Scientists have created a new AI system, an hour in advance will tell how the level of pollution

Scientists have created a new AI system
Scientists have created a new AI system

Scientists have developed a new Artificial Intelligence (AI) system, which can predict air pollution levels. Researchers at Loughborough University, UK, said, ‘The technology of this system is new in many ways.

It has the potential to provide new insights on environmental factors, which have a significant impact on the level of air pollution. PM 2.5 has been projected through AI in this project. PM2.5 implies a particulate matter less than 2.5 μm in diameter. Visibility in cities is often blurred when its level in the atmosphere is high.

Scientists have created a new AI system, an hour in advance will tell how the level of pollution

PM 2.5 is dangerous for health
Particulate matter is a type of air pollutant and is considered to be of greatest concern in the field of public health. The researchers said, ‘This is because these particles are so small that they can easily enter the lungs and then our bloodstream, resulting in cardiovascular, cerebrovascular and other respiratory diseases that engulf people.’

Will know about air quality.

Yuanlin Li of Loughborough University said, “It is not that we do not currently have systems that can predict PM 2.5, but with the new system this technology can be taken to the next level.”

He said that with the help of this, we could tell about a particular place about an hour before, how the air condition will be yonder in the next few hours.

A better understanding of environmental factors will arise.

The researchers also said, ‘The system also gives detailed information about the various factors and data responsible for air pollution, which can lead to a better understanding of weather and environmental factors that can also affect PM 2.5.’

He said that this AI system has such potential that it can use air pollution analysis tool i.e., Air Pollution Analysis Tool as a carbon credit trading system.

Use of machine learning

The team of researchers created a system using machine learning. It is a type of artificial intelligence technique, which uses large amounts of data to learn rules and features. With the help of this, it predicts air pollution. Researchers used data from Beijing’s air pollution to test their agglomeration.

He said that the system would now also be tested on live data collected by sensors mounted in Schengen, China.

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