Latest News - USA - Is corona virus a biological weapon, Is COVID19 is end of the world

Is corona virus a biological weapon, Is COVID19 is end of the world

Demand for malaria medicine in coronavirus

Is corona virus a biological weapon: Everyone is aware of the havoc created by the corona virus in 2020. According to many scientific prediction and mythological stories the end of the world is near.

What if we pretend that the corona virus is a biological weapon created for mass destruction? Yes if we combine theories and predictions, we come to the point that these destructions were already predicted in holy books of Quran, Bible and Bhagavad Geeta.

We are not here to blame anyone or to talk about the mythological prediction, but the fact remains in our mind is that how China is Recovering soo fast were the other countries is finding challenging to fight covid19?

What is mass destruction?

Mass destruction is a process through which one can easily take as many lives as possible. You may have heard about many bomb blast, terror attacks, these are nothing but an attempt of mass destruction. The only question which arises in our mind is that ‘is Corona virus is created, or it’s a natural disaster?’

Is corona virus a biological weapon, Is COVID19 is end of the world

Is corona virus a biological weapon
Is corona virus a biological weapon

China has started recovering, whereas North Korea has no threat of corona virus, and on the other hand, Russia also has many causes, but the death rate in Russia is damn low. Many European countries are disabled in front of Corona virus. Italy, which has very advanced technology in the field of medical science, was also found helpless in front of Corona virus.

If we talk about America, America is known as the superpower and aforementioned super power is struggling against Corona virus and its sad to say that USA is not able to stop the deaths which are happening day to day.

Is corona virus a biological weapon

Is corona virus a biological weapon
Is corona virus a biological weapon

It has been reported that Prince Charles of England is in the isolation chamber as there are many chances that he is infected from this virus. No attack to China but the thing is how come China is recovering without having any vaccine which can cure this deadly virus.

Is corona virus is a biological weapon?
The destruction caused by COVD19 is Immancable, and it has taken many lives till date. The only question that arises in mind is COVID19 is a weapon built by China to become super power?

Take a look at the facts why everyone is claiming COVID19 as a biological weapon.

  • China turns out to be sick, enters a crisis and suppresses its exchange. The complete Destruction of Corona virus starts.
  • The Chinese cash is deteriorated. They don’t do anything.
  • Because of the deficiency of exchange of organizations from Europe and the USA that are settled in China, their values fall 40% of their worth.
  • Here the world is infected, China purchases 30% of the shares of corporations in Europe and the US at a low cost.
  • China has controlled the infection and holds organizations in Europe and the US. After that, china concludes that these organizations remain in China and acquire $ 20,000Billions.
  • Numerous recordings have been viral on social sites and these terms, whenever connected together makes it understandable that COVID19 was created intentionally to decimate the world’s economy. As per my hypothesis
  • From the outset, the Chinese were prepared. China is an intensely populated region, and there isn’t question that china is furthermore adequate in the field of medical science, yet on the other hand, if we compare China from Italy than China stands no place because Italy is far more developed than china in the field of medical and drugs.
  • Three weeks after the beginning of the destruction following 14 days, 12,000-bed medicinal clinics were at that point under development. Furthermore, they truly built them in about fourteen days.
  • China declared that they had halted the pandemic. They show up in recordings praising, they declare that they even have an antibiotic.
  • How might they make it so rapidly without having all the genetic data? Well if you are the master of the equalization it isn’t troublesome at all and today I just observed a video that clarifies how Nook Xiao Ping gave the West a half stick.
  • Due to the coronavirus, the activities of Western organizations in China fell significantly. Presently the organizations, Made by the USA and Europe in China with all the innovation put in by these trades and their capital they went under the control of China, which is currently rising with all that mechanical potential and will have the option to set costs voluntarily to sell all that they have toward the West.
  • None of this could have occurred by some coincidence. China who complained that a couple of elderly people men passed on? Less mature age benefits to pay, however, the loot has been gigantic.
  • Furthermore, at the present time, the Western nations are monetarily defeated, in emergency and dazed by the sickness. What’s more, without realizing what to do.
  • Adding to this, they are presently the single most prominent possessors of US treasury with 1.18 trillion holdings exceeding Japan.

