India - Lockdown Havoc: India’s Coronavirus Risks Collide With A Sick Economy

Lockdown Havoc: India’s Coronavirus Risks Collide With A Sick Economy

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Lockdown Havoc: At precisely 10 am on April 14, when the first picture of Prime Minister Narendra Modi appeared on TV, he was wearing a soft skull like a mask. As soon as he started speaking, he first removed the mask from the mouth and then started talking.

The message was clear – the mask is your defense in the fight against the Coronavirus. Soon after the speech, he also changed his profile photo. In his speech, along with ‘WE INDIAN PEOPLE’ WE THE PEOPLE, there was something new like Saat Ka Saath and the announcement of increasing the lockdown.

Earlier in the media, the new date for extending the lockdown was given on April 30. But Modi is always known for doing something new. That’s why people were a little surprised about the new date.

Gradually, the logic behind the new date of May 3 also emerged. May 1 is Labor Day, May 2 is Saturday, and May 3 is Sunday. So perhaps Prime Minister Modi talked about increasing the lockdown till May 3.

Lockdown Havoc: India’s Coronavirus Risks Collide With A Sick Economy

Lockdown Havoc
Lockdown Havoc

But he gave the slogan of ‘Jaan Bhi and Jahan Bhi’ on last Saturday, but with the end of the latest speech, he too appeared to be crumbling away.

Congress leader and former Finance Minister P Chidambaram tweeted, “First 21 days and now 19 days more. The government has left the poor on their side. The government has money and food too. But both the government is not distributing. “

After the last lockdown, a hashtag of social media definitely went #lockdownwithoutplan. Did people see that plan in the lockdown address this time?

Lockdown Havoc: Pooja Mehra, a journalist who writes on the economy, says, “The plan will be released tomorrow, that is fine, but what has been done so far, how will the government help the poor workers who do not have the power to endure hunger?” But the Prime Minister kept quiet. “

Questioning the address of Prime Minister Modi, Congress spokesperson Manish Tiwari has asked that we were looking for answers to many questions which were not found. 

According to him, the Prime Minister did not discuss PPE, testing kits, testing, and masks in his speech, remain quiet on the jobs that are going on due to Corona, how is Corona being treated in villages, the work of daily laborers, No matter on how life is going.

CII, an organization working for all industries in India, has welcomed the Prime Minister’s decision. But it is clear from his words that the industry has not felt anything.

They are definitely looking forward to the announcement of the central government after April 20 so that some sectors can get relief.

According to CII director general Chandrajeet Banerjee, the government will soon announce for small and small-scale industries so that even the professionals can prepare their preparations in advance.

The director and founder of Taxila Institute, Nitin Pai, also tweeted how the lockdown has had a terrible impact on India’s economy. According to him, India’s GDP is 7.5 billion dollars per day. Even assuming a 40 per cent drop in it due to the lockdown, the daily loss is $ 3 billion.

Lockdown Havoc
Lockdown Havoc

That is, a 21-day loss of $ 63 billion and a 40-day lockdown will cause damage of $ 120 billion. Although Prime Minister Modi said in his speech that in terms of economy, the lockdown would definitely cost you, but this money is nothing compared to the life of Indians.

Probably, there was no strong reaction from Modi’s speech from the state governments. Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal talked about implementing the Prime Minister’s decision, while Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot also joined the fight against Corona’s message delivered.

It was clear, three days ago, Modi gave the slogan of whatever life he had. In today’s speech, his tone was more emphasized on ‘Jaan Bhi’.

Since the danger of Coronavirus has come to India, Modi has addressed the nation many times since then. For the first time, the public announced the curfew and asked to play the plate, then published a 21-day lockdown, then announced to burn the lamp at 9 o’clock on the 5th.

Experts believe that in every address, his inclination was more to prevent the spread of corona infection, worrying about the economy, always less than in Corona. Perhaps this is the reason that sociologists appear satisfied with this speech.

Today’s speech by Sanjay Kumar Modi of the Center for the Study of Developing Societies (CSDS) is optimistic.

According to him, in this speech, Prime Minister Modi has given a temptation to the people of the country. This was the best thing in the whole speech.

Lockdown Havoc
Lockdown Havoc

Sanjay Kumar says, “Until the 20th, the government has requested people to maintain strictness, do not allow the area to become a hotspot, then the lockdown in your area can be relaxed.”

It is clear that the government wants to get its work done by not imposing it on the people but by encouraging it. After April 20, the government will consider giving exemption in lockdown in some areas, by stating that the Prime Minister has put some weight on the people.

Due to this, there will be vigilance among the people as people have also become bored in their area by staying in the house for 21 days. They also want a little change in their routine.

According to Sanjay Kumar, in such a disaster which is so dangerous for your health, Motivation has its own place. In Modi’s speech today, he performed this task well.

Pooja Mehra also agrees with Sanjay’s point, but she also says that it is a good thing to boost morals, but at the same time any Prime Minister should also instill confidence in people that we have to deal with the crisis in times of difficulty. This is the roadmap. But after today’s speech, it seems that the government has failed in it.

Sanjay Kumar does not agree with Pooja Mehra on this. He says, “The Prime Minister asked the people to wait for 24 hours more on the plan. By pointing out that the government is working in this direction. There is hope within the people.”

According to him, in today’s speech, people were only curious about whether the lockdown would increase or not, and in their speech, they answered that question. After mentioning the poor laborers and farmers in his speech, he clearly said that he is worried about both classes.

The doctors of the country who are most happy with this speech of Modi are those who feel that their body language has worked more than the speech of the Prime Minister.

Lockdown Havoc
Lockdown Havoc

Dr. T. Jacob John is a virologist in Vellore. They believe that people can fight the battle of Corona in a better way by wearing a mask. Modi has conveyed this message to the people without speaking on the swaddle.

Currently, five states in the country, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, Maharashtra, Chhattisgarh, and Odisha, have made it mandatory to wear masks. Dr. Jacob feels that after Modi’s dress today, people will take it more seriously.

But he is also worried about some things. They say that they are worried about the condition of the doctors working in the private sector as on date.

According to him, neither the Central Government nor the Ministry of Health has been addressed to doctors across the country till date. He claims that there is a lack of transparency in the treatment of CoronaCorona from the government.

He hoped that Prime Minister Modi would also speak for the doctors in his address. He was not expecting Modi to discuss the medical aspect of Corona, but he hoped that he would announce that the Director General Health Services of the country, or the big doctors or panels that helped the Indian government deal with Corona Have been, will tell the public about it, but nothing like this happened.

WHO on lockdown 2

Lockdown Havoc
Lockdown Havoc

The World Health Organization has issued a statement on increasing lockdown in India. WHO’s South Asia Director Poonam Khetarpal Singh said, “The steps taken by the Government of India at the right time are commendable.

However, the WHO also said that it would be too early to say how much this lockdown would affect the number of patients with corona infection.

The WHO considered that a six-week lockdown, if implemented with physical distancing, public health infrastructure, testing, tracing, and isolation, could prevent the spread of coronavirus infection. At this time, society also needs to come forward with the government. “

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