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Watch Mike Lindell’s Cyber Symposium Livestream

Watch Mike Lindell's Cyber Symposium Livestream

Watch lindelltv live

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The 2020 election data and actual results are being revealed at a cyber symposium organized by Mike Lindell. As part of the Cyber Symposium on August 10-12, Mike will award a $5 million prize to any person proving the election data and packet captures were not manipulated. If you want to see the Cyber Symposium live then you are on the right website. We will be live streaming the event online here on world-wire.

Watch Cyber Symposium Live

Cyber Symposium Live Stream will begin at 9 AM CT, Tuesday, August 10th.

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The event will take place between 10th to 12th of august 2020. We will update the article on the same day with a livestream video embedded inside this post to serve you the livestream of the event.

What is the Cyber Symposium event about?

During the symposium, real-life data from the 2020 elections will be presented. It is not about liking Donald Trump; this is about making America great again. A lot of strong data and evidence will be publicly released by Mike. Mike will host it like the Franakathon he hosted earlier that consisted of various hosts. As part of this event, Mike will be joined by guest speakers for the full 72-hour talk show.

A live webcast of the Cyber Symposium will be broadcast on Frankspeech, a social media platform from Mike Lindell. LindellTV and his website will broadcast the entire 72 hours live free of charge for attendees. Registering yourself for the Symposium is as simple as registering for the conference and submitting any video or statistical data that is compelling enough to beat Mike Lindell’s claims. If you wish to watch Frankspeech and listen to the symposium, you will need a USA contact number and email address which will be requested when you first access the website. You can watch the Cyber Symposium that is hosted in the free section of the website once you’re inside.


The cyber symposium will be streamed live on the 10th of august on this website to serve you uninterrupted coverage of the event right on your device.

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    • Why can’t anyone watch the Symposium anonymously? Not everyone wants to be emailed no matter from who.

    • Can’t wait to see it! I completely support your cause for saving our democracy! I think this is great and would like to do whatever i can to help

      • Just an important correction Patrick. The Democrats like to use that phrase, but the fact is that America is not a Democracy, We are a Constitutional Republic. A Democracy has been describes as two wolves and a lamb voting on what’s for dinner.

        • Wrong, Steverino. Wrong wrong wrong. Rush started that “we’re not a democracy” crap and of course his dittoheads ate it up. the United States is a democracy formally organized as a federal republic. That’s all. Nothing complicated about it. You morons.

          • You wrong..Go read the true history. America was formed as a Constitutional Republic because the Constitution would be the rule of law. It was changed by communistic ideological movement from leaders in our government who were influenced by the Rockefeller foundation and European leaders of the EU….years ago b4 u were born.

          • No Terrance stop spreading misinformation and government school propaganda. The United States as founded is indeed a constitutional republic hence the the two houses of congress and our electoral college system. Despite what your Marxist teachers pounded in your head, this is not mob rule.

      • What future would you rather have?

        Authoritarian Regimes – North Korea, Syria, Chad, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Sudan, Libya, Burundi, Laos, Iran, Afghanistan, Trump’s America.

        Countries that have enacted socialist ideas and policies: Norway, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Great Britain, Canada, the Netherlands, Ireland, Belgium, Switzerland, Australia, Japan, and New Zealand, Biden’s America

        • I’ll tell YOU about America under the CCP Puppet bidementia. I live in Europe and lived in Japan ….AND YOU ARE A CCP TROLL a 5 cent troll

        • Huh????
          Wanting to mandate masks, vaccination isn’t mandating?
          Taking down any speech that challenges yours isn’t authoritative?
          We are already socialist…..we offer free food, free housing, free medical…..
          The red line is being crossed….freedom of speech. And that’s the democrats my dear.

