The story of Mary Malone: People who are not afraid of the Corona virus, definitely read the story of the cook who shared the death

The story of Mary Malone
The story of Mary Malone

The story of Mary Malone: No cure has yet been found for the infection of Corona virus, which is causing havoc all over the world. Prime Minister Narendra Modi, and the various heads of the world, is giving instructions to their citizens to stay at home.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has also asked all countries of the world to take precautionary measures. However, some people are still not taking the warnings issued by the Corona virus seriously. Those who are not afraid of this virus must read this story of Cook Mary Malone.

The story of Mary Malone: People who are not afraid of the Corona virus, definitely read the story of the cook who shared the death

The story of Mary Malone
The story of Mary Malone

According to The Washington Post’s report, Mary Malone of Ireland was a great cook. From 1900 to 1907, Mary worked as a cook in many New York City homes. But she was in trouble for many people in New York.

Mary Malone has considered the carrier of typhoid fever spread in the United States … for this reason, she was later named Typhoid Mary. According to a National Geographic report, Typhoid Mary had infected 51 people with typhoid during her cook’s career, of which three died.

People who are not afraid of the Corona virus, definitely read the story of Mary Malone, the cook who shared the death
Those not scared of the Corona virus must read the story of Cook Mary Malone. Mary Malone is known as the death-sharing woman in New York, USA.

According to reports, Mary Mallon’s inadvertent work of unintentionally distributing death to the American people continued, but it was only by coincidence that she became aware that she was an asymptomatic vehicle of typhoid microbes.

The story of Mary Malone
The story of Mary Malone

Read here that asymptomatic carriers refer to a patient who does not have symptoms of the disease. The National Geographic and Washington Post have stated in their reports that Detective George Soper was assigned the responsibility in 1906 to find out why Typhoid fever is spreading in areas of New York when there is no disease is not history. George Soper was given this responsibility by the New York state.

639 people died in New York
It is believed that typhoid does not spread without any carrier. It was noted in Chhaniban that the people living in the houses where Mary Mallon had done the cooking work also suffered from typhoid fever. The investigation found that in 1900 and 1907, about 22 people living in the houses where Malone worked, suffered from typhoid.

The National Geographic report says that 639 people died of typhoid fever in New York in 1906 when George Soper took over the investigation of the case. Surprisingly, the carrier that spread the disease could not be detected in all the investigations that have been done so far.

Malone refused to conduct an investigation.
A Washington Post report said that in 1907, Soper discovered that the owner of the house where Mary Malone worked was … in a house on Park Avenue … Asked to give samples (blood and urine sample). Mary Malone was enraged at this point and suddenly left work.

Later the landlord went to the local health department and complained to him. He argued that the disease could not spread without a carrier, so the blood samples of Mary Malone should also be investigated. Eventually, the police caught Mary Malone and dragged her to hospital, took it where his sample was examined.

Jobs were constantly changing.
An investigation found that Mary was constantly changing jobs. The investigation report found 100% typhoid bacteria in it. This revelation was aroused, and she became famous all over the world. Even the health authorities named her the movable ‘Typhoid Bomb,’ ‘Typhoid Mary.’

Investigations also found that typhoid germs made the members of the house sick from where Mary Mallon was cooking. Eventually, Mary was arrested with the evidence found in the investigation.

Death distributed to people till the year 1915
Later the matter reached the court, and arguments were made on behalf of Mary that she had no hand in spreading the disease. Eventually, the lawyers rescued him after much effort. However, the court stipulated in her release that she would no longer act as a cook. After this, he worked in the laundry.

But the Washington Post’s report says that despite this, Mary Malone did not exceed her caries. In the year 1915, she was caught in a maternity hospital while cooking food under a different name. This time she was convicted of spreading typhoid to two dozen people. Two of these 24 people died of typhoid. He was taken into custody. She later resided in North Island. She died in the year 1938 at 69.

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