Latest News - USA - USA President Donald Trump: America plans toward Moon

USA President Donald Trump: America plans toward Moon


USA President Donald Trump: Donald Trump wants America to start digging into the Moon. It is clear that America is monitoring the mineral content on the Moon. The president recently signed an order stating that America has the right to inspect and use locally available devices.

It has also been said that the United States does not see space as a place of shared resources and does not understand the need for an international agreement to do so.

USA President Donald Trump: America plans toward Moon

USA President Donald Trump America plans toward Moon
USA President Donald Trump America plans toward Moon

But the question arises why does America want to create space mines? And what are its benefits? Radio One Newsbeat has attempted to find answers to issues related to it by talking to many experts in this regard.

Life is above the world Sarah Cruddas, a space journalist for trade says: “Applying the Moon helps one go to space. One can also go to Mars.”

“The moon can act as a gas station on the platform because it contains the necessary fuel sources for rockets such as hydrogen and oxygen.”

The local gas station meant that rockets could move on without being disturbed by fuel in space.

Sarah says, “When you go on vacation, you won’t ride in the kitchen sink. It’s just that. When we go into space, we don’t have to take everything for ourselves.”

“It’s important to do some in-depth research because there are so many opportunities in the area, and using them can benefit our world.”

USA President Donald Trump America plans toward Moon
USA President Donald Trump America plans toward Moon

The problem of climate change Professor Benjamin Sowakool of the Department of Energy Policy at the University of Sussex says that as a result of climate change, the world is turning to rare sources of energy and needs these locally available resources.

Professor Benjamin says, “We have almost run out of equipment. We can make electric cars using locally available minerals. It will be good for our environment in the long run.”

“We need minerals such as lithium and cobalt. It’s widely available in countries such as China, Russia or Congo. It is also challenging to obtain. Making sure the supply of minerals from different donor countries around the world is complex. These countries have different laws and benefits. The use of any force in the Moon is possible.

Sarah said the extraction of these minerals from such places in the Congo takes place under extremely dangerous conditions. However, Professor Benjamin also cautions that digging into the atmosphere will not solve the solution to problem of Global Climate Change.

USA-China Conflict One of the reasons for President Trump’s decision to take my Moon resolution may be that America has less access to minerals than other countries in the world.

Professor Benjamin says, “America is still in the race. Countries like China and Russia are moving forward. Minerals planted in China are found all over the world. It really attracts such people to President Trump to get minerals from where China is missing, such as space. “

USA President Donald Trump America plans toward Moon
USA President Donald Trump America plans toward Moon

Since President Trump came to power, conditions have been tense between the United States and China.

In the opinion of Professor Benjamin, this is an opportunity for President Trump to demonstrate his governance and leadership.

What does the law say? At President Trump’s order, it was made clear that international law would not apply to U.S. efforts. in place.

But the fact is that the legal status is not very clear on what one can do outside of space and what not. Sarah says, “The law of place is changing. So do you.”

Professor Benjamin says, “The way we look is inevitable because climate change is happening in our world.”

“There is also an appeal for people to be left with no place to go because we have destroyed everything in the world, after all. From this perspective, this is the use of space. only the choice of future people. “

USA President Donald Trump America plans toward Moon
USA President Donald Trump America plans toward Moon

Is it possible in our lives? Sarah says, “Technology is here, and progress is making rapid growth. Because many private companies are already participating in it. Earlier, only governments had invested in this technology, but because of companies and individuals, it now has a lot of money and aspirations in it.

“We will be able to see great progress in the time to come. Like mining on the Moon and asteroids, the departure of man on Mars. These things will happen in our lifetime.”

But Professor Benjamin says that the use of new technologies is just as crucial in the process of mining on Earth right now.

They say, “The mining work on the Moon is far-fetched. It’s really difficult to do. So, first, we have to develop the existing mining more and dig in deep water. After that, we can take the next step. “

According to Professor Benjamin, mining on the Moon will take at least 10 to 15 years now, and it will also depend on the amount of money and resources spent there.

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