        • Wtf sunny? Biden admin is by far one of the most authoritarian regimes in US history. Since when does a US president feel like he has the “authority” to tell people what they should inject into their bodies, what to wear on their faces, make broad sweeping (false) comments about people that support individual civil liberties and coerce unelected intelligence agencies to target and imprison (w/o due process) anyone who subscribes to that philosophy? You Sunny, live in a delusional world where you think Donald Trump is an authoritarian or fascist or whatever leftists like you have been fed by corrupt media and that Biden is some great socialist caregiver to ambitionless rubes such as yourself. Biden (or whoever is running the white house) is the fascist and the authoritarian that you should be concerned about. How about this? I’d rather live in a country that was like the United States pre-2020, a country where the constitution actually means something, where the individual is prioritized over the collective. If you believe that those are the only two choices in governance in this world, then you sir/ma’am should leave this constitutional republic, because its not for you!

    • I am one of the first to get frank speech on duck duck go it has completely been taken down today someone please tell Mike

    • I tried to create a frankspeech account but receive an error message that my email address is invalid. I tried all 3 of my email addresses! Is it just me having this problem?

    • So many people just don’t know what’s going on. SOMETIMES, THEY NEED TO BE FORCED FED. They must learn the ugly truth. We must turn the tide from ignorance to knowledge. Dems count on the ignorance of the people.

      • The DEMs plan relies on sheep to follow and not free thinking people. When the people decide to start thinking for themselves and not to be followers, then and only then will their plan fall apart. The media plays their part (paid for by rich liberals) to turn the people into the sheep, which is the conditioning. This reminds me of the movie “Wag the Dog” with Robert Dinero & Dustin Hoffman

          • I wish it was as simple as a republican democrat issue. The hard truth is SO MUCH DEEPER. Its a Big government for the government issue. Its about the loss of our god and constitutional given rights. Those that are trying to overide the public vote are on both sides. We either regain control of our government ASAP or we will soon have no rights left. Those that are asleep or blind will wake up one day to a reality at they live in a totalitarian nation. Were we the people are ruled by the government, were we serve the government, instead of a government that represents and serves the people. I would hope all Americans understand the words “for the people and by the people” and know were those words come from. We have a Government that no longer follows the very laws that created it.

    • Free speech in our internet is controlled by our communist tv news and computer networks. It is so very pathetic that we the people, bought into the sales pitch of the internet was going to be a place we all could freely express ourselves.

    • Hello. I tried signing up to frankspeech. It was supposed to send a verification to my phone. That never was sent. Tried two more times, no luck. Then I got an email with a link to verify. Clicked it and got an error saying that my IP is now blocked. Guess I’m not welcome on frankspeech. I’ll try instead.

      • Thanks for streaming this and God bless Mike. I was reading through the comments and it’s amazing to see ppl from around the world rallying together for is in America. They think we’re so hateful and trying to segregate us but have no idea how connected we are all around the world. Doesn’t matter what color you are or where you’re from or what your views are because we are all God’s children and it’s time to unite now more than ever. God bless my brothers and sisters I love you all

    • I have been trying for over a week to access and it continues to not accept my email address, saying it is invalid (which it is not). Now, reading in your comments, that others are having that same problem. What is going on with it? Please give us some honest feedback. Thank you.

    • No matter which search engine I use to get Frank’s once I get it I put in my email and phone number and I am not a robot quiz and it just reboots and does it again and again and again and never ever takes my information and I cannot find his cyber Symposium anywhere! It was supposed to start at 9 a.m. and Frank speech. Com is not working

    • Hi, Is there availability to watch delayed coverage. I’m in Australia and the symposium starts at 11PM, past my bedtime. I’m sure thousands of others will be in the same boat.

    • We don’t have a Democracy, that is part of their plan! We have a Democratic Republic! Two totally different things! A Democracy always always ends up in dictatorship! That is why this Republic is a brand new experiment. Never before tried, if I am correct. I may not have all the words right, but I know the idea anyway. I’m just not so good with words.

