Entertainment - Kamya Sutra Web Series All Episodes to be Release on Prime Flix; Download Or Watch Online

Kamya Sutra Web Series All Episodes to be Release on Prime Flix; Download Or Watch Online

Kamya Sutra Web Series All Episodes to be Release on Prime Flix; Download Or Watch Online: In a latest mouth-watering adult web series released on Prime Flux, Kamya Sutra promises to reach a lot of Indian youngsters. Coming up with a really sensuous story line, Kamya Sutra is directed by Dipakk Srivastava who is well known in local circles around such web series direction and production.

He has very wisely chosen Mokshita Raghav and Karan Sharma to play as lead characters as they seem to have camouflaged into their respective roles as well as a chameleon does in his surroundings. Mokshita Raghav is an eminent actor, model and a TikTok star from

Kamya Sutra

Mumbai and the onus is one her to attract the viewers with her wonderful skills and amazing expressions. The web series will be streamed from none other than Prime Flux starting on June 18, 2020 and the reviews based on trailers make it seem a very big hit already!

The director and the scriptwriter have chosen playing around with the concept of ‘Kama Sutra’, which in Indian mythology deals with everything related to. So, as per the obvious attempt to make a pun out it, based in an workplace setting, this new trending series will move on the lines of sex and relationships. What’s more, combine it with a very spicy storyline full of twists, this series will definitely make you fascinated!

Kamya Sutra

Kamya Sutra Watch Online

This mouth watering series was first bankrolled by Saurabh Mehta and Anil Mehta under the Virtue filmz banner and from there on, they haven’t looked back at all! They have burned the midnight oil looking for apt people in all the aspects required to cater to you, a really tasty dish with a ting of spice and flavor in it. This amusing storyline was penned down by Paresh Patel. As far as the music is concerned, it is played by Sarurabh & Bharatt, working with them as an editor is Amit K Kaushi- whose role is hyphenated in a sensuous storyline like this!

So are you unable to hold your horses till 18th of June? Well you have to keep patience because the fruit of this patience is apparently not gonna be sweet, it indeed is going to be so spicy! Till then, what you can do is download the Prime Flix App and enjoy such intriguing web series, movies, short films and stand up comedy ranging from a variety of genres and catered to you by heart!

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  • Thanks for the article on KAMYA SUTRA very well drafted and will surely attract more audience.

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