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Ohgeesy Net Worth, Age, Height, Family, Wife & more 2022


The world of rap has completely changed and every day new rappers are emerging. Some get lost in the shadow and some emerge over all of them and shake the world. The latest fashion in the rapping world is of Rap Groups. Shoreline Mafia is one of those groups. The group consists of four members named Rob Vicious, Fenix, and Master Kato, and shining above all of them Ohgeesy. His real name is Alejandro Carzona.

Ohgeesy is the lead member of the group and is one of the most famous rappers in America right now. His real spark came with controversy when he alongside his family was thrown out of Disneyland. The matter was really controversial, as one of the staff members said that Ohgeesy had a gun with him. But after some time a video by Ohgeesy and staff member testimony, it was concluded that there was no gun. Even the police didn’t find a gun after their investigation. Let’s take a dive into the career of Ohgeesy.

OhGeesy Bio, Age & Nationality

Who is OhGeesy? A Gemini is his astrological sign, so it is no surprise that OhGeesy was born Alejandro Coranza on May 27, 1993, in Los Angeles, California, USA. He has not yet been able to provide information about his father, mother, or siblings. A Caucasian of descent, he is also an American citizen. We can assume that Ohgeesy’s parents in his hometown nurtured him properly as a child given his popularity at such an early age. Academic credentials for Ohgeesy are not known. Furthermore, based on his age, we may assume that Ohgeesy attended high school and university in her nearby town.

Ohgeesy Age

Ohgeesy was born on November 27, 1993, in Los Angeles, California, and is currently 26 years old.

Ohgeesy Career

He never went to college to get higher education as he was hell-bent on becoming a rapper. He had the conviction for rapping from a very young age. He became famous after Shoreline Mafia’s album “ShoreLineDoThatShit” in November 2017. After that, they signed a contract with Atlantic and in 2018, Atlantic re-released the album again. Earlier this year the group announced that they were going to break up and will go on their separate ways. Many rumors were spread, and after some time, explained that it was due to the creative difference between the members. Another member of the group, Fenix explained that a fallout during a tour was the reason. They may be apart, but all of them are extremely talented performers and we wish them nothing but success in the future.


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Ohgeesy Family

Ohgeesy has kept his family a secret as of now. There is no information regarding his mother, wife, siblings, or wife. One person that he wasn’t able to keep secret is his kid Juelz. Ohgeesy became a father in March 2019. Many sites have reported that Ohgeesy is not married at the moment. He is just focusing on his career and his kid, so he might not be dating anyone at the moment for all we know. It is possible that he doesn’t want to reveal his personal information to the world, so we don’t know for sure.

Ohgeesy has mentioned her mother once in a tweet but didn’t mention her name. And another instance was when he posted a pic of his mother carrying his child but her mother’s back was facing the camera so we couldn’t see her face.

Ohgeesy and Juelz

Ohgeesy Wife

The identity of Ohgeesy’s family remains a mystery today. His mother, siblings, and wife are the only members of his family known to us. The only person he kept under wraps was his son Juelz. The Ohgeesy family got bigger in March this year. Ohgeesy is now unmarried, according to many websites. Since he’s focusing on his profession and his child, we don’t know if he’s dating anyone. It’s impossible to know for sure what he is if he won’t share his personal details.

Her mother was mentioned in a tweet, but Ohgeesy did not identify her. Unlike the picture he posted of his mother carrying his child, the picture we saw showed his mother’s back, so we weren’t able to see her face.

Girlfriend, Marriage & Relationship Status

Where can I find OhGeesy’s girlfriend? In addition to sharing pictures of himself and his partner on social media, Ohgeesy frequently updates his profile. The subsequent month was marked by the birth of a son for him. As a name for his child, he chose Sincere. The name of Ohgeesy’s girlfriend and any other information about her have not yet been revealed. In general, Ohgeesy keeps his personal life private and does not discuss it with others.

It is not possible to access the information of the internet celebrity. He is, therefore, free from conflicts and speculation, and his profession is flourishing.