    • Democrats aren’t human. They don’t care about the cheating that they did to still the election. They don’t care about America or Americans. They just want to be in power so that they can control us. They are nothing but pure evil and totally Godless. I feel sorry for them when they have to meet our Creator. They can’t hide from Him.

      • Thanks God, America is not lost. There ar normal people to, here.
        Our sunrise of democracy is stil there. Thank You.

    • Will be trying to watch. I have logged into frank speech, but is buffering and freezing.
      Yours is too. Hate the cyber censorship.
      Hope it works during the symposium.

    • All Committed Treason No Jurisdiction, Legislators, State Judges, Elected Officials (50 Governors, Mayors, County Sheriff, Clerk of Court, D.A.) NO USC Title 4 Sec 101 Oath. Demand Certified Copy Oath from ALL!

    • Hello, I knew even before the proof has come out the election was a fraud but I still wonder what will happen now. will the Supreme Court just ignore all of this? will Biden call out army to put down the people like China did ? will this cause a civil war with real arms?

      • The federal government will take no action – they’re all complicit.

        If action is going to be taken – it will be by the State Legislatures.

        But, none of them seem to have the numbers to make it happen – too many RINOS, or many have been “compromised” (by pay-offs and/or threats).

        Too bad… the “200 year experiment” in Liberty is about to end.

    • I’m trying to watch on wvw and frankspeech and I get a message saying format not supported or server or network failed?? Where can I go to watch symposium?????

    • Is it working for anyone? I can’t see anything live right now and it doesn’t give me an option to fill out a form?

    • Frank Speech is not working.
      Message says media cannot be loaded, either becasue the server or network failed or becasue the format is not supported.

    • I am getting an error message when I click on the video from both here and FrankSpeech(dot)com: “The media could not be loaded, either because the server or network failed or because the format is not supported.”

    • What browser are you using to watch the Symposium?

      I’ve tried Edge, Chrome, Opera, and Brave – and none of them are compatible with the live stream… OR… it has been hacked to prevent the live stream!

      How to watch it????

    • You can download Firefox browser and get the live stream on it – it works.

      But… the other’s I’ve tried (Chrome based) do not.

    • This is the only site carrying the symposium! Even Frank TV has been shut down as I am writing this. That says a lot to me that we are living in Nazi land!

    • I can’t even get it to load. The one time I was able to, it started flashing different colors and then froze. Somebody is real afraid of the info he has and doesn’t want us to see it!

    • it won’t allow me, it says the media could not be loaded because the server or network failed or format is not supported, sounds like somebody does not want us to see, like leftists democrats, CIA, FBI?

    • You know that what evidence they have must be 100% correct because why else would the Democrats and their MSM and big tech be trying so hard to stop this information from getting out.
      If what he has is not correct you think they would want it so that they can prove that is.

    • Screen is frozen. Hope I don’t have to give a credit card up for verification? Have plenty of pillows and towels from Mike. Just wanted to watch and give my support

    • I have been blocked by all providers to the Cyber Symposium. You tube, OAN, Bitchute, Rumble, Frankspeech, all. Comcast is my wifi and cable provider. I went outside of the United States and got a live link to the world web symposium, only to have it blocked again and again, I get it up, it goes down. I am providing a live link on my blog and it is doing the same there.
      Last night around 1:20 AM we lost cable and internet services for around an hour and a half. When it came back on I told my wife, “Watch, tomorrow Comcast is going to block Mike Lindell’s Cyber Symposium. What else should we expect from a state that stole our votes right in front of us?”
      Please tell Mike.

        • I’m pulling for Mike Lindell as I do believe the election was fraudulent but so far the symposium has been a totally unorganized shit show. Now they’re talking about the vaccine?? Where is the world shattering evidence that was promised today. I haven’t heard one new thing all day today. Just a filibuster by Mike so far. Very disappointing.

    • Please get to the evidence. Many are well aware of Big Tech and the media’s negative influence on our country. Show us how China attacked us.

