Entertainment - Julie and the Phantoms season 2; release date, cast, plot, and trailer:

Julie and the Phantoms season 2; release date, cast, plot, and trailer:

Julie and the Phantoms season 2

Julie and the Phantoms is an American musical comedy-drama that recently dropped on Netflix. The show has a very similar vibe to High School Musical, and it involves a ghost angle to the story. Yes, ghosts, you’ve heard it right, the story revolves around a girl who finds her confidence in singing with these ghosts’ help. The show is fun, quirky, and very exciting to watch. Most importantly, it is loved by the teenage viewers, and they’re wondering when will season 2 release? Don’t worry we’ll get into more details of season 2.

Julie and the Phantoms season 2 release date and trailer:

The date for Season 2 of Julie and the Phantoms is not officially announced yet. But seeing the success of the first part, there is no reason why the makers won’t go for a second season. According to sources, the second season’s announcement or follow up will be in the coming months. Since the first season aired on the 10th of September 2020, the second season production will take some time. But we’re hoping all the official announcements will be made soon. And because there is no news of the second season, the trailer will also be on hold until the team reveals any new information. But watch the trailer of the first season to get a glimpse of the fun and music.


Julie and the Phantoms season 2 cast:

-Madison Ray as Julie
– Charlie Gillespie as Luke
-Owen Patrick Joyner as Alex
-Jeremy Shada as Reggie
-Jadah Marie as Flynn
-Sacha Carlson as Nick
-Savannah May as Carrie
– Cheyenne Jackson as Caleb Covington
-Carlos Ponce as Ray Molina
-Sonny Bustamante as Carlos Molina
-Alison Araya as Aunt Victoria
-Marci T. House as Mrs. Harrison
-Booboo Stewart as Willie

Julie and the Phantoms season 2 plot:

Season establishes that the band is on earth because they have some unfinished business that they have to complete. But what is the unfinished business is not revealed in the end. So the story for the second season might be based on what the ghosts are doing on earth. In fact, at the end of the first season, we see that all the spirits are corporeal, so the question is whether they are still ghosts or not? To know the answer to this question, we will have to wait for the new announcements on Julie and the Phantoms season 2.


The first season of Julie and the Phantoms aired on Netflix on the 10th of September 2020. The official announcement of the second season is not made by the team to date. But seeing the success and love that the first season has managed to garner, there is no doubt that season 2 will not make the screens. In fact, there are many hints that the production might begin in Early 2021. So stay tuned to know more web series and exciting content on world wire.

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