Videos - Watch The Water by Dr. Ardis World Premiere

Watch The Water by Dr. Ardis World Premiere

Watch The Water by Dr. Ardis World Premiere

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“Remdesivir is a very toxic, deadly drug” -reveals documentary

Dr. Ardis opens the documentary by revealing the truth about the Remdesivir vaccine, revealing that the drug was not any medicine, but a kind of toxic drug designed for the “mass murder” of thousands of people in America “that didn’t need to die”; and that Remdesivir was being used to poison the patients and blame the Covid 19 virus for their deaths.

Dr Bryan Ardis

“When I read Anthony Fauci’s memo on Remdesivir, clicked the links to the studies that he was quoting saying Remdesivir is safe and effective, and I realized he was lying”, says Ardis in the documentary.  “This drug was going to be used to mass-murder people in America that did not need to die. He (Anthony Fauci) was going to sell the idea in the media, that they were dying of the virus when in fact, I knew that they were being poisoned to death with this drug. I knew 30% of people were going to experience multiple organ failure, kidney failure, septic shock, and hypertension. That’s what the studies said. Now, a year and a half after that, that is exactly the numbers that I said, based on those studies. It is true that Remdesivir is a very toxic, deadly drug.” he adds.

“Covid-19 is actually venom-poisoning” -Dr. Ardis delves into the truth of Covid-19

Dr. Ardis made a shocking claim in his documentary Watch the Water, that Covid-19 is actually just venom-poisoning, fuelled by Remdesivir, and not any respiratory virus. He says that Remdesivir contains the same biochemicals found in snake venom, and that “five to ten days of Remdesivir” is what’s killing all these people under the guise of Covid. Dr. Ardis says that his claims are backed by a few studies that display similar results.

“They take you through all of the elevated enzymes in the blood samples of these people, that are naturally found in Rattlesnake venom and Viper venom, that are in levels they’ve never seen before. You wanna know how they got there? Five to ten days of Remdesivir.’’ says Dr. Ardis.

Dr Bryan Ardis

He then claims that this has been known since 2005, through studies on mice that have been injected with Cobra venom, like how Remdesivir is being injected, it causes a cytokine storm in the lungs.

“I am convinced that Covid-19 is not a respiratory virus of any kind. It is actually venom poisoning, and they’re using, I believe, synthesized peptides and proteins from venoms of snakes, and they’re administering them and targeting them to certain people.” -Dr. Ardis added.

Watch the Water full documentary

Watch the full documentary, to discover even more surprising secrets that Dr. Ardis has revealed in Watch the Water here.

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