    • Is there a place to just get the audio? I will be driving, and would like to listen, without having
      to stream a video. Thanks

    • Attention all, it takes a Businessman to run this country Not a panty sniffer or a child molester, this guy that is running can’t even flush a toliet: Come On Man, wake up a smell the arson you idoits!

    • I am a network sometimes called genius lol Mike L, Dr Frank, and all are on target Q: How does a headline get stolen? A: Cuomo resigns Ya think this is by chance.
      My clients are/were among those named by the short film doc.. This steal was rather hastily planned over a couple years with bags of cash, influence and promises. oops The problem is a couple to be named now –US/world wide Citizenry is aware of the programming attempt by the media with propaganda. Secondly, the issues with control and authoritarianism by a certain cast of characters claiming they know what is best for the citizenry and the ongoings by declaring Orwellian lockdowns, All the while being dismissive of actual factual clinical evidence and common sense. Anybody awake yet?

    • May all this discovery be in the Light of Living love and be blessed by the Almighty. We all that the almighty goes by many different names world wide yet we all know what that is. May all be blessed For the highest good of all concerned Peace to all!

    • just shut up and show the evidence. Taking people in a roomm and showing that you can break into a machine is not evidence. these are not the machines used in november. this is all so stupid

    • Why did FOX call AZ for Biden before more than half the votes had even been tabulated ? I knew there was a rat in the log pile and then Fox wouldn’t call GA for Trump when he was the unanimous winner !

    • My computer keeps stopping saying a network error. It would be nice if Mike would
      make available DVD’s of this to be purchase to defer cost of the symposium.
      Thank you

    • Sanjay,
      thank you for letting us watch this, we all deserve to know –
      The Cyber attacks this am, the Timing of Cuomo resignation, and the Dominion Lawsuit Drop spell serious CORRUPTION and they must think we are stupid ..

      • The court expects hard evidence. This is speculative and unsubstantiated. Nothing here is of interest to the courts and shouldn’t be of interest to US citizens. Election administrators are professionals, not perfect, but doing the best they know how. What will likely be in court is the hard evidence of slander, threats and violence targeting well intentioned election administrators that take integrity more seriously than many of their own accusers.

    • What a bunch of lies, disinformation, and distortion from losers trying to undermine our Democratic Republic.

    • We need to send a message to all the media outlets that we will not stand for miss information from them they are not Elected officials I do not want to here their opinions I want news to go back to truth reporting not this garbage they talk about I want actual facts I want the truth even if it is not what I always want to hear. They should be held accountable just like real estate agents are and fined when they lie to the public it is dishonest practice, also anyone giving actual medical advice that is not a doctor should be charged with practicing medicine without a license.

    • Serious cringe listening to this guy.

      All I ever hear is proof proof proof and anything he posts has zero sources or evidence

    • This is sad. Lindell is a certifiable nut job. And the cry babies who are feeding this are ignorant and pathetic, too.

    • I live in Georgia and I knew Trump won! We are a red state for sure. They stole the senate seats as well which gave the Dems control! I’m also the mother of a beautiful healthy 24 yo daughter who worked her ass off to get her RNBSN. She loves her job working in labor and delivery. She has been mandated to take an experimental vax by October. She doesn’t want to and she also doesn’t want to give up her dream. I have begged her to not take it but I have a feeling to will give in. I am terrified and so angry that this is happening in our country. We already have a shortage of nurses and this mandate is forcing a lot of nurses to quit. So if our country is really in a pandemic why in the hell would we risk losing these vital part of our healthcare? This same question goes out for our military who are being forced to take it. Nurses, doctors and all other healthcare professionals worked their ass off last year without a vax and minimum PPE. They were hero’s then but now the ones who choose not to take an experimental vax and being shunned and ridiculed. I know this isn’t about the election, BUT if Trump was in office our country wouldn’t be in the mess it’s in now!

