Videos - Watch Full Maricopa County Election Audit Presentation

Watch Full Maricopa County Election Audit Presentation

The Maricopa County Election Audit was presented on the 24th of September 2021. You can watch the full presentation above.

Arizona’s Maricopa County is located in the state’s south-central part. In fact, the county currently occupies the fourth-most populous position in the entire United States according to the 2020 census.

Who Won the Maricopa County 2020 Election?

Cyber Ninjas’ final report alleges potential impropriety in mail-in and duplicate ballots, but confirms that the forensic audit found more votes for Joe Biden and fewer for former President Donald Trump than in November.

The Arizona Republicans completed their audit of the 2020 presidential election on Friday. In a letter to the Attorney General, they said the audit’s results matched those of November.

“Truth is truth, numbers are numbers,” Arizona Senate President Karen Fann said during a Senate hearing on the review of Maricopa County, which found the audit numbers almost matched the results from the November election.

The numbers were close, within a few hundred, Fann said, according to reports.

However, Fann sent the audit results to Attorney General Mark Brnovich, noting several irregularities found in the audit and asking him to investigate them.

“We are asking him to open an investigation so that he can gather additional information and facts, perhaps get some of these missing things that we were never able to find, verify this information, and take any actions that need to be taken,” Fann wrote in her letter to the Attorney General.


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