News - Seth Keshel’s Net Worth, Age, Height, Bio and more.

Seth Keshel’s Net Worth, Age, Height, Bio and more.

A former military captain, Seth Keshel, is now an election expert.

Seth Keshel is a man of varied talents. Apart from being a former military captain, Mr. Keshel is also a baseball analyst. Recently he has been making headlines for his claims related to election fraud.

His claims are related to the 2020 US Presidential election. According to Mr. Keshel’s investigation, approximately 8,144,000 excess Joe Biden votes were recorded in the 2020 election. 

Life and recent activities

Even though Mr. Keshel is extremely popular, he does not have a Wikipedia page. Sources about his life and activities are very few.

As a former army captain, Mr. Keshel served six years as an Army Officer. He was also associated with Military Intelligence Branch in the Middle East. He retired from service at the rank of captain.

Talking about his claims regarding election fraud, he examined the final vote counts in all 50 states. He has published his discoveries on his Telegram page. He claims that former US President Trump had won the election in seven states like Michigan, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Nevada, etc.

Likewise, he believes that vote counts may have altered in the states like New Jersey, Virginia, New Mexico, etc. Keshel joined Steve Bannon in The War Room. He mentioned that theTexas officers have been pushing towards his fraud estimates.

The controversy surrounding election fraud claims

The former army captain’s report gaining traction among some conservatives this week falsely claims Trump won several states that he lost in the 2020 election.

This theory is also promoted by Trump’s former chief strategist Steve Bannon and Trump himself. They said the report had brought to light “election-changing” numbers that showed the 2020 election was fraudulent. He won “by a lot.”

Trump has continued to falsely claim he won the election since his loss nine months ago. Biden defeated Trump in the 2020 presidential election, earning 306 electoral votes to Trump’s 232. State officials from both parties, election security experts, and former Republican Attorney General William Barr said the election went smoothly with no evidence of widespread fraud.

According to political scientists who reviewed the information, Trump’s recent claim that the report’s findings could have changed the election results also has no merit.

Net worth

Retired Captain Seth Keshel’s net worth is estimated to be around half a million dollars.


Seth Keshel’s wife is Carissa Keshel. 

Information regarding his parents remains shrouded in mystery. Seth has kept most of his personal information private. But it is known that Seth and Carissa have three children together. The couple has two daughters and one son.

Activities on Twitter

Seth is active on Twitter. His Twitter username is @SKeshel. He mostly refrains from tweeting about his personal life. His tweets usually pertain to his work.

Keshel has been actively tweeting about his recent claims about presidential election fraud. This has caused controversy to decay, and many accuse that his claims of being false.

In a recent tweet, Mr. Keshel said, “Because she knows that one candidate is over half a million votes higher than the most generous forecast in her heavily conservative populist trending state that lost 300,000 democrat votes in two consecutive elections before 2020 and based on one candidate’s totals, did it again?

Current occupation

Seth Keshel has joined Texas Investigative Network, Inc. as Vice President of Operations, Texas.

Information on LinkedIn profile

Seth Keshel identifies himself on LinkedIn as a tech company sales manager and former baseball analyst but does not identify any election experience.

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