Karachi Stock Exchange Attack – Baloch Liberation Army takes responsibility for the attack

stock exchange attack

Karachi, Pakistan: On 29 June 2020, the Karachi Stock Exchange (KSE) offices were attacked by the Baloch Liberation Army. Reportedly four members from the Balcoh Liberation Army were killed by the police on the spot and there are assumptions of a bomb plant, the Bomb Disposal Squad is looking forwarded to find and dispose the planted bomb as soon as possible. 

The Karachi Stock Exchange (KSE) is one of the major stock exchange regions of the country and it getting attacked by one of their country members has been mentioned using various comments on twitter and other social media platforms.

Karachi Stock Exchange Attack Video

A user on Twitter shared a video where there is the firing of bullets between the police and the Baloch Liberation Army

Total Death in Karachi Stock Exchange Attack

Since the attack and gun firings, there has been 4 casualties. They were from the Baloch Liberation Army. The armed assailants from Baloch Liberation Army had previously made various attacks, but this one, when there is pandemic all over the globe the economy is falling and the people are dying of natural causes. Also, when a countryman gets killed within the country by national authorities of the government just doesn’t add up.

Reason of Karachi Stock Exchange Attack

The stock exchange prices, the shares of various companies, the disputes, and various other reasons can be put forward and shown as a reason. The economy also had a downfall, but no reason should justify an act where humans die, and humanity gets endangered. To conclude this, there is no firm reason given out in public by any Pakistani Authorities about the Karachi stock exchange attack.

Sanjay Singh

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