Entertainment - Anime - One Punch Man Chapter 133 Release Date, Recap and Spoilers (Read Here)

One Punch Man Chapter 133 Release Date, Recap and Spoilers (Read Here)

One Punch Man Chapter 133

One Punch Man Chapter 133 Release Date, Recap and Spoilers: One Punch Man Chapter 132 came out on 6th July 2020, and some reports have revealed the release date of Chapter 133 and its not that far away. Chapter 132 was delayed for a considerable amount of time due to production issues but when the chapter came out it was worth everything. The art of chapter 132 was one of the best manga panels we have ever seen.

People went out to twitter, Instagram, and other social media formats to show how impressed they were with the art of manga and how sleek they were. We wanted to show you one of the pages of the manga so that you can see how awesome they looked but they will spoil the whole fun for you, so we advise you to check out chapter 132 before reading this post any further as it will contain spoilers.

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One Punch Man Chapter 132 Recap

We saw the confrontation of Psykos and Tatsumaki reach an intense point where Tatsumaki decides to destroy the tower so that Psykos can be weakened and she can beat her but for a surprise Psykos had already powered up so much that with one attack of condensed energy wave that it was enough to destroy a part of the earth if she would have concentrated her attack. Tatsumaki and Genos got surprised(which was obvious).

Psykos told Tatsumaki that some great power had bestowed upon her from a god-like creature and now she knows her destiny. She told Tatsumaki that with her power she can become the earth itself, which Tatsumaki referred to as stupid. Psykos was angry that Tatsumaki and Fubuki are using their powers for heroes work when they can do anything that they want. Tatsumaki denied her by saying that she is stupid and at this point, Psykos lost her patience and attacked Tatsumaki with all her powers and the chapter ended there.

One Punch Man Chapter 133 Release Date

According to some reports, One Punch Man Chapter 133 might come out on 7th August 2020. No official is yet made but considering how much delayed chapter 132 was Murata won’t delay the upcoming chapter much. Because before chapter 132, One Punch Man was released on a regular basis. And Murata is a mangaka that doesn’t delay his chapter much.

One Punch Man Chapter 133 Spoilers and Predictions

No raw cuts or spoilers of the upcoming chapters have yet been released. We will update you as soon as we get some information about the next chapter.  Raw cuts of the chapter will be available 3-4 days prior to the official release so keep an eye on our site as we will update you as soon as possible.

We don’t think that Tatsumaki can beat Psykos at this point now, so she will need a savior and who might that be? Well, it will be Saitama of course. But we can see Murata taking a different path in the next chapter like not introducing Saitama or Tatsumaki raising her power so that she can beat Psykos and Orochi. But it will all be revealed very soon.

One Punch Man Chapter 133 Where to Read

You can read One Punch Man manga on VIZ media, Shonen Jump, and Mangaplus official websites and platforms. The English version of the chapter will be available 2-3 days after the official release. We request you to read the chapter form authentic and official sources as it will promote and help the manga creators.

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