Videos - Watch Mike Lindell’s Absolute Proof documentary

Watch Mike Lindell’s Absolute Proof documentary

Mike Lindell's Absolute Proof documentary explained

Everything was going right for America, the people were happy, the government was doing great, the economy was booming, jobs were all over the place, and the US was finally getting all its glory back until the democrats who seem to have allegedly rigged the election results in 2020 came into power.

Mike Lindell has been quite active in alleging voting machine manufacturers, the democrats, and hackers in manipulating the results of the US presidential elections. Donald Trump was the first to put forward these allegations and other conservatives have followed. Trump and Lindell are also said to be involved in radicalizing the attackers in the US Capitol attacks.

Watch Mike Lindell’s Absolute Proof Documentary


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Mike Lindell is a pretty known face across the United States and one of the most loved personalities among the conservatives of the United States at the moment. Lindell was once the most influential advertisement personality in the US due to the extensive ad appearances and wide advertising budget of his pillow and mattress, manufacturing company My Pillow. Lindell gets his popular name, the ‘My Pillow guy from there.

Lindell’s life story has been rather inspirational and interesting. Mike Lindell has seen it all, he grew one of the biggest manufacturers of Pillows and mattresses in the United States and has constantly worked for development in Minnesota and adjoining areas. Mike Lindell comes from a small town in Minnesota, wherein his early adult life, he was indulged in Gambling and was an alcoholic. After finally getting back on track and having failed at multiple jobs, he finally decided to start the company ‘My Pillow’. Where in the span of a decade, his company grew to be big.

Mike Lindell’s name started coming up when he went deep into conservatism and started funding the Republican initiatives, when Donald Trump saw his belief and love towards Republicans, he was called to the Trump Tower for a meeting and the conclusion of the talks in that meeting are still unknown, but since then, Mike Lindell has been one popular name among the conservatives.

To reveal the details of his claims to the public, Lindell has gone to court and also bought airtime on OAN (One American News) for the display of his documentary on the rigging of US elections, ‘The Absolute Proof’. OAN has already disassociated itself from this documentary with a 90-second long disclaimer at the beginning of the documentary fearing lawsuits by Dominion.

We should all have a passion for truth and so in this article, we are going to explain Mike Lindell’s Absolute proof documentary and are also going to look at what changes it made to American politics. Make sure you read this article till the end.

What is Absolute Proof Documentary By Mike Lindell?

Mike Lindell's Absolute Proof documentary explained

To some people, watching Absolute proof might sound completely ridiculous and it certainly is, but not because you believe that Lindell is possibly lying, it is because Absolute proof is not made for entertainment or artistic brilliance. ‘Absolute Proof’ is a documentary made for explaining the heinous crimes against the democracy that the opposition has done (as alleged by Lindell himself). If you are someone who wants to know the actual truth behind the shocking results of the 2020 presidential elections. The Absolute proof documentary starts off with a long 90-second disclaimer by OAN stating that airtime for this documentary has been bought by Mr. Lindell and OAN has no interference or opinion in the production of this content.

Michael Lindell in the documentary claims that a cyberattack by Chinese hackers located in Bejing was done around the election dates which led to such a bizarre election result. Lindell also goes further and states that Donald Trump got so many more million votes that the machines that were manufactured by Dominion to manipulate the results in favor of Joe Biden were broke as the results were not expected and added in the machine algorithm.

Mike Lindell actively says that he has a large amount of data, images, and evidence to support his claims, which he will be displaying in upcoming events. Mike Lindell targeted the EVM manufacturer, Dominion the most in this documentary and has received a lawsuit worth $1.6 billion as a countermeasure by the corporate.

What Do We Know About Dominion’s Lawsuit on Mike Lindell?

Mike Lindell's Absolute Proof documentary explained

Dominion has been quite enraged due to all the allegations conservatives have been putting over the company, and since then, the company has been on a huge run to make Billions by just filing baseless lawsuits on several people like Mike Lindell, Guiliani, Powell, OAN, Newsmax and many more. These politicians, businessmen, and news channels are all a huge part of the conservative American society and have been actively involved in alleging Dominion in the rigging of the US presidential elections.