Ohgeesy Height & Weight

In terms of height, Ohgeesy stands at five feet five inches. He stands at a height of 1. The weight of this man is around 68 kg (There is a black color to his hair and brown color to his. His hair color is black with brown color eyes.

Ohgeesy Net Worth 2022

Ohgeesy generates its income primarily through the sale of merchandise and music. For each music show he appears on, he earns between $100,000 and $150,000. Additionally, he earns royalties from songwriting. His radio royalties amount to approximately 500,000 US dollars each year.

It will be live on 8th June when Ohgeesy releases his new album SEATTLE. His social media accounts have already been updated with the news. There has already been a start to the sale of tickets.

The sponsored posts he posts on Instagram also earn him money for Ohgeesy. Sponsored posts earn him approximately 250,000 dollars. It is estimated that Ohgeesy has a net worth of around 2.98 Million US Dollars as of April 2022. It is expected that the number will rise in the near future.

Know Some Ohgeesy facts

  • Hip Hop/Rap rapper OHGEESY from Shoreline Mafia is a Shoreline Mafia member.
  • He has released several singles, including “Da Move” and “Heavy.”
  • A tour called “Off the Xtras” (OTX) was embarked on by Ohgeesy and his group in the spring of 2018.
  • They performed at the Billboard Hot 100 Music Festival and the Rolling Loud Festival later that month as part of their “Still OTX” tour.
  • A month after they released their mixtape “Traplantic“, Shoreline Mafia came out with their latest record.
#Ohgeesy #lifestyle #networth   Ohgeesy Net Worth And Personal Life

#Ohgeesy #lifestyle #networth Ohgeesy Net Worth And Personal Life

FAQs About OhGeesy

What is Ohgee’s real name?

Hip-hop is a phenomenon that stems from an organic friendship among Alejandro Coranza, Rob Vicious (Robert Maggee), Fenix (Fenix Rypinski), and Maki Carson (Malik Carson).

What is Ohgee’s girlfriend’s name?

Despite the fact that she is in a relationship with Allure, they have a child together. It is reported that the couple’s son was born in March 2019, and his name is Sincere Juelz Karin. As for his girlfriend, she has 69.8k followers on Instagram and has posted 99 times. As for her username, it is @allurexnu.

When was OhGee’s son born?

Born in March 2019, Sincere Juelz Coranza is the son of his girlfriend and his boyfriend.

What is OhGee known for?

Alejandro Coranza, formerly known as OhGee, is a Mexican-American rapper, songwriter, and entrepreneur. A member of the American hip-hop group Shoreline Mafia, he is known for songs such as Bottle Service, Nun Major, and Breakdown. Who is OhGee signed to?

With their new Atlantic Records deal, the rap quartet is poised to launch their careers to new heights. A group member tells Billboard exclusively that he signed with Atlantic because of their marketing skills.

Did the shoreline break up?

In Los Angeles, the Shrine auditorium was an iconic venue where Shoreline Mafia performed extensively. A limited explanation was given to fans when the band announced their separation in April 2020. It has only been recently that He has spoken out.

Why did OhGee go solo?

The former Shoreline Mafia member is now focusing on his next steps as a solo artist following the success of the group’s disbandment. A few months after Shoreline Mafia released their album in early 2020, the band broke up.

What is the Net Worth of Ohgee?

It is estimated that he has a net worth of $500 thousand (approximately).

Was OhGeesy On Disney?

Ohgeesy, a board member of the Shoreline Mafia, said he didn’t do anything wrong when he was snubbed at Disneyland in August after one of his party members allegedly threatened a Disney employee with a gun.

How Old Is The Rapper OhGeesy? Ohgeesy Age & Date of Birth

Affluent Los Angeles, California was the birthplace of Ohgeesy, who was born on 27th November 1983. At the age of 39, he is currently in his 40s.

What Is OhGeesy From Shoreline Mafias Real Name?

He goes by a different name than Ohgeesy, which might surprise you. He goes by the name Alejandro Coranza.

Ohgeesy Nationality, Religion & Ethnicity

Besides being Christian by religion, Ohgeesy is also an American citizen. There is a mix of ethnicities in his family. His ethnicity is Mexican-American.

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