      • You do realise Trump took the vaccine? And this was after he was hospitalised by covid and was given healthcare and medicine not available to the public.
        Hundreds of thousands died as a result of Trump mismanaging covid and lying to the public about its danger.

        99% of hospitalisations are among the unvaccinated. The vaccines have be proven to be safe and effective across the world, with any risk of complications being far smaller than that of covid itself.

        A study has shown around 10% of people who catch covid, and survive, experience prolonged illness. This includes damage to organs which has left many otherwise young and health people other chronic health issues.

        Do you want this for your daughter when working in healthcare puts her at greater risk of catching covid and further more serious mutations?

        • Here’s comrade Andrew peddling those same tired “safe & effective” lies. This is NOT a vaccine, this is an mRNA injection that is approved only for emergency use. This is still in trial and it will take many years to know the what side effects/ deaths will occur because of the rushed mass rollout accelerated by fearmongers such as yourself. While I support the right of anyone to take part in this experiment I also support the right of anyone to refuse it w/o question. And that BS about Trump’s mismanagement is proof of you pushing partisan nonsense over looking out for people’s actual well being. This is yet another virus that is here to stay that we will have to live with. No politician around the human world can do anything about this virus other than create an environment where treatments can be made available. No more lockdowns, essential/non essential bs, or mask/”vaccine” mandates- they DON’T work. This is all about control and your communist masters exploiting a crisis to steal power from free people. I will pray for you and the rest of you vaxx worshippers that you will realize that your true salvation lies in our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

      • What a bunch of nitwits. LOL. You gotta be a special kind of stupid to believe a nutjob like Mike Liddell and his cronies. He’s just taking your money and running.

    • What I find funny is that they are just showing Biden and Trump. The information they are showing, can’t be corrected because we had a Libertarian President running as well. What did they do with her counts? When will people realize Democrats and Republicans are the same bird just different wings.

    • Holy Crap. Is this for real? This is the dumbest thing I have seen in my life. This loud spitting Qanon idiot ex crackhead saying nothing but verbal diarhea and this blonde chick talking over him. The lowest of America is hear, and watching this believing it is real. And Trumpians wonder why the whole world think they are low IQ halfwits. This is why. Wow, America, we expect more, you should too.

    • Gotta give Mike credit for the recovery network though, crazy bs Qanaon stuff aside, not super smart, and easily fooled, but can see the dude has a solid heart, just a fried brain. Good on ya dude.

    • Pushing vaccine disinformation is really stupid Mike. Focus if you can on your big info you claim you have. The more you go off about other conspiricies the crazier and less credible you sound. This is elementary suff.

    • lets get the facts out not just talk & talk….
      hard cold facts…. please stop all the blather
      and lets get the state facts & election fraud

    • Anything Fakebook or Google says is false, then I know it’s true
      Anything they say is true, I know it’s false
      They’re my own personal”fact” checkers

    • Mike & Team,

      Thank you for ALL you have done to help and save our lovely country!

      We the People need to fight to save it. Thank you for stepping up, thank Patrick B for me & God Bless you ALL!

      My dogs love your pillows & toys!
      I love my pillows & my matress topper! Those people who cancelled your pillow ads & products are jerks! I tell all my friends to buy from you.
      Shame on HEB, but they are better than Walmart!

      I too want to help in any way I can!

    • Everyone watching needs to send e-mails to friends and family. Send Text so they can see the video and know the true. I did. The True will set us “FREE”. We need to be “LOUD”.

    • Why is this crucial data/proof not scrolling in the background, on the large screen behind Lindell? Why is it on small screens to the right when the central view is of Lindell?