Dominion has been so strongly fighting these lawsuits that even the Trump administration and Donald Trump had to separate themselves from all these people and news networks. Donald Trump has not been quite vocal for a few months, this can also be connected to the social media ban which he had after the US Capitol attacks. One thing that became widespread among Trump supporters and allies is launching new social media apps and platforms of their own. After Donald Trump and many others were banned, many conservative and free speech-centric social media like, GAB, and Parler have started coming up, and all of these have been banned from major app stores already.

Dominion has been in the business for a long time, the company has been functioning since 2002 and the machines have been used for elections in many countries, but primarily the United States and Canada. Dominion caught a lot of eyes when the company’s machines were used for voting in 28 states including states like Wisconsin and Georgia.

As per the latest updates on the case, the court has ruled that the lawsuits against Mike Lindell, Sidney Powell, and Giuliani can move forward. The three have previously pleaded that even if their allegations on Dominion were defaming and untrue, Dominion has no evidence to prove the three were knowingly making them. But on counterarguments by lawyers for Dominion, the court ruled moving forward with the case.

Even after having $1.3 billion Lawsuits against him, Mike Lindell is on his quest of displaying the truth to the public, and he goes on further in alleging Dominion of the election fraud. The Cyber Symposium event that happened from 10th to 12th of August, 2021, is an event where Mike Lindell provides more proof in his claims. 

Mike Lindell’s Cyber Symposium event

Mike Lindell's Absolute Proof documentary explained

Mike Lindell has been most vocal about the 2020 election fraud and is still not backing up, Powell and Giuliani have taken a step back from all this after such massive lawsuits. But Mike Lindell is still holding strong against all this.

The Cyber Symposium event is a cybersecurity event primarily produced by Mike Lindell taking place near Sioux Falls in South Dakota from 10th to 12th of August where he will display all the evidence he has to solidify his claims against the election results. All of the evidence is compiled in a massive data record of 37 Terabytes, this 37 terabytes of data will possibly prove all his claims about the Chinese hackers and Dominion machines.

The Cyber Symposium event is open to everyone irrespective of their political beliefs, a Republican, Democrat or anyone can attend the event as long as they are some important personality.

The event is said to be attended by at least 1500 important people from all across the United States. The list includes top Cybersecurity experts, Politicians, celebs, news reporters, and other influential people. One of the biggest catches of this event however is the $5 million prize to anyone joining the event who would disprove Lindell’s claims and has sufficient logic and evidence to back it all.

Where to watch Mike Lindell’s Absolute proof Documentary?

You can watch the documentary in the beginning of this post.Something as controversial as Mike Lindell’s absolute proof documentary will surely not be able to stay on government-influenced popular video streaming platforms like Netflix or Youtube. These video streaming platforms have to comply with a vast range of social media and IT rules made by the government which provides the government with the right to get any video removed from the platforms at an instant. The documentary was released in February 2021, and for a short period of time, was available for streaming on Youtube, but the video was later taken down from the platform stating that the video was spreading fake news and was defamatory.

Mike Lindell’s Absolute proof documentary can be watched at OAN’s online portal, however, since even OAN is under a lawsuit filed by Dominion, we cannot say for how long OAN will be able to display the documentary on its platform. 

The Absolute proof documentary is also available for streaming on all the conservative social media platforms which recently came up including Parler, GAB,, and many more. We at World-wire will also be bringing the content for you.

The Bottom Line

No truth should be hidden from the public for too long, even if Lindell and others were absolutely baseless and untrue with their claims, there is no valid reason why Dominion needed to file such huge lawsuits against them.

It is a free country and everyone has the right to question the election process, whether legally or in the public. People like Mike Lindell need to be constantly supported, as they are fighting for our rights and America’s democracy. Make sure you watch the Cyber Symposium event and the Absolute Proof documentary to get a peek into the truth.

God Bless the United States!

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