Networth - Nina Turner Net worth – How much is She Worth?

Nina Turner Net worth – How much is She Worth?

Nina Turner Net worth - How much is She Worth?

Nina Turner is a well-known educator and politician from America. She is a native of Cleveland, Ohio, and has been active in her political career since 2001. Nina Turner Net Worth makes her one of the wealthiest politicians. Nina didn’t have an easy childhood. She was born to teenage parents, and they divorced early.

Nina started working early in her life and worked hard to reach where she is today. She is an inspirational woman who decided to enter the world of politics to bring a change and contribute to making the lives of working-class families better.

Nina Turner Net Worth

Nina Turner Net Worth

Nina’s net worth is believed to be almost $5 million. She used to work part-time jobs earlier before she entered the political world. Nina Turner net worth was built all because of her hard work from an early age. She served in Senate in Ohio for several years, which built a base for her net worth today.

Nina Turner’s Salary And Earnings

Although Nina Turner net worth is 3-5 million dollars, her exact salary and earnings have yet to be discovered. Generally, the salary and earnings of the political members are not known to the general people but it is estimated that their salary may be somewhere between $20,000 to $100,000 per annum. Turner is also an educator and professor so she may get a salary through those means.

Nina Turner’s Bio And Family

Nina Turner was born on December 7, 1967, in Cleveland, Ohio, United States. She belongs to a working-class family who hails from Cleveland’s Lee-Harvard community. Nina’s parents, Faye and Taalib, were mere teens when they gave birth to her. Her father was a truck driver, and her mother worked as a nurse’s aide.

Nina Turner Bio

Apart from her, she has six siblings and is her parents’ eldest child. Her parents separated when Nina was just five years old. Nina’s mother was a blood pressure patient and faced a hard time dealing with her blood pressure issues all her life until she finally succumbed to it in 1992 when she was just 42 years old.

Nina Turner married Jeffery Turner Sr., whom she met while working at one of her jobs. The couple is proud parents to their son named Jeffrey Turner Jr. who is their only child.

Nina treasures spending time with her family and has a keen interest in traveling, cooking, and working out. She, when not working, enjoys quality time with her close ones and often goes on vacations to take those much-needed breaks to relax a bit.

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Nina Turner Education

Nina Turner completed her schooling at Cleveland’s John F. Kennedy High School and graduated in 1986. She has completed her bachelor’s degree in Bachelor of Arts in History from Cleveland State University. Nina also obtained a Master of Arts degree from Cleveland State University in 1997.

She has finished her Associate in Arts” from Cuyahoga Community College. Cuyahoga Community College is the same college where she is now a tenured assistant professor of History.

However, she did not pursue her bachelor’s and master’s degrees consecutively, one after the other. She kept taking up jobs in between to support her family and went back to complete her education. Today, Nina Turner net worth is the result of all the dedication and efforts she put into her education and career.

Nina Turner Career

Nina Turner Career

Nina started working part-time at 14 years old to support her mother and siblings. She started taking up a variety of jobs. She worked at a fast food outlet and a shoe store. When she used to work at Payless, she met her now husband, Jeffery Turner Sr.

After facing income inequality and acknowledging the major issues in the healthcare system about working families, especially lower-income and black families, Turner decided to work for the betterment of working-class families, which was a start to her political career.

Nina Turner’s Political Career

Nina began her political career journey in the year 2001 when she started as working as an aide to state senator Rhine McLin. Nina also worked for Micheal R. White, who was the Cleveland Mayor.

Nina Turner also made an unsuccessful run for the Cleveland City Council in 2001, but Joe Jones, the current holder of the position, defeated her. Joe Jones resigned in 2004 but his wife Tonya Jones got more votes than Turner.

In 2005, the elections took place, and Nina beat Tonya and became a Council for Ward One member. Nina was the first African American woman to win the seat. Nina Turner served on the Cleveland City Council from 2006 to 2008.

In 2008, Turner was selected by the Ohio Senate Democratic faction with the agreement of all without any opposition when Senator Lance Mason resigned from the 25th District seat in the Ohio Senate. Nina undoubtedly resigned from her City Council seat and accepted the offer for serving the remaining four-year senate term on September 15, 2008.

Nina Turner Career

In 2010, Nina Turner won a full term in the general elections. She was the ranking minority member on the Senate Highways & Transportation and Judiciary Criminal Justice Committees in the 128th General Assembly. She was elected as the minority whip halfway through the 129th General Assembly.

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In March 2012, as a political statement against legislation restricting women’s access to contraception and abortion, Turner introduced a bill to regulate men’s reproductive health.

Turner stated that a man would have to get a notarized affidavit signed by a recent sexual partner confirming his impotence, consult with a sex therapist, and get a cardiac stress test before getting a prescription for erectile dysfunction drugs.

She ran for Ohio secretary of state in 2014 on anti-poverty measures, campaign finance reform, and ballot access. The country’s wealthiest and most powerful interests need leadership sufficiently independent from corporate influence, even at personal political risk, to fight them.

She has fought for free college tuition, medicare for everyone, and a $15 minimum wage for years. She said that her mother and her own family would have benefited greatly from these ideas. It is important to her for her son and herself.”

Nina Turner also worked as a contributor for CNN. In June 2017, she started her The Nina Turner Show segment on The Real News Network.

She became a national surrogate for Bernie Sanders’ 2016 presidential campaign and a national co-chair of the Bernie Sanders 2020 campaign.

Where Is Nina Turner Now?

Nina Turner

Turner completed the paperwork to run for Congress in the same district in 2022. Nina Turner announced her intention to run against Brown for the second time on January 26, 2022.

Nina was not re-endorsed by prominent members of the Congressional Progressive Caucus who endorsed her last year. On May 3, 2022, Brown defeated Turner with 66% of the votes, whereas Turner’s votes were just 34%.

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Who is Nina Turner married to?

Nina Turner is married to Jeffrey Turner Sr. She met Jeffrey at one of her jobs, and the couple has been married for a long time.

What is the full name of Nina Turner?

Nina Turner’s full name is Nina Hudson Turner. Nina’s full name was Nina Hudson before she married Jeffrey Turner.

How old is Nina Turner now?

Nina Turner was born on December 7, 1967. She is 55 years old as of March 2023.

Where does Nina Turner live now?

Nina Turner resides in Cleveland, Ohio, with her family. She works out in Washington, D.C.

Did Nina win the 2022 Ohio 11th congressional district election?

Sadly, Nina could not win the 2022 Ohio 11th congressional district election as she was defeated by a huge margin in the votes she got against Brown.

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