    • Hahaha best entertainment ever omg what an absolute circus
      And the comments are pure gold comedy Hahaha I can’t believe such ignorance actually exists

    • Hi , this news will be available in any languages ,,,, at 7 o’ clock
      Can you PLease tell me is gonna be an EBS breaking news? Thank you

    • Mike i love all the effort you put into this symposium . You sir are a true patriot. Your efforts mike will not only save the United States of America but will bring a Satanic criminal elements that became a reality after a Jewish money lender was given the position of Exchequer of the Exchange or official Royal Tax collector. The mans name was Rothschild. His rise to power in 1666 his establishing of three Satanic cults is what we fight against today 355 years later. God bless you Mike. I greet you with much Christian love my brother. You are a hero to millions, thank you for your service. I have been attempting to make a purchase from Canada please assist.

    • May we now receive Loving Light in God’s Holy Name to protect all those who are working to reveal the truth. May we now receive from you God in your Infinite Loving for us with your HOLY wisdom a Guiding light for us and all who serve you, so that all truth will be now revealed and continue to come in the light to all your peoples’ consciousnesses. Lord God may justice in fair ways be delivered unto your people. Lord let us be free from this world’s evil brought upon These United States of America and the World, just right now and forevermore. WE ask this in perfect Love and perfect understanding, keeping in mind our destiny so we may continue to be a Light into this world and worlds to come, May all this be for the HIGHEST GOOD of all Concerned in Jesus Christ’s name. Amen

    • hey, I was watching this live and I see you are having problems with the windows logs. I am a windows administrator and could better able to answer questions. Yes you can restore an image, if it is an image and not just a folder view. No you do not need a password, they are very easy to bypass on windows VM. Is there a way to get in touch with the presenters as they do it live?

    • Goldstar mom here and I am so grateful to all of you who are bringing this to light. I have been so sad watching this country go down hill since Biden took office. All I could think of or say is my boy died for nothing if we don’t take our country back.

      • If you feel that Biden becoming president makes your son’s sacrifice a waste, that is sad.
        He died for America, not trump.

      • Trump was recorded by Woodward stating he was misinforming the public about a virus that would later hospitalise him. Hundreds of thousands died as a result of his mismanagement and deceit.
        America didn’t vote him.

    • Is anyone else concerned about Mike Lindell’s mental health? He appears to have a serious mental condition and those close to him are not doing him any favors by placating his delusions. If they actually cared about him they wouldn’t allow Mike to make a fool of himself on national media. They would encourage him to find a qualified mental health professional.

      • Sunny, Lindell is being manipulated by very clever, evil people. It’s sad, really. But there’s not enough shrinks in the world to straighten out this demented, dangerously disturbed, delusional crackhead. Soon he’ll be broke and back on the street, pulling on a brown paper sack.

    • Senator Boreilli, in his own words, he is a knuckle dragging jarhead. Point made and confirmed by his words in the symposium.

    • Does this poor soul have any family or friends who could intervene? It’s hard watching him melt down in real time

    • They state a lot of things but no proof. Where is all this proof? Security is great around the voting process but yet these people have broken in and retrieved proof? Who were these people on stage representing the people that broke in and got this proof?

    • U.S. President Trump duly petitioned the U.S. Supreme Court on behalf of we the people, seeking review of the issue of election fraud by the Democrats to win the 2020 presidential election albeit justice was denied without good cause shown, wherefore we the people visited Washington D.C. on January 6th 2020; God Bless President Trump and Mike Lindell

    • They should show/play JFK’s speech about the secret societies and how our gov’ts have been infiltrated:

      “But we are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies primarily on covert means for expanding it’s fear of influence, on infiltration instead of invasion, on subversion instead of elections, on intimidation instead of free choice, on guerrillas by night instead of armies by day. It is a system which has conscripted vast human and material resources into the building of a tightly knit, highly efficient machine that combines military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific, and political operations. It’s preparations are concealed, not published. It’s mistakes are buried, not headlined. It’s dissenters are silenced, not praised. No expenditure is questioned. No rumor is printed. No secret is revealed.” JFK

      Hmm… wonder why he was murdered and it was covered up?
      Wakie wakie my friends!

