Entertainment - Tim Pool Wife and Girlfriend – Everything You Should Know

Tim Pool Wife and Girlfriend – Everything You Should Know

Tim Pool Wife and Girlfriend - Everything You Should Know

Do you know who is American Political commentator Tim Pool wife and Girlfriend?

During the presidency of Donald Trump, the internet gave rise to a cast of quasi-celebrity figures, like Tim Pool.

Despite being relatively unknown outside of the Make America Great Again movement, this internet celebrity has gained immense popularity among its supporters, and like many others, Pool provides an uninterrupted stream of right-wing talking points and conspiracy theories, distinguishing himself from Alex Jones with a serious demeanor and a controlled tone. 

Feminism is one of his favorite podcast topics, and an old video of Tim Pool blaming feminism for his inability to find a wife currently has the internet in stitches. 

The people now are curious whether he is not dating. Or has he removed the hurdles of feminism out of his way to find his perfect woman? Keeping these general public queries in mind, we have curated this article.

So here is Everything You Should Know about Tim Pool Wife and Girlfriend.

Tim Pool Biography

A journalist at the crossroads of traditional and social media, Tim Pool, offers a unique kind of interactive broadcast journalism. Throughout his time as a VICE Media Producer, he has covered big events in Istanbul, Cairo, and Sao Paulo.

Timothy Daniel Pool was born on 9 March 1986 in Chicago, Illinois. He dropped high school when he was just 14 years old and got hired by Vice Media when his life streaming of Occupy Wall Street protests went viral in 2011.

Tim Pool does more than write for newspapers; he also runs a YouTube channel. In addition to posting news and politics on his YouTube channel, he also hosts a podcast. Below, we have highlighted some of his personal life’s most important and unknown features.

Who is Tim Pool Girlfriend? 

Tim Pool is currently in an alleged relationship with Alison Neubauer. Though neither has formally acknowledged their relationship, Tim’s Instagram post of Alison caressing a monkey prompted the romance speculation.


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Alison Neubauer, the rumored girlfriend of Tim Pool, is a well-known journalist and producer. Alison Neubauer is a native of Maryland, United States, and is Timecast Media’s current chief operating officer.

Additionally, Alison Neubauer has ties to the television industry and has produced eight television programs, like Cast Castle, Chicken City, Green Room, and The Tim Cast Pool Channel.

 Is Tim Pool Married? Who is Tim Pool Wife? 

Tim Pool is a well-known media personality, although he has never publicly disclosed his past or present romantic relationships. His prior associations are either forgotten or poorly documented. Tim is currently unmarried, and his relationship with Alice is not yet official.

Before meeting Alison, Tim Pool was involved with Violet Summers. A year ago, Tim admitted to having a crush on Violet Summers, but there were rumors that they had broken up. Tim Pool never disclosed about his girlfriend or wife publicly. 

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Tim Pool Says ‘I Want a Wife, Not A CEO’ 

Tim Pool Says 'I Want a Wife, Not A CEO' 
Tim Pool Says ‘I Want a Wife, Not A CEO’

An article in the New York Post titled “Women Struggle to Find Men Who Earn More Than They Do” highlighted a problem and a shift in the stereotypical roles of men seeking younger women and women seeking stable older men. This article prompted a response from Pool, who then criticized feminism, arguing that it teaches women that staying at home is a humiliating societal obligation.

He said he is more drawn to women who hold to what was formerly considered conventional norms. He needs someone willing to work just as hard, if not harder, and clarified that he has no problem with women working at the executive level but is looking for a spouse with whom he can create a family. 

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He went on to say that the problem of men’s economic insecurity is the result of society’s shift and made a veiled reference to this idea when he discussed the conventional liberal stance of personal autonomy because of which men are less likely to further their education or training, put up the effort necessary to advance in their careers, realize their full potential, or aspire to greater heights than women.

Pool stated and firmly stated that he is in the conventional “liberal” position and wants someone who can take care of the family and does not want a CEO who will attend board meetings on his staff.”

He defended his preference for a male CEO, saying that he was unmoved by the feminism of others and that men have more drive and determination.

FAQs About Tim Pool

Who is Tim Pool?

In addition to being a journalist, Tim Pool is a YouTuber, political commentator, and podcast host.

How old is Tim Pool?

The year 2023 marks Tim Pool’s 37th birthday.

What is Tim Pool Net Worth in 2023?

In 2023, Tim Pool’s net worth is $5 million.

Who is Tim Pool Parents?

It is not known who Tim Pool’s parents are.

What is Tim Pool Ethnicity?

Tim Pool is an American with a diverse ethnic background, combining European and Korean heritage.

Who is Tim Pool’s wife?

Neither Tim Pool nor his wife’s name has been revealed.

What is the nationality of Tim Pool?

A native of the United States, Tim Pool is a citizen of that country.

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