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Mike Lindell Net Worth, Early Life, Career, & Personal, lifestyle

The “My Pillow Guy” is a businessman named Mike Lindell. The company was founded by Lindell. He supports Donald Trump, the former president. The following year, after Trump lost in the 2020 election, he spread false conspiracy theories about electoral fraud. As a result, he has been active in encouraging the use of the toxic plant extract oleandrin.  As of June 2022, Mike Lindell is estimated to have a net worth of approximately $50 million.

Mike Early Life 

The 28th of June, 1961, was the day Michael James Lindell was born in Minnesota. During his childhood, Lindell lived in Minnesota. He suffered from a gambling addiction as a child. Lindell graduated from the University of Minnesota following his high school graduation. Following his studies, Lindell stopped returning to school. 

He was addicted to cocaine during his adult years and used it frequently. After switching to crack in the 1990s, his addiction became more serious.

Lindell Personal Life

They have four children, Lizzy, Heather, Darren, and Charlie. Mike and Karen Dickey married on May 9, 1987. After 20 years of marriage, Lindell and Dickey divorced, and on June 8, 2013, Mike married Dallas Yocum. Following Yocum’s separation from Lindell, Lindell filed for divorce.

A report in the “Daily Mail” stated that Mike and Jane Krakowski began their relationship in late 2019. Lindell also denied the claim and filed a lawsuit against the newspaper. Krakowski’s rep denied the allegation and said, “Jane is not and has never been in a romantic relationship with him.” Mike revealed to Domenick Nati during an episode of his show that he had been living in undisclosed locations for safety reasons. I have not been back to Minneapolis in two months, so anyone looking for me, knows that I have not been back there. I cannot go back there.”

The car collection of Mike Lindell

The majority of Mike Lindell’s wealth is spent on luxury automobiles. The list below shows some of the cars that Mike Lindell owns, including a Bentley Flying Spur he purchased recently for $760,000 USD. 

  • Lincoln Navigator
  • Land Rover Velar
  • Lexus ES
  • Mercedes-Benz C-Class
  • BMW X8
  • Audi A6
  • Ferrari Portofino

Home of Mike Lindell

Napoleon Bonaparte is a favorite of Mike Lindell, and he shows this support by buying a number of luxury mansions. A luxurious mansion of 21,000 square feet in Minnesota is where Mike Lindell lives. Mike Lindell purchased the mansion for $40 Million USD (it is currently valued at more than $58 Million). 

Mike Lindell Career

My Pillow was first invented in 2004, and Lindell has grown the business into a major manufacturer. A later revocation of My Pillow’s accreditation was made by the Better Business Bureau. 

In addition to donating to the Salvation Army and Union Gospel Mission, Lindell started donating to other organizations as well. He thought that establishing a non-profit organization dedicated to former addicts was a wise idea since he grew up as an addict. As a consequence, he founded the Lindell Foundation.

Lindell Recovery Network aims to connect addicts who have gone through drug addiction.  The company’s products were not stocked by major retailers this year. He thought it was the result of his claims regarding the results of the 2020 presidential election in the United States. In 2020, Lindell named his son leadership of the company. 

Earlier this year, news emerged that Lindell was launching a social media platform, which he described as looking like a combination of Youtube and Twitter. “Vocl” is the name of the platform. 

In response to a dispute with a company that had set up a website called Vocal, Lindell changed the name to Frank. He developed Frank over a period of four years. 

What Is Mike Lindell’s Net Worth?

Mike Lindell is a successful author, entrepreneur, and business executive who is worth $50 million. Lindell is best known for founding and creating the company My Pillow. He has also been vocally supportive of Donald Trump and has provided financial support for Trump’s efforts to overturn the 2020 presidential election.

Lindell Recovery Network, which Mike founded this year, seeks to help struggling addicts find restoration, hope, and redemption in Christ. The Lindell Foundation, which Mike founded in 2012, helps drug addicts obtain treatment.

A year after publishing the book “What Are the Odds? The documentary “Absolute Proof” was removed from YouTube and Vimeo hours after it was live-streamed on the One America News Network website because it contained “debunked unsubstantiated claims.”. In 2019, he directed and produced the documentary “Crack Addict to CEO,” and in 2021 he directed, produced, and starred in the documentary “From Crack Addict to CEO” to prove Trump won the 2020 election.

Mike Lindell Net Worth: $174 Million
Mike Age: 60
Born: June 28, 1961
Mike’s Country of Origin: United States of America
Source of Income : Businessman
Latest Updated: 2023

Mike Lindell Net Worth Over The Years

Mike Lindell Net Worth in 2021

$170 Million

Mike Lindell Net Worth in 2020

$162 Million

Mike Lindell Net Worth in 2019

$155 Million

Mike Lindell Net Worth in 2018

$139 Million

Assets and Investments of Mike Lindell

In addition to thirteen properties, Mike Lindell has nine cars and four luxury yachts. Michael Lindellr’s Assets Portfolio includes 50 million dollars in cash reserves. He also owns 15 stocks worth $25 million in his investment portfolio. Kendall Jenner owns the following stocks.