      • Yes, brought by the DEMs machine that stole the elections and we now have an illegitimate president with the motto of Make China First Again. Corrupt as hell and slave to the china.

    • These people are bat shit crazy! Anyone who believes this shit is beyond bat shit crazy. Just send my pillow guy all your money. That’s all he wants. This is just a hillbilly infomercial!

    • Mr Lindell
      You have created your own pain throughout your entire life.
      It as it if you expect everyone to follow your path , as if that is the only path.
      This is why the USA is great , we have a system created by the people , for the people.
      You are not happy with the outcome of the last election and create this ridiculous narrative without real proof.
      Go back to your business and religion and stop dividing this great country.


    • Why can’t we go back to Paper Ballot and institute voter ID?
      It is OK to use electronic systems to count ballot provided, we have paper ballot with certified and accounted ballots that are then counted by hand and used to certified the result of the electronic counting machines, dumb machines no Internet connection that the only output is a printout of the counting results and a file that can be saved and always verified against the paper ballots.

      Paper Ballots should be the ultimate and must secured way to vote.

    • What a joke this “symposium” is. Where is the proof?
      Have you ppl seen the president ranking? Trump is ranked 3rd worst president over all time and almost run US to the ground in 4 years. Why are ppl still following that criminal?

    • Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your courage and sacrifice.
      May God Bless you all and protect you…Num 6:24-26.
      ♥️ Jeanie

    • I can’t remember all things that said about and local judges or the NEIA and the FOIA is there a book with all of this information. I book of what you do first and maybe a space to fill in with Names. I live in Oregon where would I go. Please make a book a magazine anything so I know what to do.

    • I really admire Mike Lindell . You have done a wonderful thing and God be with you and your family. I am behind you and will try to tell your story to as many friends as I can. I am sorry but my first friend turned me down but I will keep trying to make people know and understand you are trying to save our country.

      • Yea Thank you for your bravery and your willingness to put you life and your fortune on the line for our great nation. You are in great company in that like our founding fathers.

    • Could you please send me a link where or how I can get and save a copy of all the wonderful video of the Symposium that you all made. So we can save it against the chance that the deep state might block the information and or your site. The more places the information is saved the grater the chance we will never loss it.

    • I was expecting something big, and nothing. Everyone knows the election was stolen, the question is what’s going to be done about it, obviously nothing. This was a huge waste of time. I had high hopes and I feel like I was let down and I’m not the only one. Very disappointing.

    • He’s complaining on Live Stream that the government has taken his 1st Amendment rights away. Not the brightest bulb bud.

    • I don’t know what anybody is going to do about all this but they want us all vaccinated and it’s nothing but poison to kill everybody who gets the vaccine we have immigrants coming into the United States that are released out of Prisons the worst hardcore people on this planet from other countries are being released out of prison and sent into the United States to become American citizens I guess at the same time the destroying our crops so that way we don’t get no food or throwing away all our oil so we can’t have gas the Supreme Court it’s going to get all this evidence but I’m not sure if anybody can save America I don’t think anybody wants to I think a lot of people are too much against the American people but I thank you and everybody else on your team to do the best you can do to try and save us American people I hope the Supreme Court really helps everybody and goes through everything and realize that they stoled the election 80% of everything about Trump was focused I’m just Russia to where he’s a really bad guy and yet these people that taking over are the bad people it’s like a big giant Mafia I just took over the United States and now we have to do everything their way they want slavery in America that’s why they want all these people did that’s why they’re taking away our freedom well I thank you once again for all your wonderful help I don’t know if anybody is going to get any we’re in that supreme court because they are totally four everything that’s going on it’s really sad because they want to destroy America they’re even throwing away all our money so that way our money is no good and money is useless with no food no water no gas no oil no money what’s left of America the immigrants hardcore chaos that’s all it’s going to be God help us I love all of you for doing everything you can to help us I just hope you find a good solution out of the situation before it gets really way too late

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