

Yes, you touch many things, many people throughout the day, and who knows who is containing the virus Inside him.

Sex is also a major reason for spreading this virus because intimating is the only process where one gets very close to each other.

Intimacy leads to a direct connection of the body, and this direct connection may lead to Coronavirus.

Please stay safe and do follow the precautions given in our previous article.

It’s good if your country is not affected by this virus but be aware of this and keep in mind how the Coronavirus spreads.

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