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Ron Watkins

Ron Watkins

Biographical Data, Ron Watkins

Age 36 Years Old
Height 5.7ft(Approx.)
Weight NA
Eye Colour Black
Hair Colour Black
Spouse NA
Kids 1

Facts About Ron Watkins

  • Ronald Watkins is a Conspiracy theorist.
  • Former administrator of the imageboard website 8kun (formerly 8chan)
  • Ron Watkins is the son of Jim Watkins, the owner, and operator of 8kun.
  • He has been associated with spreading the QAnon conspiracy theory, which alleges a global child sex-trafficking ring.
  • Ron Watkins has promulgated conspiracy theories suggesting widespread fraud in the 2020 U.S. presidential election.
  • In 2021, Watkins was banned from Twitter and Facebook for violating their terms of service.
  • Following the social media bans, he launched his social media platform on Telegram.

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Ron Watkins Networth

Ron Watkins’s net worth is approximately $500K. He made his fortune through his work as a software engineer and as the administrator of the imageboard website 8chan.

Ron Watkins Biography

Ronald Watkins, born on April 18, 1987, is an American conspiracy theorist and former site administrator of the imageboard website 8kun, previously known as 8chan. He gained notoriety for his involvement in spreading the discredited far-right QAnon conspiracy theory and promoting conspiracy theories regarding widespread election fraud in the 2020 U.S. presidential election. Jim Watkins, his father, is the owner and operator of 8kun.

Ronald Watkins experienced frequent moves during childhood due to his father’s military service in the United States Army. His mother, Ton Sun Watkins, is from South Korea, and his parents met while his father was stationed there. Following their divorce during his teenage years, Watkins primarily lived with his mother. He spent his formative years in Mukilteo, Washington, where he attended Kamiak High School and actively participated in choir and theater. He graduated from high school in 2005.

After completing high school, Watkins relocated to Japan, where he taught English before returning to the United States to work as a software engineer. In 2018, he assumed the role of administrator for 8chan, a website owned by his father. Criticism has been leveled at Watkins for allegedly promoting and inciting violence through the platform.

Watkins has been associated with the QAnon conspiracy theory, which propagates the belief in a global child sex-trafficking ring controlled by a Satan-worshipping pedophile cabal, with claims that Donald Trump is secretly fighting against it. While he has denied direct involvement in QAnon, Watkins has also refrained from explicitly disavowing it.

Due to policy violations, Watkins was banned from Twitter and Facebook in 2021. Following these bans, he launched his own social media platform, Telegram. Accusations have been made against Watkins regarding the promotion and incitement of violence on 8chan. In 2019, the website was used by individuals responsible for posting messages about the El Paso and Christchurch mosque shootings. Although Watkins has denied responsibility for the violence, he has not taken steps to prevent similar incidents from occurring in the future.

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