  • Walmart
  • Wells Fargo
  • Apple
  • ExxonMobil
  • Tesla
  • Starbucks

Mike Lindell Highlights 

Mike Lindell has accomplished the following:

Favorite Quotes from Mike Lindell 

“I first met Mr. Trump in August of 2016, during which we specifically spoke about everything made in America, bringing jobs back to the U.S., and strategies for reviving the inner cities. I realized right then he would be the best president ever.” – Said Mike Lindell

Mike Lindell Political Activities

Following a meeting with Trump in August 2016, Lindell became a Trump supporter. He described the meeting as a divine appointment, and after walking out of that office, he decided to go all in. Lindell attended both the final presidential debate and Trump’s inauguration. He also spoke at conservative political events including the 2019 Conservative Political Action Conference.

Then-President Trump signed the SUPPORT for Patients and Communities Act, which addressed opioid addiction after Mike met him about the problem. At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Trump administration asked Mike to switch from producing bedding to manufacturing face masks. In the midst of President Trump’s campaign for re-election in 2020, Lindell was the chair of Trump’s Minnesota campaign group during the COVID-19 pandemic.

He recently joined the board of Phoenix Biotechnology, a company that manufactures products containing oleandrin. While bidding to challenge the results of the presidential election in 2020, Lindell sponsored a bus trip to challenge the results. He also took part in the rally that preceded the attack on the Capital on January 6th. Although he did not personally participate in the attack, he spread the conspiracy theory that Antifa was behind it, dressed as Trump supporters.

According to Lindell, Dominion filed a lawsuit against him for $1.3 billion in January 2021 for making false claims that foreign powers had rigged voting machines to steal the election. In August 2021, Lindell presented “irrefutable evidence” of voter fraud at a three-day “Cyber Symposium,” which he later canceled.

Lindell alleged that more than 40 Idaho counties had been hacked in September 2021, prompting Bonner County, Idaho, to begin a recount of ballots cast in the 2020 election. Idaho’s Chief Deputy Secretary of State, Chad Houck, announced the state would bill Mike for the costs associated with the recount, which was concluded to have been accurate within 0.1% without evidence of hacking.

Learn from Mike Lindell’s amazing experiences. 

Let’s take a look at some of the most important lessons we can learn from Mike Lindell now that we know all about his net worth and how he achieved success:

1. His strengths 

My God-given gift is to know what people are good at and how to put them in the correct position to do their best work! 

2. Addiction 

Addiction’s some kind of disease? No, it’s not. It’s a mask of pain that usually comes from childhood and fatherlessness.

 3. The Police

Police are not exempt from bad people, as are people from all walks of life.

#MikeLindell #MikeLindelllifestyle #MikeLindellnetworth  Mike Lindell Networth, Personal Life, More

#MikeLindell #MikeLindelllifestyle #MikeLindellnetworth Mike Lindell Networth, Personal Life, More

FAQ About Mikle Lindell 

QWhat is my pillow company worth?

The company has an estimated market capitalization of $170 million.

Q. Who is Mike Lindell married to now?

Dallas Yocum married Mike Lindell in 2012. However, they separated in 2013 after just one year as a couple.

Q. How much does my pillow make a year?

They generate $300 million in income each year.

Q. How much is Mike from my pillow worth?

Mr. Lindell has an estimated worth of $174 million.

Q. Is MyPillow made in China?

Definitely not. All My Pillows are made in the USA.

Q. How old is Mike Lindell?

Mr. Lindell is 60 years old.

Q. What is Mike Lindell’s height?

Lindell stands at 1.88 meters (6 feet 2 inches).

Q. Where did Mike Lindell go to college?

Despite a promising start at the University of Minnesota, Mike Lindell dropped out a few months into his studies.

Q. Who is Mike Lindell’s wife?

Mike Lindell has had two wives. Mike Lindell is the father of two children from his first marriage, which ended in divorce after about twenty years of marriage. Mid-July 2013, Mike Lindell filed for divorce from Dallas Yocum.


He has been involved in Donald Trump’s efforts to overturn the presidential election supporter of Trump. Lindell is the founder and creator of the My Pillow website

In addition to providing financial assistance and spreading conspiracy theories, Lindell founded the Lindell Foundation in order to aid addicts in their recovery. He is a great example of a former drug addict who has improved his life by giving back to others.  Mike Lindell is estimated to have a net worth of $50 million as of June 2022. 

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