Titanic secrets and little-known facts: 27 secrets you never knew about the Titanic and the people aboard it

Titanic secrets and little-known facts

Titanic secrets and little-known facts: The ‘Olympic Class‘ class includes two ships along with a Titanic ship. It was built by White Star Line at Harland and Wolf Shipyards in Belfast.

The construction of the Olympic ship out of those three ships started on 16 December 1908 and the construction of the Titanic ship started on 31 March 1909. 

All these ships were the most magnificent and luxurious ships of their time. But of all those crafts, the Titanic ship was the largest, fastest, and most comfortable.

Titanic secrets and little-known facts
Titanic secrets and little-known facts

Titanic secrets and little-known facts: However three years later the Titanic was completely ready and the Titanic carrying passengers from Southampton started its first journey on 10 April 1912 with 2200 passengers. There were many types of people on that ship. Everybody was going to America to live a good life.

During their journey, on the fifth day, the Titanic ship was heading to the Atlantic Ocean. The sea was considerably calm on Sunday night on 14 April 1912, and there was not even a moon in the sky, so the captain of the ship did not see the ridge of ice coming from the front.

Exactly at around 11.40pm in night, the alarm bell rang and the captain reported on the telephone that a huge ice mound was confronting the way of the ship. Though by the time this information was received, it was too late as the ship was going to hit the ice at any time.

Within 40 seconds of hearing that bad news, the ship crashed into the ice. As soon as the ship crashed into the ice, there were holes in the ship on all surfaces.

The Titanic’s chief naval architect Thomas Andrew, seeing the ship’s bad condition, told the ship’s captain Smith that the Titanic could sink at any time. The rooms which were on the front side of the ship were completely broken and water was expended in them.

Titanic secrets and little-known facts
Titanic secrets and little-known facts

Titanic secrets and little-known facts: Within three hours the Titanic ship had sunk in the Atlantic Sea and it went down to 4 km deep in the sea. More than 1500 people died in this accident.

The news of the sinking of the Titanic ship spread all the way. Countless titles were written, and dramas and films were made on this incident. Information about this incident was passed on to people through museums and exhibits.

The Titanic collision has passed more than 100 years today. But people still remember this. No one can forget the day the disaster happened. The day of 14 April 1912 is considered the darkest day in history. Many people had to lose their lives on that black night.

Titanic secrets and little-known facts: More than 1500 people died that night. Thousands of books were written on this incident. If anyone is interested in history, then he can get more information about the Titanic from many books.

Titanic secrets and little-known facts: 27 secrets you never knew about the Titanic and the people aboard it

Titanic secrets and little-known facts
Titanic secrets and little-known facts
  1. When Titanic was ready, it was the world’s largest moving thing. It was as tall as 882 feet or 3 feet of football and as high as 17 floors of the building. If it were raised, it would be taller than every building at that time.
  2. The full name of the Titanic ship was ‘RMS Titanic’ (RMS stands for Royal Mail Ship). The name of the company making it was ‘White Star Line’.
  3. On 31 March 1909, a team of three thousand people started making the Titanic ship in Belfast, North Ireland. After 26 months, it was ready on 31 May 1911. While making it 246 people got hurt and 2 people died. While it was completed on May 31, 1911, 1 lakh people had come to see it.
  4. In 1912, skilled artisans who made the Titanic got 10 dollars a week and unskilled artisans got 5 dollars a week.
  5. On April 10, 1912, the Titanic left Southampton in England for its first and last voyage toward New York. It stopped two places on the way. In Cherbourg, northern France, and in Cobh, Ireland. On the fourth day of the journey, it collided with an iceberg in the North Atlantic Sea. Then it was 640 km from the ground.
  6. The Titanic is the only ship in history that sunk due to the collision of the Iceberg (iceberg). On the night of April 14, 1912, at 11:40 am Titanic collided with a large piece of ice in the North Atlantic Sea. (You can see the photo of the Iceberg above and from where the ship collided, the water started filling up after the ship collided with the red circle place). 
  7. It was completely submerged 2 hours and 40 minutes after the collision. Its sinking speed was 16 kilometers per hour and it took only 15 minutes to reach the last seventeen hours of the sea. 
  8. When officers saw Iceberg, they had only 37 seconds left to take action. On seeing the Iceberg, 1st officer ‘Murdoch’ ordered the ship to turn left and the engine room to run the engine reverse the ship was also given a left turn but it was not enough to avoid that iceberg. If it had been detected 30 seconds earlier, perhaps the Titanic could have been saved.
  9. Iceberg would have been visible a little earlier but the crew member of Titanic did not have binoculars. It was kept in a locker whose key was lost.
  10. When the Titanic sent emergency signals, the ship named Californian was closest to it. But Titanic’s wireless operator was almost damaged. It is believed that if the Californian was repaired, more lives could have been saved.
  11. Despite receiving the news of the sinking of the ship, its musician kept singing till his last breath so that he and the people who died after some time could spend their last moments happily.
  12. The men who drowned on the Titanic ship were the highest. Because in this difficult time some sensible people came out and while putting the people in sections, “Women and children first”, this protocol was followed. Two of the nine dogs on the ship were also rescued alive.
  13. The lifeboat was the most familiar to people taking 1st class tickets. So 60% of 1st class, 42% of 2nd class, and only 25% of 3rd class passengers could survive.
  14. The Titanic was designed to carry 64 lifeboats (small installments). But taking only 20 lifeboats was not enough to save all the people, but if all the lifeboats were completely filled, then the lives of 1178 people could be saved, while only 706 could be saved. 
  15. The reason is that some people ran away with only a few installments. For: – 40 people could come in Lifeboat but seven crew members and five passengers ran away with it. In the same way, 65 people could come in Lifeboat 7 but only 24 people willed it.
  16. The water temperature was -2 ° C at the place where the Titanic was submerged. In which no person could remain alive for more than 15 minutes.
  17. An estimated 2,222 people were on board the ship. Out of which 1314 were passengers and 908 were crew members. More than 1500 of these men drowned and 706 survived, so far only the bodies of 337 people have been found.
  18. Titanic passengers had 60 lakh dollars worth of goods including cash and jewelry.
  19. 13 newly married couples came to the Titanic to celebrate their honeymoon.
  20. Every day ‘Atlantic Daily Bulletin’ newspaper was published on the board Titanic. News, advertisements, stock prices, everything from the results of the horse race to the menu of the day was printed in it.
  21. The whistle in the Titanic could be heard up to 16 kilometers away.
  22. At the Titanic, 39,000 kg of meat, 40 thousand eggs, 40 tons of potatoes, 1,590 kg of onions, and 36,000 apples were present for the passengers and staff. Every day 63,000 liters of water were spent on the ship.
  23. After the full load, the Titanic weighed 46,326 tons (about 4 crores 63 lakh 26 thousand kg). Despite so much weight, it could run at a speed of 42 kilometers per hour.
  24. 600 tons i.e. 6 lakh kg of coal was burnt on the Titanic in a day. 176 men used to put this coal in the brewery with their hands. Every 24 hours 1 lakh kilos of ash were shed in the sea.
  25. The ship’s engine produced 46,000 horsepower. This is half of the Boeing 777 aircraft engine.
  26. Titanic had four chimneys, only three of which emitted smoke. The fourth chimney was fake, it was installed to show the ship as strong and beautiful.
  27. On day 1 September 1985, 73 years after the sinking, the Titanic’s wreckage was discovered. It was found at a depth of 12,600 feet in the sea.

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