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Kash Patel Net Worth, Bio, Lifestyle,

Kash Patel

Kashyap Pramod Patel going by the name Kash Patel is an attorney of law in America. Before being an attorney, he was a government official.

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Patel served as a chief of staff in acting United States secretary of defense constrained by President Donald Trump. He worked for U.S National Security Council.

Patel was a member of the United States House of Representatives. Also, he formerly was a federal defender working on national security and legal liaisons with the US armed forces. Patel is always tagged as a “trump loyalist.”

Early life and Education of Kash Patel

Patel was born on the 25th of February, 1980, in garden city located in New York, U.S. He was born in a Gujarati family, which later migrated to East Africa and then Canada. They finally went to the UNITED STATES and settled there in 1970.

Kashyap, known as Kash, completed his first degree in 2002 from the University of Richmond. He acquired his Juris Doctorate from Pace University of law in 2005.

He was also able to secure a certificate in international law from University College London. Kash Patel worked as a public defender in Florida for eight years. He started just after completing his graduation at Law School.

Kash Patel Career

As a public defender, he has appeared for clients charged with serious allegations such as international drug trafficking, murder, firearms violations, and bulk cash smuggling.

After accomplishing as a public defender, he got the position of a trial attorney in the United States Department of Justice National Security Division in 2014. His hands also served as legal liaisons to the joint special operations command. He was appointed in a particular mission unit at a secure facility that he withdrew successfully during this time. As of this, he received acclamation from the Central Intelligence Agency.

In 2017, Patel got authorized as the senior counsel on counterterrorism at the House Select Committee of Intelligence. Patel also assisted Devin Nunes, who chaired the House Intelligence Committee.

Throughout this, he aided Republicans’ accreditation in the investigations into Donald Trump and Russian interference in the 2016 election. This was being done in particular with connections between the Trump campaign and Russia.

After seeing his qualities and aid to the republicans, he got hired as a staffer for President Trump’s National Security Council. He held several staff positions in trump’s Administration. Patel was the Acting Director of National Intelligence.

In 2019 he was appointed by the United States National Security Council (NSC) as senior director of the Counterterrorism Directorate.

Kash Patel’s Interviews and Videos

Kash Patel has his own Rumble channel named- Kash’s corner where he uploads all the interviews and videos.

You can watch all his videos on his channel. He also does interviews with Donald Trump and various other politicians too.

Personal life of Kash Patel

Coming to his personal life, he lives in the District of Columbia. Patel has a keen interest in ice hockey and enjoys playing it.

He also participated in what Above the Law described as “very handsome lawyers” to benefit Switchboard of Miami, but he withdrew his participation from it. This happened as a notice came concerning the expiration of the license.


Kash Patel’s net worth

The estimated net worth of Kash Patel in 2022 lies between $1 million to $5 million. The 41-year-old remains single at this time, and there is no information about any emerging or any kind of relationship he had or is having till now.

He has no engagement in any kind of social media. Kash Patel has an eye condition due to which he received a glass eye, but this is not confirmed yet.

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