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ReAwaken America Tour details – Tickets, Livestream and more

General Flynn and Clay Clark have started The Reawaken America EPIC Tour. The motive the ReAwaken America Tour is to awaken the people of America with knowledge and by bringing people together

Watch ReAwaken America Tour Branson, Missouri Live Stream

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In 2021, Clay Clark, host of the Thrivetime Show podcast, has organized his second massively successful gathering, this one quickly selling out as 10,000 attendees gathered on the grounds of The River Church, pastored by Rodney Howard-Browne. In 2020, Browne made headlines when he was arrested after continuing to hold church services during the nationwide COVID-19 shutdown. Browne eventually became a champion of religious freedom following the dismissal of the charges.

Watch ReAwaken America Tour Salem, Oregon Live Stream

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RecordingWatch Reawaken America Tour Live Stream from Salem, Oregon 

To Watch Full Reawaken America Tour Live Stream from Salem, Oregon click the button below

Watch ReAwaken America Tour at Dream City Church, Phoenix Arizona Live Stream

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Book Tickets for the ReAwaken / Reopen America tour

The tickets for the Reawaken or the Reopen America tour can be booked from their official website.

Steps to book Reawaken / Reopen America tour

  1. Visit this page – Live Now
  2. Click on the book tickets button
  3. Pay the amount and your tickets will be e-mailed to you.

Watch the ReAwaken America Tour Live Stream

There is no information on the event being live-streamed on the internet. We will keep searching for you and host the same for you on our website.

Guest Speakers on the Reawaken America tour

The event will be active for 3 days and will be in different locations with different guests every time. The following are the event details.

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  • The COVID vaccines are over 90% effective at keeping you out of the hospital. 98% of the deaths today are people who are unvaccinated. Why on earth do you trust Michael Flynn and the My Pillow guy over your own family doctor? That’s nuts. Would you ask your doctor to recommend a pillow or give military advice ? You’re being duped.

    • Your statements are absolutely false. These vaccines do not prevent infection nor transmission of Covid & they are NOT safe❗I’m a nurse and know many who are fully vaxed that wound up in hospitals. Also, better do your research & check the VAUERS numbers. Literally thousands have died from these vaccines. Thousands more have sustained serious injury. I personally know of someone who had a stroke, several that now have seizures, and miscarriages. Cancers & miscarriages have increased by 300 percent, Neuro problems increased over a thousand percent, not to mention myocarditis & pericarditis. You sound like a walking Pfizer commercial; you have been mislead.

  • Dates in some places, including our tickets, say Dec 10-12, some places say Dec 9-11. Thats a major mistake when people are trying to make travel arrangements. We also need an itinerary if you can point me to that. Thank you.

  • I hope Gomer Pile and Woody, do some research. Nothing worse then being blind or in a coma, when it comes to a Global take over by the elites. ITS TIME TO WAKE UP!!

  • Sounds like, January 6. All over again; feds, infiltration. Sorry, only dr shiva is outside Pfizer and Moderna calling these companies out like a true activist. Kevin Annett style. Rather than selling tickets, autographed t-shirts and books. Clay Clark talks a good game, talks about the Bible, I don’t know. I’ve been burned too many times. Wrong, right, who knows?

  • I’m a nurse and I have seen many more people get much sicker after the jab or boosters than any did without the vax. Vaxxed staff got Guillain Barre Syndrome, Bell’s Palsy, blood clots, mini strokes, brain bleeds, and some were hospitalized when they got C-19 after being vaxxed. Unvaxxed staff did not. Vaxxed staff call off repeatedly because they got C-19 multiple times because their immune system got ruined by the vax, and unvaxxed staff are called in to fill in for them. I suspect Woody and Gomer are either bots or other similarly brainless automatons to spout the “Pfizer Pfalacies” without a shred of evidence to back them up.

  • You said the tour is coming to the Washington/Idaho …..? Where Spokane/Coeur d’Alene… Clarkston/Lewiston…. … really want to know so I can figure so I can go

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