Brand post - How to Spend a Minimum of Time on Sleep and Feel Good?

How to Spend a Minimum of Time on Sleep and Feel Good?

Sleep deprivation is something we have all experienced. On average, adults need a minimum of 7 hours of sleep each day. This gives the body time to repair damaged tissues and rejuvenate itself. 

Sleep is very important for your physical health and the proper functioning of your brain. Unfortunately, we often don’t get enough sleep because we have too much to do. We want to finish all of our tasks and we don’t feel like we have enough time to sleep. 

Stick to a sleep schedule

Make it a habit of sleeping and waking up at the same time each day. Your body has an internal clock that you can set up to optimize your sleep quality. For instance, choose a time to sleep when you usually feel tired. 

This will prevent you from tossing and turning for a long time. If you always get enough sleep, your body will wake itself up even without using an alarm. But if you want to use your alarm clock, try choosing an earlier time to go to bed. Follow the schedule you have set strictly. Even during the weekend, try not to sleep in. Remember that when your sleep schedule varies, you won’t get the quality sleep that you need.

Spend time in the sunlight and get moving!

During the day, spend a lot of time in the sunshine. When you expose your body to natural light, this will keep your circadian rhythm healthy. Doing this also improves your concentration as sunlight exposure stimulates your body to produce serotonin – the hormone that stabilizes your mood along with your happiness and feelings of well-being.

You should also include exercise in your daily routine to stimulate the flow of blood to your brain, which will then make you feel awake. Perform light exercises so you don’t feel too tired. Having at least one physical activity a day is an excellent way of improving your sleep quality.

Create an ideal environment for you to sleep in

You should also consider the conditions of where you sleep. Ideally, your room should be dark, quiet, and cool. A bright room would be too difficult to fall asleep in. You can use room-darkening shades, a fan, earplugs, and other items that will create an environment to make you feel comfortable. 

Get assistance to lighten your load

Due to your active lifestyle, you might not feel like you can get enough sleep because you still need to finish your English essay, science research paper, and all other coursework. But then, you end up feeling bad in school. To lighten your load and help you sleep better, seek help from professionals at EduBirdie. Students can take advantage of this professional writing service to complete the writing tasks on time. Then you will have more time to enjoy life and get enough sleep.

Stay away from screens before bed

One of the main factors that will promote the quality of your sleep is a dark environment. Remember that bright lights can interfere with your body’s natural melatonin production. This is the hormone responsible for regulating day and night cycles or your sleep-wake cycles. 

It is also very important to limit your screen time before you go to bed. Many electronic gadgets like your phone, tablet, or television emit blue light that can interfere with the production of melatonin and other hormones. Melatonin is the hormone that helps you fall asleep while maintaining your body’s circadian rhythm.

Avoid long naps

When you feel like you suffer from a lack of sleep, it might be because you take very long naps. Taking short naps throughout the day is better as this will help your body recharge without feeling drowsy. However, taking long naps isn’t recommended as these can interfere with your nighttime sleep. For instance, taking naps that are more than 30-minutes can cause you to still be wide awake when you’re supposed to sleep already. 

If you need to nap, make sure it’s just between 15 to 20 minutes. Also, avoid taking your naps in the afternoon. But if you work at night, you should nap in the evening before you go to work to make up for your sleep deficiency.

Simplifying your tasks

As a student, you need to complete your written assignments as part of your education. Completing all of your dissertations, research papers, and other works might be too much for you, which would cause you to lose sleep. On days when you feel overloaded, you can turn to the EduBirdie custom writing service for custom writing help. This is one of the best tips to help you sleep better. They will simplify your tasks so that you can sleep peacefully without worrying about work that you haven’t accomplished yet.

Follow a healthy diet

Starting your day with a healthy breakfast will help sync your biological clock as it lets your body know that it’s time to start moving. Skipping breakfast can cause a delay in your blood sugar rhythms, bring down your energy levels, and increase the stress you feel, all of which will then disrupt your sleep later in the day.

Just remember that there are certain foods that you must avoid before bedtime. For instance, drinking caffeinated and alcoholic beverages before sleeping can interfere with your sleep. The same goes for foods that cause stomach upset or indigestion.


You need to get enough sleep each night to wake up rested and mentally and physically fresh. Not getting enough sleep will increase your risk of developing various health issues. But if you can limit your sleep for a couple of days while still potentially increasing your energy. Just make sure that you get enough quality sleep.

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