Lockdown updates: Know why lockdown is essential

Coronavirus and the Blindness of Authoritarianism

Lockdown updates: Whether to continue the lockdown in the country battling the coronavirus? Central and state governments are engaged in this turmoil. Many states are clearly advocating for increased lockdown. Most experts are of the same opinion, seeing the outbreak of the epidemic.

Lockdown updates: Know why lockdown is essential

Lockdown updates
Lockdown updates

The central government is currently considering it. However, indications are being given that the lockdown may be extended. On Monday, the tweet stating that the lockdown was increasing from the government handle was also removed.

In the afternoon press conference, data was given by the Health Ministry regarding the lockdown. This data was meant to explain why there is so much need for lockdown and social distancing in the country.

Suddenly India will see millions of corona patients

Joint Secretary Luv Aggarwal cited a study of the Indian Council of Medical Research at the press conference. Aggarwal said, ‘A study by ICMR suggests that a COVID-19 patient can infect 406 people in 30 days.

Positive case (66 foreigners) Discharge The death
1. Andra Pradesh 266 1 3
2. Andaman Nicobar 10 0 0
3. Arunachal Pradesh 1 0 0
4. Assam 26 0 0
5. Bihar 32 0 1
6. Chandigarh 18 0 0
7. Chhattisgarh 10 8 0
8. Delhi 523 19 7
9. Goa 7 0 0
10. Gujarat 144 22 12
11. Haryana 90 25 1
12. Himachal Pradesh 13 2 1
13. Jammu and Kashmir 109 4 2
14. Jharkhand 4 0 0
15. Karnataka 151 12 4
16. Kerala 327 58 2
17. Ladakh 14 10 0
18. Madhya Pradesh 165 0 9
19. Maharashtra 748 56 45
20. Manipur 2 0 0
21. Mizoram 1 0 0
22. Odisha 21 2 0
23. Puducherry 5 1 0
24. Punjab 76 4 6
25. Rajasthan 288 21 3
26. Tamil Nadu 621 8 5
27. Telangana 321 34 7
28. Tripura 1 0 0
29. Uttarakhand 31 5 0
30. Uttar Pradesh 305 21 3
31. West Bengal 91 13 3
  Total COVID-19 Patients Status 4,421 * 326 114

* State figures may change

If they do not follow lockdown or do not adopt social distancing.’ If distancing is not followed, the cases of corona will not decrease.

More than one lakh infected people in many countries

Research from a college in London has revealed that the novel coronavirus is highly contagious. According to research, each person spreads it into three people and those three then the next three.

Lockdown updates

Lockdown updates
Lockdown updates

In this way, it happens 10 times. This means that 59,000 people can be infected by one person. This shocking figure is not unlike the figures of Spain, France, Italy, and America where the number of infections has reached millions.

What do states have to say?

Telangana CM KCR has clearly stated that lockdown is the country’s only weapon against the coronavirus. He has suggested extending the lockdown by 3 June.

Vice President Venkaiah Naidu said that whatever decision is taken after April 14, people should follow it in the same way as they have been doing till now.

Karnataka CM BS Yeddyurappa has also said that ‘as the situation is now, I do not think the lockdown will end on 14 April’. Madhya Pradesh CM Shivraj Singh said that we will increase the lockdown if the need arises. There is talk of continuing the lockdown in Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh.

Lockdown updates
Lockdown updates

Lockdown is worldwide
Many countries of the world have put a lockdown to control the coronavirus. Apart from India, Iran, Nepal, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Uzbekistan, and Laos have been locked down in Asia.

Apart from this, Australia and New Zealand are also in lockdown. Things are very bad in Europe. In a way, the whole of Europe is facing lockdown. Sanctions have been imposed in Latin America in Peru, Argentina, Colombia, Venezuela, and Haiti. Talking of African countries, countries like Kenya, Rwanda, South Africa, and Angola have locked down.

Prince Charles of Britain found infected with Corona, deteriorating conditions in Britain, 422 dead so far

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