India - NRC & CAA In Delhi: No crowd in Shaheen Bagh, is the morale of protesters broken

NRC & CAA In Delhi: No crowd in Shaheen Bagh, is the morale of protesters broken

NRC & CAA In Delhi

NRC & CAA In Delhi: Protesters have been halted for the last 84 days in Delhi’s Shaheen Bagh against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA).

The Noida and Faridabad link road has been closed by the protesters here for almost three months. Despite this, the government is not willing to step back on CAA.

After such a long time, the group of protesters in Shaheen Bagh has started coming back. The crowd is not gathering as much as earlier in the day. Local people are giving different reasons behind this.

Is the protester morale falling?

At Shaheen Bagh, there are very few people seen during the day at the dharna, but by the evening, the crowd starts rising here.

By midday on Friday, only 70-80 people were seen at the dharna, whereas, till a few days ago, there was a crowd of 500 to 600 people at the same time.

At times, the strike site gathered thousands. People from outside also continued to reach here to show support.

NRC & CAA In Delhi: No crowd in Shaheen Bagh, is the morale of protesters broken

NRC & CAA In Delhi
NRC & CAA In Delhi

Recently, when the judges of the Supreme Court arrived to talk to the protesters, there were also differences between these people.

In the opinion of the mediators, some protesters were ready to open the way, while some were seen talking about the decision to keep it closed.

The central government has not yet reacted to this ongoing protest to withdraw the CAA and NRC law for the last nearly three months.

Nor have there been any signs of accepting their demands in any way. Is this the reason that the patience of the people protesting in Shaheen Bagh has started breaking now?

NRC & CAA In Delhi: What do the protesters have to say?

NRC & CAA In Delhi
NRC & CAA In Delhi

In this regard, one of the women spoke to another woman regarding the examinations of children. Another woman says that many people have fallen ill due to the protest, and some women are unable to express their presence all day, and they can take some time and reach in the evening itself.

Some people also have to say here that people are getting tired at the protest venue, due to which all the old people who used to come here and protest, are not noticeable anymore.

Many groups have formed inside Shaheen Bagh, among which there is a dispute about the leadership of the demonstration.

There is a competition among the people who will lead this demonstration. It has also been seen many times that the views of women and men are not found here, due to which differences are seen.

NRC & CAA In Delhi: Attempts to remove NRC & CAA In Delhi

NRC & CAA In Delhi
NRC & CAA In Delhi

Appeals were filed in the Supreme Court to open the road. The Supreme Court had told the protesters of Shaheen Bagh that everyone has the right to protest, but in this way, everyone cannot sit around the road.

The court set up a team of mediators to negotiate with the protesters. These mediators went to Shaheen Bagh many times and talked to the people there and said that they would open the road and choose some other place for this demonstration.

But these protesters sitting in opposition to the CAA did not listen to the middlemen, and the door was not opened. The road on the other side was opened for some time, but shortly afterward, a group of protesters closed the way again.

Apart from this, many times, Delhi Police officials have also gone to Shaheen Bagh and appealed to the people to move away, But 84 days later, the situation in Shaheen Bagh remains the same. Neither the road is open, nor the post has been shifted elsewhere.

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