The other hypothesis! Is corona virus a biological weapon

  • Why Russia and North Korea have Low or Zero occurrence of Covid-19?
  • Is it because they are staunch partners of China
  • Then again the USA/South Korea/Japan/France/Italy/Spain and Asia are severely hit
  • Why is Wuhan out of nowhere separated from the deadly infection?
  • China says that the strange beginning estimates that they took exceptionally harsh and Wuhan was secured to hold the spread to different territories
  • Why was Beijing not hit? Why just Wuhan?
  • Is it interesting to ponder upon.. right?
  • Well ..Wuhan is just getting started now.
  • Covid – 19 should be found in the view of the arm winding of China by the USA in the trade war.
  • America and all the previously mentioned nations are crushed monetarily.
  • Before great American economy will fall as arranged by China.
  • China realizes it Can’t crush America militarily as USA is at present THE MOST Remarkable nation on the planet.
  • So utilize the virus…to cripple the economy and soften the country and its Barrier capacities.
  • Of late President Trump has consistently been recounting how the Excellent American economy was improving in all aspects and jobs were returning to the USA.
  • The best way to demolish his vision of making AMERICA Extraordinary AGAIN is to create a Financial Destruction.
  • Nancy Pelosi couldn’t cut down Trump through impeachment… worked alongside China to destroy Trump by discharging an infection.
  • Wuhan’s sickness was an exhibition.
  • At the climax of the infection epidemic….China’s Leader Xi Jinping…just wore a sincere RM1 facemask to visit those affected territories.
  • As President, he ought to have been secured from head to toe…..but that was not the situation.
  • He was at that point implanted to oppose any damage from the virus….that means a dilemma was at that point implanted set up before the infection was discharged
  • China’s vision is to control the World ECONOMY by purchasing up stocks now from nations confronting the edge of extreme Monetary COLLAPSE…..Later China will report that their Clinical Investigators have discovered a predicament to destroy the virus.
  • Presently China will Claim the supplies of Every single Western Union and these nations will before long be a slave to CHINA.

Well, nothing is proved yet, there is nothing but an assumption. The world is on the peak ofthe  third world War, and if this happens then the World Economic would tremendously hit, and each and every country would go 20 to 25 year’s behind.

Is corona virus a biological weapon, Is COVID19 is end of the world

Is corona virus a biological weapon
Is corona virus a biological weapon

Is corona virus a biological weapon: World War 3 was predicted, and if we are talking about prediction then the end of the world is also anticipated during this time. It is predicted that ever country is involved in a war, and all of a sudden, a meteor will hit the Indian Ocean, and every country would be in vain.

The results of world war are tragic as we all know what happened with Germany. If Coronavirus is a biological weapon then there would be no doubt that the world is in great trouble.

Each and every county nowadays has a nuclear weapon, and if a war is started, then there would be no doubt that every country will use there appropriate weapon.

World war 3 is on the peak and on the other hand if coronavirus is not stopped then it would definitely take as many lives as it can.

How India will enter in world war 3: Is coronavirus a biological weapon

According to my theory, India would be least interested in joining the war as everyone knows India is a peace-loving country. Everyone knows that Pakistan is the only rival of India after China. India would not directly enter into the war, but Pakistan will force India to take part in world war 3.

Is corona virus a biological weapon
Is corona virus a biological weapon

The relationship between China and Pakistan is extremely good, and if China is in war then there is no doubt that Pakistan will help china and enter in the battle to support china. Pakistan will attack India, and after that India would automatically involve in the war in a different group.

India is the most influential country in Asia after China, and it would be essential for China to defeat India to rule Asia.
Two groups will be formed, and the world will witness the most dangerous war which has ever been fought. Due to the destruction caused by China, I think China will win the war and china would soon be a superpower and would rule every county in the world.

End of the World – When Will The World End

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