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How Many Wineries Does Gavin Newsom Own

How Many Wineries Does Gavin Newsom Own

PlumpJack was founded in 1992 in Oakville, California. This company was founded by Gavin Newsom, who is a San Francisco entrepreneur, and Gordon Getty a San Francisco composer. It is a boutique winery in Oakville, California. This winery is known for its premium Cabernet Sauvignon Wines. This is the first Winery in Napa Valley to use the screw caps as a wine closure on fine Wines. It is one of the several businesses operated by Plump Jack Company. This Company’s name was inspired by the roguish spirit of Shakespeare’s Sir John Falstaff (Henry IV).

plumpjack wines

How many wineries does Gavin Newsom Own

PlumpJack is a very successful company. But how many wineries does Gavin Newsom own? The PlumpJack company owns 4 wineries, namely, the PlumpJack Estate Winery, CADE Estate Winery, Odette Estate Winery, and the 13th Vineyard. The PlumJack Company also owns a Boutique Hotel which is PlumpJack Inn, which is located in the Sierra Nevada Mountains in North Lake Tahoe.

Napa Valley Winery
Napa Valley Winery

The Restaurants and the bars owned by the PlumpJack Company

1) PlumpJack BalBoa Cafe which is located at 3199 Fillmore Street, San Francisco, CA 94123.

PlumpJack BalBoa Cafe
PlumpJack BalBoa Cafe

2) PlumpJack Cafe which is located at 1920 Olympic Valley Road Post Office Box 2407 Olympic Valley, CA 96146.

3) Forgery Bar is also owned by PlumpJack Company.

To make a purchase from PlumpJack Wines, you can visit their official website, or you can visit

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Varieties of Wines

The PlumpJack Wineries produces many varieties of wines Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay varietal wines from Napa Valley grapes, with some smaller amounts of Merlot, Syrah, and Sauvignon blanc.

PlumpJack Wine

The Net Worth of the PlumpJack Group

The Estimated Revenue earned by the PlumpJack Group is currently $29.2 million. The estimated revenue of PlumpJack Group per year is $254,000. PlumpJack has almost 750 employees in their company.

Competitors of the PlumpJack Company

The main Competitors of the PlumpJack Company are the Summerwood Winery and Inn, and The Carneros Inn.

Summerwood Winery and Inn

Are PlumpJack wines good for health?

It is ok to drink chilled red wine. You need to be honest, sometimes it can be frightening and there are some rules when it comes to enjoying wine, you should always feel good and comfortable drinking what tastes good to you. Maybe you enjoy drinking róse wine on a cool afternoon or popping Champagne even indulging in a bold red with your seafood. If that works for you, keep doing it. It will not affect your health in reasonable quantities.

About Gavin Newsom

Gavin Christopher Newsom was born on 10 October 1967. He is an American businessman and a Lawyer. From 2011 to 2019, He served as the 49th lieutenant Governor of California, and From 2004 to 2011, he served as the 42nd Mayor of San Francisco, CA.

gavin newsom

From 2019, He is serving as the 40th Governor of California. His Father’s Name is William Newsom and his Mother’s name is Tessa Menzies Thomas. He attended Redwood High School and He was Graduated from Santa Clara University. After Graduation, he started a Plumpjack wine store with his Family Friend Gordon Getty.

About Gordon Getty

Gordon Peter Getty was born on 20 December 1933. He is an American Investor, Businessman, and Classical music Composer. He is the Fourth Child of J. Paul Getty and his mother Ann Rork, who was the fourth wife of Father. In 1983, Forbes magazine ranked him the wealthiest person in America with a net worth of over $2 Billion.

Gordon Getty
Gordon Getty

His net worth was $2.1 billion noted in 2020, making him Number 391 on the Forbes 400 list of the wealthiest Americans. On Christmas in 1964, he Married Ann Gilbert (1941-2020) in Las Vegas, Nevada. On 1st April 2015, his son Andrew Rork Getty died at his home in Hollywood Hills. He has won the award in 1986 for outstanding American Composer, John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. In 2003 he won Gold Baton, League of American Orchestras. In 2015 he won the University of San Francisco Alumnus of the year.

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